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a garden has width ã13 and length 7ã13. whats the perimeter of the garden in the simplest radical form
a) 14ã13 units
b) 16ã13 units
c) 91 units
d) 8ã13 units

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    Is ã13 supposed to mean √13 ?
    Is the garden a rectangle?
    If so, isn't the perimeter just the sum of the 4 sides?

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    Is ã13 supposed to mean √13 ?
    yes and yes

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    So let's just add them up
    √13 + √13 + 7√13 + 7√13
    = 16√13

    BTW, I get the square root sign on my PC by holding down the Alt key and while it is held down, on the number pad I pres 251, then release the Alt key

    There are many such symbols that you can create that way, just try different combinations and make yourself a list.

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