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the proper question would be whats the difference between OOP(object oriented programing) and imperative programing. oop is not an exact object it is more likely an approach to programing.

1st generation prog languages are low level programing language, consisting of 1 and 0(binary).

2nd generation programing languages are also low level language mostly used as an assembly language.

3rd generation languages are high level languages like c, c++

4th gen languages are highlevel languages closely resembling english human language like SQL.

OOP is an approach to programming in which multiple files(objects) are created and called upon by the main program. ex: a program that has a 3 objects a house, a cat, and a dog. there will be 3 separate files each having their own properties, instances, methods etc,

while imperative programming will only consist of 1 file containing variables of the 3.

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    Sorry, but what specifically is your question?

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