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How do most people in Israel and its neighbors differ from political extremists such as terrorist? A:they have firm beliefs about the existence of Israel. B:they are dedicated to their religious heritage. C:they seek peace and security D:they care little about where they make ...

The average household uses 2 bags of sugar per household per month. Each bag of sugar weighs 10 pounds. Assume that that there are 3 people in each household on average and that the US population is 336 million. How many pounds of sugar does the US consume per year? You can ...

In a survey, one out of three people named blue as their favorite color. Two out of seven named red. If 1,092 people were included in the survey, how many named neither blue nor red as their favorite color? A. 416 people B. 432 people C. 540 people D. 512 people

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Ok first of all Ms.sue if cheaters are banned from posting then why do people constantly post answers on here to give others answer???? Yall on this website make it seem like yall have no home training at all. And on behalf of them krystina im sorry about them,and so sorry i ...

if 14 out of 20 people like hot chocolate milk what percent of the people do not like chocolate milk

language arts
which question best relates to these details in winter. Frogs burrow the mud, snails bury themselves a.what happens to frogs in the winter. b.how do animals differ from people in the winter. c.why do sanils bury themselves. d.how do creatures pepare for winter.

History - please check my answers
1. Which of the following statements best support the importance of a free and responsible press to the healthy functioning of a democracy? Select all that apply. (2 points) A free press protects the individual rights of all people.<< A free press encourages an informed...

Which option best describes a main idea of "Kuba Khan" Society tends to fear creative people Creative people are welcome in society Society tends to love creative people< Hail is a problem in many societies

Identifying the Structure of Sentences
Identify the structure of each of the following sentences as either simple, compound, complex, or compound-complex 1. If this offense is reported, he will receive a severe fine. 2. The apples, peaches, and pears are in the refrigerator. <-- simple 3. Father will fly home ...

Recognizing Compound-Complex Sentences
Put parentheses around each subordinate clause that you find. 1.The mountain areas are barren, but the valleys are fertile since they are irrigated daily. <--- The subordinate clause is ''since they are irrigated daily.'' and ''but the valleys are fertile.'' 2. The ...

Social Studies---Please Help!
Jacques Marquette Jacques Cartier Louis Jolliet Quebec New Orleans These people and terms are associated with ___ exploration and colonization in the New World.

Social Studies
1. ____ taught that people need a strong ruler to maintain order 1. Daoism 2. Legalism***** 3. Buddhism 4. None of these 2. A Chinese family was usually headed by the 1. Oldest relative 2. Strongest man 3. Oldest woman 4. Oldest man***** 3. Who was the founder of Daoism whose ...

American Government
The fabric of American empire ought to rest on the solid basis of the consent of the people. the streams of national power ought to flow from that pure, original foundation of all legitimate authority. 1) which of the following constitutional principles was Hamilton ...

In Joel's recipe for lemonade the ratio of lemons to water is 7 to 4. People are complaining that the lemonade is too weak. Which ratio would make the lemonade STRONGER? A) 5 to 3 B) 7 to 5 C) 8 to 4 D) 8 to 5

Suppose there are approximately 314 million people in the U.S. If the world population is 6.8 billion people, what percent of the world population is in the U.S.?

Ms. Sue! The Industrial Revolution
What role did the Enlightenment play in the development of new economic theories during the Industrial Revolution? a. Enlightenment ideas led to the development of capitalism, but socialist ideas were unrelated to any Enlightenment reasoning. b. Economists believed that new ...

Social Studies
1. Which of the following is an example of a fad from the 1920s? A. A dance marathon B. A women wearing pants C. Road Rallies*** D. Poetry Readings 2. What belief regarding Americans did many writers of the era hold? A. People only want to read about good things B. Americans ...

Statification in Sociology
White Trash author Isenberg has a very pessimistic view of American ideal( real vs ideal culture) Do you think she's right that these are more ideal than real from a historical perspective? Poverty, who is poor, what the working people look like, racial and ethnic divisions ...

Math 2
If your playing a game where you have 4 cards and you have to arrange them in to 2 digit numbers so they add up to a number near 100, and then you take the number you got and subtract it from 100, and then you play this game 7 times with 3 other people, and when you add up all...

