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This is what the paper is about.

Choose a recent (within the last 2 years) article written for parents, teachers, or other family members on how to optimize the development of children (any age between conception through adolescence may be used) or written for family members on how to improve family functioning. This article is casual, one that would be read by non-child development people. Evaluate this casual article by comparing it with professional research that pertain to the topic of the article, using professional journals, edited books, research monographs and/or government publications. The main requirement is that the sources report original research or theory by the authors (i.e., that primary sources of theory and research be used for the evaluation). Cite sources in the body of the paper and provide a list of reference cited at the end of the paper using APA style.

I have to find a casual article and compare and contrast its information with scientific information using scholarly sources. For the first part he wanted us to talk about how we located the article and what advice we would give to the parents. This is what he wants for the second part of the essay.

2) What credibility did you give initially to an article drawn from the W_W_W? What are your thoughts about the practical experience versus scientific information as credible sources of information about children or families (as applied to the article)? Why?

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    Resilience during childhood is one of the most important qualities a person can have, because it helps with difficult life experiences, such as lonely times, frustrating times, and unfair times. For this reason it is vital for parents to help build their child’s backbone in order for them to bounce back through hardships. The search engine called, google was used to find a web article on this topic. The advice I would give to parents who are interested in this topic is to find a computer with internet access and summarize their topic into general keywords. Then, I would recommend they use google as their search engine. Once they enter the keywords on the search engine site a list of websites will appear and they can decide which websites answer their questions best.

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    I'm not sure if I answered his questions for the second part fully and correctly? I'll appreciate your feedback on that as well. Thanks! :)

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