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i'm doing an argument essay on why power plants should be shut down

my college is like ten miles away from this power plant so it a very big issue in my town and i want to argue against power plants.

i wrote down all my arguements, but i need help coming up with solutions because i'm required to come up with a proposal.

yes shutting them is one solution but can you think of any others.

and also can you also help me on counter arguments for not shutting down.

How will shutting down power plants effect the people working for the plants?

thank you

  • continued -

    so basically i need a solution on how to reduce the danger of power plants in the environment

    and opinions of people who would oppose my view such as people working in the power plant.

    like they want to keep their jobs maybe???

  • Ecology question here -

    I'm hoping some science teachers will respond here.

    My main question to you is this: If all power plants are shut down, what will people do for electricity?


  • essay info help -

    they wont have electricity. And, it does not take all to be shut down: Just a few, the grid will go unstable, and all users will be off line.

    What you need to consider is Nuclear Plants, which have much less pollution than fossil fuel, and nuclear power plants have waste that can be (given the political will) be contained.

    Or....go back to the cave man days.

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