Socials Studies
Which of the following conclusions about the freedman's bureau is best supported by the illustrious ? A. It's assisted only african americans B. It's employed only women C. It provided educations to people of all ages D. It's students passed the literacy requirements for ...

Here are a few questions, please check my answers below. 1. 1. Married men live longer than unmarried men. 2. Single men form the demographic with the highest longevity. What is the correct relationship between statements 1 and 2? Select one: a. 1 is positively relevant to 2 b...

Vocabulary: Industrial Revolution
Which of the following is the term for an increase in population in cities? a. urbanization b. rural displacement c. urban mobility d. population redistribution I think it is either urbanization or population redistribution. It could be urbanization because that means to make ...

Math Ms. Sue
population density is the number of people per unit area what is the population density of a state that has 1329192 people in 35385 square miles round to the nearest hole number

PART 1 Raft made of 2.2m long pine logs with Average diameter of logs 26cm.How many logs are needed to strap together to build raft to hold max 4 people? Density of log = 600 kg/m^3 Each people weights 512N PART 2 What percent of the logs is under water when you are on your ...

There are 2 red cars and 3 blue cars. The 5 cars contain a total of 12 people. No car has more than 4 people. Every car has at least 1 person. The only cars with the same number of people are the red cars. How many people are in 1 red car?

Raft made of 2.2m long pine logs.Average diameter of logs 26cm.How many logs are needed to strap together to build raft to hold max 4 people? What percent of the logs is under water when you are on your raft in the water with your friend?

Can you fix any grammar I may have done wrong. Help Mme! Merci beaucoup. ______________________________________ 1. In the beginning of the film, the Magesty Cordelia talked to Joliterax about how Caesar almost annihilated the British army. *** Au début du film, la Magistère ...

I'm "your little voice..." what is the purpose of the image of the merry flowers skipping? A. To show that the people in the poem are part of nature B. To help you picture the garden where the poem takes place C. To capture the sound and rhythm of the little Voice D. To convey...

Social studies
Using your knowledge of the text and the chart, which best describes Lincoln's Reconstruction plan? I posted this hoping I can get answers to the whole test. If you see this looking for answers for the test, let me know if you find any answers somewhere else. Or if when you're...

1. What was described as the "hardest work" slaves did? A: Work in rice fields B: Work in tobacco fields**** C: Work in the lumber business D: work loading and unloading ships in port 2. Which of the following best describes the social class of a small farmer A: Elite of the ...

Why did the Allied Powers try to appease Nazi Germany before WWII? All of the following were reasons for appeasement.*** World War I was so terrible that many leaders never wanted another war Many people thought the newly-strengthened Soviet Union was a bigger threat Many ...

LA ( anyone help or correct me plz
1. Which question best relates to these details in "Winter"? Frogs burrow the mud / snails bury themselves (1 point) A What happens to frogs in the winter? B How do animals differ from people in the winter? C Why do snails bury themselves? D How do creatures prepare for winter...

World Geo
"Change the way people think and things will never be the same." -Steve Biko -what is the meaning of this and what made Steve Biko say this.

is informed consent and autonomy a value of a particular culture or is it a universal principle of ethics? I say many people believe it's more of a universal principle but I'm not sure..

social studies 6th grade!!s
Which statement is correct? (1 point) Aborigines were the first people to settle Australia and New Zealand. Aborigines were the first people in Australia, and the Maori were the first people in New Zealand. The Maori were the first people in Australia, and Aborigines were the ...

^th grade
2. What is a reason few people have settled in the interior of Australia? (1 point) A.No mineral wealth is in the area. B.Land is too expensive. C.The area is too dangerous. D.The area has little water and arable land.

1. What belief united the Progressive movement? A) that society's problems could be solved B) that education needed reform C) that there should be a federal income tax D) that political bosses should not hold office 2. What was the main reason for the creation of the civil ...

^th grade social studies
2. what is the reason few people have settled in the interior of Australia? A. no mineral wealth is in the area B. land is too expensive C. the area is too dangerous D. the area little water and arable land

why do you think the ratio of people with HIV/AIDS is lower in Northern Africa?

