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A designer's architectural drawing has a room which is 1 3/4 by 2 5/8 inches. If the scale is 1 foot = 1/8 inch

a) find the length of the longer side of the room feet

b) find the length of the shorter side of the room feet

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    Please see my last post.

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    Your question is not too clearly typed.

    1_3/4 times 2_5/8 indicates that we are dealing with a rectangle where the length is the bigger length and the width is the shorter length.

    2_5/8 when expressed an an improper fraction becomes 21/8 and 1_3/4 becomes 7/4.

    From the given data, we learn that 21/8 must be the length and 7/4 is the width of the rectangle.

    The scale given is 1 foot = 1/8 inch.

    To find what this rectangle equals in terms of feet, we divide 21/8 and 7/4 by the given scale or 1/8.

    21/8 divided by 1/8 = 21 feet = longest side; 7/4 divided by 1/8 = 14 feet = shortest side.

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