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Social Studies (repost)

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I have a problem with two questions on my geography worksheet on East Asia. I need to know the city between Shanghai and Nanjing (Nanking?) and the mountains west of Tokyo. The catch is, the answer to the Shanghai/Nanjing question has the letter "o" repeated. The same goes for the Tokyo question, except the letter "m" is repeated. Can anyone help me please? Thanks much.

The problem is that translating Asian characters into our Roman alphabet isn't easy. Is it possible that the city is Suzhoo (Suzhou) or Changhzoo)Changhzoo)? They have the same sounds, but, the spelling hasn't been standardized. Try looking for the mountains with the "M" sound in the same place.

That's been a problem answering other questions on the worksheet, too, with the different spellings of names (like Ulaan Baatar for Mongolia). On the worksheet, the two o's are the second and third letters of the 7-letter city. This helps, though. Thanks.

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The answer to the southern province of China is Yunnan. As for the mountains in western Japan, I can think of no mountain with a double M!

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