American Government
7. Which of the following six organizing principles are evident in Articles I – III of the U.S. Constitution? Select all that apply. A. Limited government.*** B. Separation of powers. C. Judicial review.*** D. Checks and balances. 8. Which of the following did the Founding ...

The passage: Suppose the state is considering a proposal to raise the legal driving age from 16 to 18. The following letter addresses this proposal. Dear Editor, I understand that the state wants to raise the driving age to 18. That change would be a great mistake. The reason ...

Which of the following topics is the clearest example of the informative purpose? A. a short essay describing a recent trip to New Zealand *** B. a eulogy for a deceased friend C. a glowing movie review D. a dialogue between two characters in a play Use the passage to answer ...

proportion and percentages problem
in a town of 3375 inhabitants 8/9 per cent are ill with influenza. how many people is that?

black is to white as host is to thank you to all people who help

social studies
PLEASE HELPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1. Why is the soil in the Mississippi Alluvial Plain generally better than the soil in the Ozark Mountains? A.Farmers in the Mississippi Alluvial Plain can afford better fertilizers B.The soil is enriched because of all of the ...

Some people claim that television is the root of all evil, while others think of television as a best friend. Some blame the television for society's violence, consumerism, and misinformation, while others see it as a rich resource for education and global understanding...

Type a word document as a one-page letter to be sent to the Cuban and the U.S. governments in which you explain why they should encourage American tourism in Cuba. Explain how it will help the Cuban economy and why that is important to the United States. Explain how American ...

1. How did middle class people generally differ from the lower class? (1 point) They lived in urban tenements. They moved to the centers of the cities. They had more time for leisure activities. They modeled their lives on foreign royalty.

Why was the early West considered a "crossroads of culture"? A: Mexico originally owned the land, so the cultures of Americans, Mexicans, and Native Americans were all present in the West. B: The California Gold Rush brought in people from all over the world, which resulted in...

Well, I admit that junk food’s unhealthy. However, people have a right to make healthy or unhealthy choices. --------------------------- Is this sentence acceptable? Can we use 'healthy choice' or 'unhealthy choice' as in the sentence?

It costs 3$ for an adult and 2$ for a student to attend a car show. 250$ was collected when 90 people attended how many were adults and how many were students

For many German speaking people the decision to redraw boundaries made at the Paris Peace Conference led to enormous changes in their citizenship and identity. Only the German speaking people in Denmark/Northern Germany were given their say in this change. (The majority voted ...

I'm not sure where to start... Mail order marketing companies have a response rate of 15% to their advertising flyers. If 25 people receive the flyer, what is the probability that 5 people respond to the flyer?

Social Studies 6 B
1. The Saraswati River was a twin to which other river? A. Ganges. B. Tigris. C. Himalaya. D. Indus. 2. Glacial runoff and ________ provide the water for the large rivers of India. A. underground wells. B. melting snow. C. rain. D. steam. 3. Saraswati means A. "god of the ...

San Pablo is having a festival. Tickets for children under 12 cost $2, adult tickets are $6 and senior citizen tickets are $3. One sixth of the tickets sold were children’s tickets. The 40 senior citizens with tickets sat in the shade under the trees and watched the children...

The table shows the number of people that went to see a movie last week. Use these statements to complete the table. On Thursday, 60% of the moviegoers were male. On Friday, 35% of the moviegoers were male. On Saturday, 70% of the moviegoers were female. On Sunday, 45% of the ...

Women should be treated as equals
I hate the way people used to treat women. Men used to think of them as their property or just being pretty. That is not right for women because we are humans too! We are NOT property nor just something pretty to look at. And I think that Bridgit Mendler's song Postcard says ...

Social Studies
Are these correct? _ The maquiladoras zone helped create jobs by encouraging development where? A. Northern Mexico (B.) Southern Mexico C. Baja Pennisula D. Mexico City suburbs _ The United States wields significant power in the A. Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN...

Participle or Verb
1. When the Spaniards arrived in New Mexico, the Pueblo population numbered between 40,000 and 50,000. numbered is a participle <---- 2. Many had adopted a farming lifestyle. farming is a participle <-- 3. Domesticated animals included dogs and turkeys. <--- ...

