US History

  1. Social Studies/ History
    PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!!!!!!! Put the events in the order in which they occurred. Egypt and Kush have an interdependent trading relationship. Egypt wants Kush's gold, attacks, and conquers Kush. Snefru encourages trade between Egypt and Kush. The two countries are ...
  2. History
    Which best describes how European powers of the 16th century used the economic theory of mercantilism to grow their wealth? A) European nations maximized the sale of exports and established tariffs to restrict colonies from trading with foreign nations. B) European nations ...
  3. history
    which sixteenth century explorer wrote detailed accounts of the native american tribes of Texas during seven years of exploration. A. Alonso Alvarez de Pindea B. Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca C. Francisco Vasquez de Coronado D. Hernan Cortes i think the answer is b please help me
  4. history
    which of the following groups of american Indians was the least nomadic. A. Apaches B. Jumanos C. Atakapans D. Coahuiltecans i think the answer is B please help me it is due yesterday
  5. History
    Which of the following chronological listings for eras of Texas history is correct. A. Civil War Texas, Early Statehood, Era of reform. the Great Depression B. Era of Reform, Early Statehood, Civil War Texas, the Great Depression C. the Great Depression, Civil War Texas, Early...
  6. History
    n the beginning which of the following motivated spanish exploration of the americans. A.The search for gold which often remained undiscovered B.The desire to better understand American nature and wildlife. C.The need to find a place to escape the religious persecution in ...
  7. history
    How was the Roman Empire’s system of government similar to many of today’s Western European governments? Roman rulers were appointed based on their heredity and noble blood lines. Only the free, adult Roman male citizens were allowed to vote. Rome established civil law ...
  8. history
    Which of the following chronological listings for eras of Texas history is correct. A. Civil War Texas, Early Statehood, Era of reform. the Great Depression B. Era of Reform, Early Statehood, Civil War Texas, the Great Depression C. the Great Depression, Civil War Texas, Early...
  9. History
    European culture has a large impact on the native people of texas which era changed the native culture the most. A.Exploration Era B.French Colonization C.Prehistory D.Spanish Colonization I think the answer is B please help me ASAP
  10. History
    European culture had a large impact on the native people of Texas. Which era changed the native culture the most? A. Exploration Era*** B. French Colonization C. Prehistoric D. Spanish Colonization Urgent!!!! I dont think its C because prehistoric is when dinasores lived... ...
  11. history
    What impact did the Napoleonic Wars have on popular culture? The vast number of artists and writers drafted into armies to fight Napoleon devalued popular culture in Europe. The collapse of France after the Napoleonic Empire had a devastating impact on art and culture. As one ...
  12. History
    In the beginning which of the following motivated spanish exploration of the americans. A.The search for gold which often remained undiscovered B.The desire to better understand American nature and wildlife. C.The need to find a place to escape the religious persecution in ...
  13. World History
    Why was the Wannsee Conference called in 1942? Prior to 1942, Nazi ideology only called for the separation of Jews into their own regions within Europe, allowing Aryans to develop freely; however, areas for the Jews had run out. Prior to 1942, almost all Jews had fled from ...
  14. American History
    Under the Virginia Plan, the executive branch was elected by __________. the judicial branch the citizens Congress the Electoral College My text only says that members of both houses of the legislature elect the executive under the Virginia Plan, but that isn't an option. D?
  15. History
    Which best describes the significance of the Treaty of Tordesillas? A) It was the first time in world history that two European nations sought a third party to mediate a dispute regarding foreign lands. B) It was the first time in world history that two European nations ...
  16. American History
    How did the Three-Fifths Compromise change politics in the United States before the Civil War? (Select all that apply) Northerners were able to admit the California Territory into the country as a free state. Southerners were able to maintain control of the presidency because ...
  17. history
    For which of the following is the great pharaoh Ramses II known? Drag and drop the accomplishments to the box. Words may be used once or not at all. built monuments wrote famous literature was female pharaoh won many battles and acquired territory established trading route ...
  18. History
    Which accurately describes the exploration efforts of Francisco Pizarro? A) Pizarro led expeditions to modern-day Pennsylvania and established a Quaker colony. B) Pizarro led a fleet of three ships—the Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria—to the Bahamas. C) Pizarro joined Vasco N...
  19. history
    How was the Roman Empire’s system of government similar to many of today’s Western European governments? Roman rulers were appointed based on their heredity and noble blood lines. Only the free, adult Roman male citizens were allowed to vote. Rome established civil law ...
  20. History
    By looking at our story from Holodomor, Stalin was best kept in power from the mid 1920s to the early 1950's from doing what? Confiscating private property, including food.*** Taking over countries like Albania Establishing a two party state. Restricting trial by jury
  21. history
    One disadvantage to using a primary source, such as a letter or diary is
  22. History
    Please help, last question on this quiz and I don't really wanna fail (just check my answer) What was The Exodus? A) the binding agreement between Abraham and God B) The escape of the Israelites from Egypt C) the first book of the Torah D) the start of the Israelite ...
