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I am writing an essay on "No Exit" by Jean-Paul Satre. The question is: How does the author's manupulation of time contribute to the effectiveness of the work as a whole. Do not just merly summerise the plot.

I know that time in Hell is suspended/ halted. HOW is time manipulated? And WHY is it manipulated at the same time?

Time is manipulated because it isn't the same speed as on earth. IT is manupulated because it helps to create more torture for each of the main characters. The fact that they have to be stuck together forever. No way to ecape, extends the torment of hell.

Satre's work by suspending time makes his work more effective by making something as simple as time work against the characters. Time is often over looked by people on earth so by suspending time in Hell the characters realize they really are dead.

Would this be a good answer to this question? Is there anything that I could add to make it better?

You might say that time is suspended forever. They are forced to confront one another, there is no sleep,or tomorrow or escape. They must confront one another and what they have done in a timeless existence. Therefore the lack of time enhances the torture.

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