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School Food Gets Good…Real Good!

During the years food has been the same. Pizza, meatballs, pasta or even peanut butter and jelly. Don’t you want some good foods? Like real rice and beans, plantains etc.
Frozen food has taken over our food .
About 75% of kids in our school don’t eat lunch because it doesn’t taste as good as mom’s home made food.
“Our foods need to be better because we need to think more about our studies and not our food,” says one of our 9th grade students.

is ths good?

kk, there is no such word as "foods" its food, so instead of saying our foods need to be better, say our food needs to be better. also with the good foods, say good food, otherwise this is really vague so u just need to be more specific and u need to use more detail. although on the other hand, your concept was really clear, but i thnk that you should make it a little longer and specific

thanx i agree

"somebody" is right about the use of the word foods in what you've written. (See (Broken Link Removed) )

Is this going to be a speech? If not, you need to clean up the sentence-fragments.

Please re-post if you want further input.



This sounds like a good beginning to an essay or speech. You will need to get more quotations and more information about what types of food are preferred by students (boiled eggplant, liver, pasta, etc.), what specific problems exist (overcooked, undercooked, no ketchup, etc., and some sort of solution (brownbag it, salad bar only,student cooks, etc.)

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