  23. History PLEASE HELP!!
    Who is considered the ruler of a family in a patriarchal society? a. the mother b. the father c. the grandparents d. the ancestors
  24. history
    Which options accurately describe the role of Moses in the Bible? (Select all that apply.) He established Jerusalem as the capital of the nation of Israel. He received the Ten Commandments from God on Mt. Sinai. He was the successor to King David and built a great temple in ...
  25. Texas State History
    Before 1720, what was the difference in the relationships between the Spanish and the Apache compared to the Spanish and Hasinai? A. The Spanish made peace with both the Apache and the Hasinai. B. The Spanish had a working relationship with the Hasinai while the Apache ...
  26. history
    Using at least one example from each of the three foundational documents that you have worked with on this assignment, tell me how the Magna Carta, the English Bill of Rights, and the Mayflower Compact led to at least three rights of governmental concepts that became important...
  27. History
    What is the most accurate statement about the social impact of living in a Levittown-inspired community? Residents of suburban communities were pressured to conform in ways dictated by the collective opinion of their neighbors. Elderly relatives were encouraged to move into ...
  28. U.S History
    Do you favor keeping the Articles of Confederation as the constitution for the new nation? Why or why not? Please provide at least two reasons with details.
  29. Texas State History
    At the end of the Spanish rule, which group had the largest population in Texas? A) Peninsulares B) Catholic clergy C) Anglo Americans D) American Indians *** (my answer)
  30. World History
    Describe the effect of the Agricultural Revolution on the creation of new religion and cultures in (Ancient Egypt, Nubia, Babylon, Greece, or Rome). If you could provide some websites/articles for me to do my research that would be great. Thank you :)
  31. World History
    Describe the effect of the Agricultural Revolution on the creation of new government and laws in (Ancient Egypt, Nubia, Babylon, Greece or Rome). If you could provide some websites/articles for me to do my research that would be great. Thank you :)
  32. World History
    Describe the impact of the Agricultural Revolution on the formation and development of permanent human settlements and technological advancements. If you could provide some websites/articles for me to do my research that would be great. Thank you :)
  33. History
    What happened when the Spanish found the French colony. A. They engaged the French settlers in warfare and killed many of them B. The gave the land to the French. C. They joined forces with the French. D. They were motivated to settle in other areas of Texas. I think the ...
  34. history
    How did African Americans help strengthen the Republican Party in the south?
  35. History .
    What prompted the Egyptians to build the pyramids? please help me.
  36. History
    I need help with finding out the reasons the declaration of Indapendence was written, can someone help me?! mayeb give meh links
  37. Social Studies
    How do scholars know that Indo-Aryans raised cattle and depended upon their milk, but later turned to agriculture? A. Archaeologists have found evidence of the changes in tools used. B. The Bhagavad-Gita tells of the ancient people's lifestyle. C. The Vedas provide a ...
  38. Social Studies
    The Incas used quipus to A. preserve their history. B. keep records of people and goods. C. decide when to plant crops. D. divide work among peasant families. Can I get an explanation of this?
  39. History
    Which of the following factors helped trade to thrive during the Roman empire? Select all that apply. A. peace throughout the empire B. a shared religion throughout the empire C. a language similar to that of trading partner nations D. a network of good roads E. naval ...
  40. us history
    please check my answers at the bottom Parliament Member Argues Against Repeal (January 23, 1766) The only shadow of an argument, that can be brought to support the repeal of the Stamp Act, is that our trade with that country will suffer, if we enforce the tax with spirit and ...
  41. us history
    i need someone to look at my answers at the end are they correct,if not please help me correct them? London Merchants Urge Repeal (January 17, 1766) ... That the Petitioners have been long concerned in carrying on the Trade between this Country and the British Colonies on the ...
  42. History
    Use the drop-down menus to complete the sentences. Egyptians believed that led to an afterlife where the soul would need a home. Because of this, wealthy Egyptians preserved their bodies Question 1 of 4 Which was one of the roles of farmers in ancient Egypt? A. help the ...
  43. marine science
    Lesson 3: wrapping up unit 1 Marine science A unit 1: about the earth. 1. The history of Sir Isaac Newton study of gravity does which of the following. a .illustrates how a theory becomes law b.provides an example of a theory that has been discredited c. demonstrates the ...
  44. History
    How was the art of Mesopotamia different from that of earlier cultures? A. It included monuments that glorified the gods and showed religion in society. ** my answer B. It included pretend animals and showed human imagination. C. They showed people in different activities and ...
