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In my school, I have to pass the HSPA in order to graduate. We had to take the Language and Math HSPA in March. In order for a student to pass the HSPA, you have to get a score of 200 or more on both parts. I received exactly a 200 on the Language part of the HSPA which mean I passed that part but received a score of 174 for the Math part which means I failed the math part. Even if a student gets a score of 190-199 that's still considered failing. Now; if a student did not pass one or both parts of the HSPA, than that means that they have to take what ever part that they failed on the HSPA in October again and if they fail it again in October than he/she have to take it again in March. Now.... I say that to say this..... Math is my weakess subject. I REALLY! want to graduate, to many people are depending on me to see me graduate. Do you know what is going to be on the HSPA??? If you don't, do you know if it's just BASIC MATH??? I need who ever is willing to help me to PLEASE! do me a favor! Can you make up some basic math or HSPA word problems and problems for me to try to answer on my own?? If I can't figure it out on my own, I am going to need your help.

  • Math help needed here -

    Math help needed.



  • Math help needed here -

    please i need help in math now i'm in 10 grade but i'm very worry about the hspa i think that won't pass it if i don't have help i'm so confuse !!!

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    The High School Placement Assessment math information is given in these websites.

    (Broken Link Removed)

    (Broken Link Removed)

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    Can I use a calculator for the math part of the HSPA???

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    here are some for now:
    1.what # is 3 more than 20% of 40?
    2.look @ this series:32,39,46,53,...what # comes next?
    3.Examine (a), (b), and (c). then find the best answer.(A,B, OR C)
    a-2 dimes
    b-1 quarter
    c-1 dime, 1 nickel, and 1 penny
    A-(a) plus (c) is less than (b)
    C-(a) is greater than (c)
    D-(c)is less than (b) and greater than (a)

    Let me know if these ones so far are too easy and I'll put up some harder ones.
    If you post your answers I'll correct them.

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    #2 is 60. The constent is add 7.

    #1. I don't know how to go about answereing it.

    and #3. I don't understand how you want me to answer your problems.

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    I wasn't allowed to use a calculator, but I don't know if they changed it or not since I took the test

  • HSPA -

    #3- correct

    For #1 (What number IS 3 more than 20% OF 40?), this is how you could do it:

    Start by finding 20% of 40: change the percent (20%) to a decimal (.20). Multiply. .20 x 40=8

    Now we know 20% of 40 is 8. Then add 3.
    8+3=11. The answer is 11.

    For #3, determine the amount of money for a,b, and c.
    (a-20 cents, b-25 cents, and c-16 cents)
    Then test the alternatives given (A,B, and C) to see which is correct. The answer is C- (a (20 cents)is greater than c (16 cents) )

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