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can you give me some useful italian words say if you where going o holiday?

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Actually, this should be entitled "Italian" and not "French!"

    It might be better to know the expressions you wish to know and if you need help with pronunciation.

    Yes = sí
    No = no
    Perhaps = Forse
    Please = Per favore.
    Excuse me = Mi scusi
    Thanks (very much) = Grazie (tanto)
    You are welcome = Prego
    It is (no9t) all right = (Non) va bene
    It doesn't matter = Non importa
    That is all = Questo è tutto
    Wait a moment - Aspetti un momento
    Come in - Avanti
    Come here - Venga qui.
    What do you wish? - Che cosa vuole?
    What? - Che cosa?
    Who? - Chi?
    When? = Quando?
    Where? = Dove?
    Why? = Perchè
    How long? = Quanto tempo?
    How far? = Quant`distante?
    Listen! = Senta!
    Look out! = Attenzione!
    Look here = Guardi

    Now, these were only "General Expressions" and here are others you might like:
    Yourself, Greetings, Making Yourself Understood, Difficulties, Travel: Customs, Baggage, Directions, Tickets, Airplane, Boat, Train, Bus, Streetcar & Subway, Taxi, Automobile Travel, Help on the Road, Parts of the Car, Tools and Equipment, Road Signs, Public Notices & Signs
    Telephone, Hotel, Restaurant, etc.

    May I suggest you go to your local book store to look for any Berlitz books, or "Say It In........" from Dover Publications.


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    P.S. Here are some links you might enjoy:




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