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Which of the following is(are) true of culture
a. participation in the elite forms of culture is expensive
b. familiarity with different cultural forms stems from patterns of historical exclusion
c.historical exclusion has prevented integration into networks that provide information about the arts
d. all of the above are true regarding the social structure's impact on cultural taste and participation

I think the answer is d as all a,b, c are true Am i right can anyone tell me.


  • sociology -

    I'm not a sociologist, but here are some questions for you.

    What does "elite" mean and how does it fit into choice a.

    Is "historical exclusion" the only way people can become familiar with different cultural forms? That's what this choice is implying.

    Again, in choice c -- clarification of terms -- you'd need to be absolutely clear on what is meant by "historical exclusion." And are only the arts affected??

    You probably need to go back into your lecture notes and/or text to get the full picture.

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