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posted by K

Is there any way that people are able to send charitable monetary donations, of sorts, for all of the help & guidance which they receive through this site?

  1. Isaac

    I don't think so

  2. K

    Well, I must say then...

    to all of you whom help each and everyone of the students who use this site, myself included, are very incredible & extraoridinary for taking time out of your busy lives to help everyone!! Thank you to all!!! It does not go unnoticed!!

  3. Sarah

    i agree

  4. DrBob222

    None of which I am aware. I, for one, would not accept any monetary reward (or any other kind), anyway, and I suspect the other volunteers feel the same way. My reward is helping a student; my greatest reward is knowing I succeeded. Having said all of that, the way to keep this board safe for students is to keep our (student AND tutor) annonymity.

  5. Ms. Sue

    Thank you, K, for your very welcome remarks.

    I totally agree with DrBob. I wouldn't accept any monetary or other rewards for helping students on the Jiskha board. My pleasure comes in helping students succeed.

    If you want to give something back, you can volunteer to help younger students in your school system -- or answer any questions you can on this board.

  6. bobpursley

    I volunteer with the Girl Scouts, Angel Food Ministries, and support two missionaries full time, and one disabled family. You can read about the first two on the web.
    Support for charity should come from your heart, yes in part for what you have been provided, but in reality it is a duty to help others. In the long run, it comes back to you manyfold.
    Thanks for your kind thoughts.

  7. K

    You are all very welcome, it was very sincere. The part about the Girl Scouts, aside from all of your other work tremendous work, is terrific! (I was a Girl Guide for 10yrs & my mother has been a main GG leader for the past 19yrs now.)

  8. GuruBlue

    K, as you can see, we do this for the sheer pleasure it gives us when someone says, "Hey, I get it now! "

    There are many schools with "after-school" programs for students who need that extra boost and a pat on the head. I would encourage anyone who would like to "pay it forward" to give an hour a week. ( more if you have time) Check your local school districts. You will be appreciated and will enjoy what you are doing.

  9. Dr Russ

    Also thank you from me for your comments. I aloways like the Wow! I get it moment!

    I work with a middle school on a voluntary basis and as a School Governor. There may be a school near you that would appreciate some of your time, perhaps to hear a child read.

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