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In your opinion, what is the easiest/ most enjoyable/ exciting/ least expensive instrument to play out of the following:

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    This is a highly individual question. I enjoyed playing the clarinet, and my daughter enjoyed playing the flute. Costs are about the same.

    What do YOU think is the most enjoyable instrument to play?

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    I honestly have no idea whatsoever. I am interested in the clarinet because my cousin played it a few years ago and I liked the size and sound of it. My school music director said that we don't need any more flute players as there are so many, but we do need trombone. I am not really interested in the trombone, but I would really appreciate feedback on the clarinet specifically, if possible.

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    If you're not interested in the trombone, then don't play it. You should really like your instrument.

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    My non-musical daughter greatly enjoyed being a flag girl with the band, and occassionally the bells when the director insisted all band members play an instrument.

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    Well, I really want to play an instrument other than guitar, and I'm having trouble choosing. I kind of have my heart almost set on the clarinet, but I don't know. I don't think I'd enjoy bells since I don't believe they are very challenging.

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    My grandson plays clarinet in his high school's marching band, and in middle school was in Honors Band and Full Orchestra. He loves it.

    His parents rented a clarinet for him during 6th grade, but in the summer before 7th grade, several in the family pitched in to buy his "real" clarinet. It was about $1800. Reeds cost about $30-32/box of ten. He also needed a ligature (the apparatus that holds the reed on); that was about $50. He takes private music lessons (half an hour per week) in addition to band class at school, and now all the after-school practices. His parents have bought him about 5 different books of music for clarinet, each costing from $15-20.

    It's a wonderful instrument, and I love to hear him play.


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    Wow. The clarinet itself is pretty expensive. Anyway, thank you for the feedback.

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    Please talk with the band instructor about buying a used clarinet.

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    During 6th grade, with a rented clarinet, my grandson had only the band lessons in school. It was only after realizing that the boy actually has talent that the family bought his clarinet and he started taking private lessons, too.

    Be sure to ask your band instructor about renting before buying anything.


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