Obesity Pros and Cons

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What are some of the benefits of being obese? What are some of the drawbacks?

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    The reason I ask is because after spending some time studying the contributions of obese Americans in class, I am considering embracing the obese lifestyle.

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    I think that I want to become obese, but do the potential health risks outweigh the benefits of obesity?

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    There really are no practical benefits of being obese.

    In some extreme circumstances, obesity may be beneficial. For example, if you live in very cold weather, your fat will maintain body heat.

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    That's one benefit, Leo. I also understand that obese people tend to be more successful in life because they have greater energy and stamina from carrying the extra weight around.

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    I am also thinking of how enjoyable a career in sumo wrestling would be.

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    Toby, to emphasize what Leo has said, "
    There are NO benefits from being obese!!!!!!!!!"
    Besides the many health and physical drawbacks , there are definite social and economical problems associated with obesity.
    If you are overweight and don't know how to correct the problem, don't try to find a cop-out.

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    Being just slightly overweight can have some positive aspects.

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    Stop by your local heart clinic. IT is full of overweight folks, and nearly all are smokers. Help support your local cardiologist by being a walking heart attack.

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    I believe that the black man should rule the earth.

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    Hey uhmm i'm not dead.

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    I knew you were not dead. I just told my people that so that they could re-elect me.

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    Hahahahehehe your people are more dumb than you are.

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