  45. history
    What geographic feature most likely helped Rome become a site of encounter? A. Arabian Peninsula B. Atlantic Ocean C. Mediterannean Sea D. Sahara Desert
  46. History
    Please help! The gods wife hatshepsut executed the affairs of the two lands according to her counsels Egypt worked for her head bowed A government officials during Hatshepsut reign from "The 18th Dynasty Before the amarna period" by Betsy M.Bryan in the Oxford ...
  47. history
    By 1838 the majority of Native Americans still living west of the Mississippi had been forced onto government reservations. True or False? True?
  48. history
    Which identifies the effects of the Congress of Vienna? The unification of Germany led to the Seven Years’ War. The harsh treatment of France led to a rise in nationalism throughout Europe. An interconnected Europe led to the creation of the European Union. The congress ...
  49. American History
    Which most accurately explains how John Locke’s Two Treatises of Civil Government influenced the movement towards American independence? John Locke’s Two Treatises of Civil Government inspired the principle of salutary neglect, which colonists used to validate their open ...
  50. American History
    __________ was a major industry in the middle colonies; __________, __________, and __________ were predominant in the southern colonies. Which most accurately completes the statement? shipbuilding; tobacco, minerals, sugar fishing; shipping, rice, sugar metalworking; corn, ...
  51. American History
    Which identifies a difference in the motivation for colonization of the southern and New England colonies? The southern colonies were settled by groups seeking religious liberty, while many of the New England colonies were settled to pursue economic interests. The New England ...
  52. American History
    How did the British victory in the French and Indian War lead to the American Revolution? Loss of land by the colonists to the French led to resentment in the colonies. The French and Indian War led the colonies into the Seven Years’ War. British debt after the French and ...
  53. American History
    What statement most accurately describes the impact the Articles of Confederation had on the correlation of power between the federal and state government? The Articles of Confederation attempted to balance the power between the state and federal governments through the ...
  54. American History
    After the French and Indian War, the British issued the Royal Proclamation of 1763, which forbade colonists from moving into lands west of the Appalachian Mountains. Which most accurately explains colonists’ reaction to this policy as outlined in the Declaration of ...
  55. history
    Who opposed capital punishment and proposed new approaches to justice in his essay “On Crimes and Punishment”?
  56. history
    Why did slave and free states fight to keep their numbers equal? Was it because of the of the balance of political power in the senate during the time period?
  57. History
    Which river forms the boundary between Georgia and South Carolina?
  58. History
    Which river forms the southern boundary between Georgia and Alabama? (Hint: It continues into Florida and all three states take water from it.)
  59. History
    What is the difference between climate and weather?
  60. American History
    How were Americans affected by the structure of the government under the Articles of Confederation? Can I have a link or something to lead me in the right direction?
  61. New Mexico History
    Which of these statements best describes how trade in New Mexico was affected by the opening of the Santa Fe Trail and the arrival of the First Transcontinental Railroad? A. The amount of goods that were bought and sold in the state remained the same B. The amount of goods ...
  62. history
    What impact did the Battle of Waterloo have on the world? France’s territorial control regressed, renewing interest in a single European government. Great Britain became the world’s sole superpower after the defeat of Napoleon. The defeat of Napoleon promoted nationalism ...
  63. Health
    How has migration led to disease epidemics throughout human history? It stressed sanitation infrastructures with a larger population. It alleviated problems of overcrowding and population growth. It created new epidemics from filthy environmental conditions. It introduced ...
  64. science
    1. Which of the following gases was most likely present in Earth’s earliest atmosphere? (1 point) nitrogen hydrogen argon oxygen**** 2. Which of the following statements accurately describes the development of the geologic time scale? (1 point) Scientists developed the ...
  65. History
    The United States received most of it's legal framework from which of the following countries? England France Russia Germany I think its Russia but not to sure
  66. History
    1. The Mound Builders primarily lived in what regions? Select all that apply. (2 points) regionA regionB regionC** regionD** reagionE
  67. history
    How have Napoleon and his achievements impacted modern society throughout the world?
  68. History
    Select a response that correctly summarizes how the search for gold contributed to European exploration and Texas settlement. A. Spanish leaders sent many explorers to search and explore the new land in hopes of securing riches that have never been found. B. Spanish leaders ...
  69. history
    Which identifies an instance in which European culture mixed with the cultures of indigenous people? European nations created the Open Door Policy to allow for multiculturalism in China. Symbols of the Catholic Church were blended with local religions in an effort to secretly ...
  70. Social studies
    How did the environment of Arabia serve as a form of protection during much of the regions history? A. It's fertile oases enabled farmers to grow enough food or themselves and for sale B. It extreme heat and arid conditions kept invaders from attacking settlements C. It&#...
