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There is this bonus that I need so bad for my grade. I have tried several ways to answer this question and have tried several equations. Please Help

Bouquets are priced on the basis of the numbers and types of
flowers used. What is the price of the fourth bouquet?
Bouquet 1 = 2 daisies, 1 rose, and 1 tulip = $4.20
Bouquet 2 = 1 daisy, 2 roses, and 1 tulip = $3.80
Bouquet 3 = 2 daisies and 2 tulips = $4.80
Bouquet 4 = 2 daisies, 3 roses, 1 tulip = ????

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    Solve the system with ...


    1,-1,0=.4 equation 3 next
    0,2,2=4 back to one
    4,0,0=4.4 >>>>daisey is 1.10 dollars
    You take it from there

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