Suppose one person decides to carry out a random act of kindness for three people on Monday. On Tuesday, that same person is kind to three more people, and the three he/she helped on Monday each help three more individuals. If the same circumstances were to occur on Wednesday...

I just need someone to please check my answers. I'm not so good with English. My answers are marked with a <<< Reading: 1 I would fain say something, not so much concerning the Chinese 2 and Sandwich Islanders as you who read these pages, who are said to 3 live in New...

Outlook Schedule Question?
I am an assistant to my professor this semester and I am not very familiar with Outlook. I have two questions that could hopefully be answered and that way I can educate myself further with this program. 1.She wants me to put in her calendar that she will be gone Thursday from...

Are these correct? I need to bring my grades up for math. Please help! 1. Identify the decimal and simplified fractional form of 60% A)0.6 and 4/5 B)0.6 and 3/5 *** C)0.06 and 3/5 D)0.06 and 6/10 2. A baseball team wins 45% of its games. What fraction of games does it win? A)8...

Insert semicolons in the following sentences as needed. In some sentences, semicolons will replace commas, Above the sentence, write the words before and after the semicolon. 1. At the market Flora selected strawberries, which were on sale, a pineapple, which is her favorite ...

There are 144 people in an audience. The ratio of adults to children is 5 to 3. How many are adults? PLEASE HELP!

American Government
Do you think our country's history would be different if the Articles of Confederation had remained as our constitution? yes, I do think our country's history would be different if the Articles had remained as our Constitution. Power was given to the states, not the government...

Scientific Method Project In a 2-page maximum type written paper, complete research on a topic of question from the readings. Utilizing the scientific method, document the application of the steps in determining your hypothesis and findings. Each step is worth up to 20 points...

1. How did the geocentric model explain the retrograde motion of planets? A. Earth moves faster in its orbit and passes the other planets. B. The planets move backward when they get too close to earth. C. The planets travel in circles as they move around earth in a circle. D. ...

american goverment check answers
1. What are unalienable rights? (1 point) rights that cannot be denied rights created by governments rights that can be limited rights earned with age 2. Which of the following is an example of an unalienable right limiting the powers of government? (1 point) Japanese ...

What must people know or understand about a place in order to belong there? How do they gain that knowledge or understanding? What types of experiences can tell people that they do not belong? In what cases might a person draw conclusions about others based on the place to ...

In English conversations, people often say that they agree or disagree with each other. There are many ways of agreeing or disagreeing and the "one" you use depends on how strongly you agree or disagree. --------------------- What does "one' refer to here?

Approximately 2% percent of the people in the world have red hair. There are about 7,000,000, people in the world.About how many people have red hair?

this website is so helpful but i am confused on some things 1) the people who answer questions is this their job or are they volunteering to for free and what do they gain out of this 2)do the tutors who answer questions sit at home and answer or at some work place 3) how ...

French (HELP!)
1. Traveling around the world is a huge part of me. Voyager dans le monde est une grande partie de moi. 2. Traveling opens my eyes and I've (taken) that (chance). Voyager ouvre mes yeux et j'ai (pris) que (chance). 3. Traveling helps me learn who I am. Voyager m'aide à ...

science grade 11
Two people, one of mass 51.4KG and the other mass of 78.0 KG, sit a distance between of 2.3 metres apart on a low friction sleds with the same friction coefficients. A)what is the strength of the gravitational force between them? B) suppose the friction is slowly reduced until...

Shingles affects 1 out of 3 people in the United States. affect or affects answer: affects

Read the thesis statement that follows. Identify why it is a good thesis statement. Government should provide health insurance because the costs of uninsured people damage the economy. A.It is interesting B.Everyone already knows it’s true. C.It mentions a broad topic, makes...

C) You correctly answered 15 out of 20 problems on your test. What is your percent score? D) At the Liberty Tree Mall 1,300 people took the Coke/Pepsi challenge.55% of those challenged preferred Coke. How many people selected Coke?

Texas history
1. Who were the buffalo soldiers? A. African-American US Calvary units that fought against the Comanche B. Comanche rangers who also hunted buffalo C. Private security hired by Texas cattleman to protect them from the Comanche D. Soldiers of signed by the US army to attack the...