  71. history
    What are indigenous people? the earliest known group to inhabit a region someone who settles an uninhabited territory people who travel to a region outside of their own individuals who settle an already-inhabited territory A? Which correctly describes the positive impact of ...
  72. American History
    Which rights listed in John Locke’s Two Treatises of Civil Government did Thomas Jefferson include when writing the Declaration of Independence? (Select all that apply.) liberty life property happiness Is it Liberty, Life, and Happiness?
  73. American History
    What type of government was created by the Articles of Confederation? A. a theocracy that appointed presidents based on the Electoral College B. a parliamentary government with the president as the executive branch C. a strong central government D. a collection of 13 states ...
  74. History
    The United States form of government is a pure democracy where only the majority matters. True or False
  75. social studies/am history
    What was Alexander Hamilton's main reason for insisting all the nation's debts be paid in full?
  76. history
    What evidence of the effects of colonization in the Americas can you see today?
  77. History
    How did the early Indo-Aryans measure their wealth? A. in cattle B. in horses C. in the number of chariots they owned D. in corn
  78. history
    How did European imperialism lead many colonies to seek independence? Lack of home rule led many colonists to end the influence of their imperial governments. Colonists sought independence after the Napoleonic Wars to reduce French influence. Colonial revolutions began as an ...
  79. History
    Just need a little help on this topic: In Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address, he says "with malice toward none, with charity for all..." What does this quote reveal about Lincoln's attitude toward the South? A. forgiveness B. hatred C. indifference D. envy ...
  80. history
    At the time of early European exploration in the sixteenth century, what area of Texas did the Coahuiltecans occupy A. Eastern B. Northern C. Southern D. Western I think it is C. I really need help
  81. History
    Which best describes the languages spoken by American Indians in South Carolina? All tribes in South Carolina spoke the same language Most American Indians spoke Algonquian or Siouan. American Indians spoke more than fifty languages Most tribes spoke of four main languages How...
  82. History
    1. Why do you think sovereignty is a key component of a state? 2. What would the difference be between a nation and a state? For example, the Native American tribe of Cherokees are a nation, but not a state. Think about why.
  83. History
    What did the Apache and jumanos have in common. A.Both practiced hunting gathering,and agriculture. B.Both relied only on the practice of agriculture. C.Both resided in the same region of presdent-day Texas. D.Both were nomadic groups I think the answer is B. Please help ASAP
  84. History
    At the time of early european exploration in the sixteenth century what area of texas did the coahuiltecans. A.Eastern B.Northern C.Sothern D.Western I think the answer is B I need help asap please
  85. US history
    Choose one of the amendments in the passage and identify its precedent.
  86. US history
    Explain what a precedent is. Identify three precedents to the United States Constitution.
  87. History
    which of the following statements best summarizes the american indians of texas A.all descended from the Pueblo group and continued their lifestyle. B.they hunted buffalo and lived in teepees. C.they practiced peaceful relations to each other. D.a wide variety of groups and ...
  88. History
    I need help on these 2 questions 1. Which represents a unique achievement of Kush's Civilization? A. Meroitic B. Hieroglyphics C. Papyrus D.Preparation for the afterlife 2.How Did the region's geography affect Kush? A. The Nile cataracts made it difficult to travel ...
  89. History
    What was the intention of the framers for checks and balances at the state level? A. State governments would check the power of the national government by passing laws regarding state matters. B. State representatives in the House would check the power of their respective ...
  90. history
    Which sentence BEST describes the role of mercantilism in the growth of transatlantic trade during the 1600s? England wanted to expand its wealth through exports to the colonies. Colonies along the coast grew wealthy through shipbuilding industries. English settlements hoped ...
  91. recent history
    This relates to the presidential election from the year 2000. There had been some suggestion that then candidate George W. Bush was an anti-Catholic bigot. Does anyone know of a quotation or event from the campaigning process that would have caused others to think that of him?
  92. history
    What was the historic name of the Southeast Asian region that lies east of India and south or southwest of China?
  93. U.S. History
    How did actions taken during Jackson's time in office affect Van Buren
  94. U.S. History
    What was Jackson's basic view of Native Americans living in the American southeast
  95. History
    Question 8 of 11 Which of the following was a result of Asoka’s transformation after the Battle of Kalinga? Select all that apply.
  96. history
    How do the powers given to each branch of the national government under the Constitution serve as a system of checks and balances?
  97. History
    What groups of people supported ratification of the new Constitution, and why did they support ratification?
  98. Apush History
    Under the Articles of Confederation, why was the government unable to maintain order and regulate activities in the states? In what ways did the new U.S. Constitution seek to fulfill these functions of government
  99. History
    1. Explain the argument in favor of ratifying the Constitution that Alexander Hamilton makes in this excerpt.
  100. History
    Question 4 of 20 Look at the photograph. What Sumerian art form does the photograph show?
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