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I need help on problems like -8*29 i don't understand what to do.
i also need help with finding the percent of a number.

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    If you remove 8 boxes from the back seat of our car and each box contained 29 apples, then your car would lose (lose means negative) 8 times 29 apples
    If you do not have a calculator then:
    29 = (20 + 9)
    -8 * 29 = -8 (20 + 9)
    which is
    -160 - 72
    which is
    to take for example 5.5 % of something, move the decimal point two units left (divide the percent by 100) and multiply
    5.5 % is .055
    so 5.5 % of 1000 is
    .055 * 1000 = 55

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    wow guy this method is so much eisier you just make the negatives positive then multiply then you get the asnwer just pust the negative sign in front of it and then move the multiply by what ever percent you were trying to figure out for example -1*50 find 20 % the answer would be -50*.2 which is -10 just take away all the negative signs which is problly wut is confuzing u and just add it in at the very end unless there are two negatives in the starting equation in this sitiuation just take them out and leve it positive becasue dubl negatives

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    When you multiply a negative and a positive, the answer is always in the negative. So ...

    8 x 29 = 232

    ... and since it's really -8, the answer is -232.

    I didn't learn the theories; I just learned the processes. They work just fine; then you can learn the theories later!

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    A percent of a number? Do you mean something like 20% of 35.75? If you do, you simply convert the 20% to its decimal form (.20) and multiply, taking care to put the decimals in the right places.

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