Ms.smith has $660 to spend on parking and admission to the zoo.The parking will cost $10,and admission tickets will cost $10 per person, including tax.Write and solve an equation that can be used to determine the number of people that she can bring to the zoo,including herself.

Angles and unit angles
Kurt cut pizzas into wedges measuring 40 degrees.if each person eats one piece of pizza,how many people could he feed with two whole pizzas

Social studies
What believe united the progressive movement? A. That societies problems could be solved B. That education needed reform C. That there should be a federal income tax D. That political bosses should not hold office What was the main reason for the creation of the civil service...

Algebra 2
The amount of time required to stack boxes varies directly with the number of boxes inversely with the number of people who are stacking them. If 2 people can stack 60 boxes in 10 minutes, how many minutes will be required for 6 people to stack 120 boxes?

Using Words Correctly
Decide whether the vocabulary word has been used correctly in the sentence. Write correct for correct use and Incorrect for incorrect use. 1. The employee's unseemly behavior helped him to receive a promotion. <-- Incorrect 2. During press receptions the feuding stars ...

150 people in a room. There were 4 times more women than men in the room. How many women were in the room?

If The British Government Could Do It Over Again The British governing policy of salutary neglect gave the young colonial governments a chance to "experiment" with their own self-governance. Gaining confidence in their abilities to rule the people without the British ...

Social Studies
Where do most people in Arabia and Iraq live? A. In the Fertile Crescent B. in the Rub, al-Khali C. In cities*** D. in and around mecca Which of the following circumstances poses the greatest benefit and challenge to economies in the region? A. lack of water B. trade with ...

Math (misleading graphs) (Statistics)
When constructing a graph showing the population of two​ countries, an illustrator draws two different people with heights proportional to the populations. Identify a way in which the graph might be misleading. What is the general name for such graphs that use drawings of ...

physiology and health
a relationship is a bond between people?

American History
If The British Government Could Do It Over Again The British governing policy of salutary neglect gave the young colonial governments a chance to "experiment" with their own self-governance. Gaining confidence in their abilities to rule the people without the British ...

Algebra 1
A city planning committee surveys 100 people waiting at a bus stop about the expansion of the public transportation system. Is this an example of a: random sample, systematic sample, self-selected sample, convenience sample, bipartisan sample, or stratified random sample? I ...

A test question I just had. Not sure of the correct answer. Which situations have equal outcomes? You can only have one answer. A. I can't remember B. You watch a movie with 20 min. preview and 99 min. movie vs. 19 min. preview and 100 min. movie. C. A person 5'1 compared to 6...

Language Arts
I am having a trouble with a few questions. 4. Which of the following sentences from “Poor Fish” does not support the story’s theme of self-loathing and inferiority? A. “But I looked upon myself as being as fragile as glass, as the thinnest glass, in fact, and that was...

Some people prefer to use herbal medicines how will you know if they actually work? Thanks.

There are 37 people attending the Ruiz family reunion, and they want to split the cost of the present for the grandparents. If the gift costs $464.72, how much should each person contribute?

There are 37 people attending the Ruiz family reunion, and they want to split the cost of the present for the grandparents. If the the gift costs $464.72, how much should each person contribute? do I just divide the two numbers?

Social Studies
1)What was John James Audubon famous for? A)painting and cataloguing American animals, especially birds. B)painting the new living conditions in urbanized areas. C)representing new immigrants through drawings and paintings. D)surveying and creating maps of western lands. 2)For...

Shirts with the a school's mascot were printed, and the table shows the number of people who bought them the first, second, third, and fourth weeks after their release. Which graph could represent the data shown in the table? Weeks | Number of sales 1 |22 2 |50 3 |62 4 |75 a. ...

in a medical examination, 300 people undergo a height measurement and was found out that the average height of all are 150cm. if the standard deviation is 19, find the number of people that fall under the given conditions: a)with the height less than 132cm. b)with height from ...

In 1994 Tony Abbott received 54% of votes in his seat for Warringah. If the electorate had 78496 how many people voted for Tony Abbott?

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