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In this assignment, you are going to be gathering information about the future students of NSU at one of our open houses. Since there will be plenty of student candidates with interests on different programs, I would like you to create a database using Microsoft Access. In this database, I need to see a table named tbl_Attenders, and in this table I would like to see fields below;
AttendeeID {PK}(autonumber)
State (he/she is from)
In addition to the table above, I would like you to create a form to enter the data for the fields above, and a report that will give me the list of all attendees in the database. In addition to that, I would also like to see a query in your database that gives me the list of candidates from one specific state (which state you would like to choose is not important as long as you have entry in your database for that state).
You are free to enter some data to your database, but please make sure your form and your report work fine because I will also be entering more data when grading your assignments.

If you have any questions about the assignment

MAIL MERGE Assignment

In this assignment, I would like you to do a mail merge with the table of tbl_Attenders of the database you already created with the first Access assignment.
This is just a reminder to you all in regards to how to do mail merge;

1- Create a mail merge. To do so, open MS Word.
2- Click on the tools, and go to Letters and Mailing.
3- Then, Select “Mail merge”
4- You will notice that on the right hand side of the screen, there will be a wizard to help you create the list.
5- Under the topic “select a document type” (step 1 of 6), select Labels.
6- After clicking to the next step (step 2 of 6), click on “Label options” to select the label type (3261L label). Then, click OK, then, click “next: to select recipients” to get to the step 3 of 6.
7- On this screen, go ahead and browse to the table called tblAttenders in the database you have created
8- After browsing to that table you have created, and clicking ok, you will see the fields of the table you selected. On that screen click ok to accept the list.
9- Then, under the subtitle “step 3 of 6” click next: arrange your labels.
10- Under “arrange your labels” title, click on “more items”.
11- Small list of fields will pop up. Go ahead and select the fields I would like from you to print out on the name tags (Name, lastname, program, state), and insert them one by one. Then, click close button.
12- You will see that you word document has some values on the first label, like <><><><>.
13- By playing around with the enter button make the first label look like this;
<> <>
<>, <>
in order for the labels to make sense when you start printing them, then click on “update all labels”. This step will apply the format of the first label to all other next records.

14- At the step 4 of 6, go ahead and save your document to your computer in order to upload it to the assignment manager (This is the file I would like you to upload to the assignment manager).
15- If you go ahead and finish the steps of creating labels up to 6. step, this is what you will see the labels with names (but this is not what I want you to upload to the assignment manager!):

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