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Academic 4-year plan: Zoology

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I want to work in the field of zoology when I get older, and I'm filling out an "academic 4-year plan" our counselors gave to my class to complete and turn in on Monday. The science and math I'm taking this year are physics and geometry.

Can you take Calculus (a high school course collegeboard . com recommends for zoology) after Algebra 2? I'll take Algebra 2 in my sophomore year.

AP Biology is another course recommended, and would I be crazy to take it my junior year when I want to take Honors Biology my sophomore year? The website also mentions chemistry, but I just don't know how I would fit everything in.

Does anyone have any advice on what to do?

  • Academic 4-year plan: Zoology -

    You're on the right track to take as many difficult science and math classes as possible. The next step is to talk with your counselor to see which classes you can fit in.

  • Academic 4-year plan: Zoology -

    Thanks! I needed someone to tell me I was on the right track, or I was going to go crazy. I'll make an appointment soon with my counselor. Thanks again!

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