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Where is a good place for me to find help with 5th grade social studies homework? I am having difficulty with U.S. History, Rise of businesses, time period: 1850-1915. Thanks!

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    If you post a specific question and what you think the answer might be, someone here will be able to help you.


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    Two questions I am having trouble with are:

    Why do monopolies threaten the free enterprise system?

    How did the growth of the automobile industry affect the oil industry?


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    I still need assistance with the 2 questions in the previous post.

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    Check your book or a dictionary to find out what a monopoly is. The free enterprise system is one in which many companies compete for customers, using quality and price. How do monopolies threaten that?

    What powers automobiles? (Remember the oil industry includes fuel oil and gasoline.)

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    natural resource

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    Looking for colonial era taylors. Can you help?

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    I need help with that same thing test next week I need to know why did the monopolies threaten the free enterprise system.

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    The Middle Atlantic Colonies attracted people from many different backrounds.

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    Look up social studies online

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