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Social Studies

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What is social injustice on a personal scale? Any examples would be appreciated.

Would someone attacking you and you use self defense against them a form of social injustice?

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    If someone attacks you and you use SELF-DEFENSE, it's definitely not any kind of "injustice"!

    One kind of social injustice was when this country practiced "separate but equal" laws and attitudes:

    Another possibility is what some have called "reverse discrimination":
    (I couldn't find much of anything on this topic that is balanced; just about everything is biased in one direction or another.)

    There are many others. Just read newspapers (in print or online: ). You'll find more examples.

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    To me, and I am a yellow dog liberal, letting the poor go without medical care, or shelter, or food is a grave social injustice. It is a social injustice to let children not have the opportunity for quality education (whether they are or are not now in homeschooling, public, or private schools). It is a social injustice to allow rich peoples income (bonds, stocks) to be taxes at a lower rate than less wealthy folks.

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    Writeacher posted excellent examples of social injustice in the United States. If you don't live in the U.S., you may want to Google social justice + your country's name. This site gives a broad overview of social justice.

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