economics,business,maths lit and tourism
What that i should follow if i passed grade12 in higher setificat my subject is economics busines maths lit and tourism

I need some help because its due tomorrow. And these are the questions: 3. According to economists, almost everything we do, has costs and benefits. Identify the costs and benefits of each of the following: going to the dentist for a checkup, doing your homework, and getting ...

Economics HELP!!!
I need some help because its due tomorrow. And these are the questions: 3. According to economists, almost everything we do, has costs and benefits. Identify the costs and benefits of each of the following: going to the dentist for a checkup, doing your homework, and getting ...

If Mark sells cattle to a meat packing plant, Mark is part of the ____________market. The plant is a ___________. This question will have two correct answers. resource, monopsony buyer resource, household resource, firm product, firm resource, part of the circular flow Which ...

Which most satisfies a consumers wants, a market economy or a command economy?

Local cultures are sustained through customs. A custom is a practice that a group of people routinely follows. People have customs regarding all parts of their lives from eating and drinking to dancing and sports. To sustain a local culture the people must retain their customs...

2. ____________________ culture is conceived as small, incorporating a homogeneous population, typically rural and cohesive in cultural traits. A. Material B. Popular C. Folk D. Non-material E. Local Not sure 3. Which of the following is an example of a non-material aspect of ...

1 THE COPPERBELT UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS BSP 110 PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMICS 2015 ASSIGNMENT DUE DATE: 4th January 2016 at 10am QUESTION A manufacturing firm in Kitwe has a normal demand curve given by Q = 5,000 – 100P and its total cost curve in the relevant range is TC...

1 THE COPPERBELT UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS BSP 110 PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMICS 2015 ASSIGNMENT DUE DATE: 4th January 2016 at 10am QUESTION A manufacturing firm in Kitwe has a normal demand curve given by Q = 5,000 – 100P and its total cost curve in the relevant range is TC...

Economics Please Help!!!
Why is there a difference between interest charged and interest earned? A) Banks are non-profit institutions B) Banks are profit-making institutions C) Banks must pay more than they receive D) There is no difference between interest charged and interest earned Is the answer C...

Accounting, Maths Lit, Economics,Business Studies
What career am i suitable for ?

Accounting, Business Studies, Economics and Maths Lit
What career can i follow up on these subjects ?.

Maths Literacy, Business studies, Economics, Accounting, English, Xhosa and Life orientation
Which careers could I possibly follow if i'm doing those subjects?

Suppose three neighbors must vote on installation of a traffic light that costs $210. All three will share the cost of the light – that is, each person will contribute $70 to the installation. Leona values the light at $50; Lionel values the light at $50; and Theo, who ...

maths literacy,economics and business studies
what kind of courses should i take when i finish my grade 12 next year

Initially suppose that both countries have the same production function, namely q = K.3L.7. For this production function, MPL = .7K.3L-.3 and MPK = .3K.-7L.7. Derive (with all steps shown) the long-run total cost function for each country. (Given that both countries have the ...

How can an economy achieve points that are outside the production possibilities curve?

Suppose demand and supply functions are given by: 2 1 4 1 2 1  7    x s x x d x Q P and Q P a. Determine equilibrium P and Q in this market b. Use graph to show market equilibrium

Given the following TR and TC function of a firm: _ 0.9 10 5 3 1 22 0.5 2 3 2 TR  Q Q and TC  Q Q  Q a) Determine the level of P and Q maximize profit and b) Compute equilibrium profit or loss and determine the decision of the firm.

3. For the following data set, the dependent variable {response) is the first variable. Choose the independent variables {predictors) as you judge appropriate. Use a spreadsheet or a statistical package (e.g., SPSS or SYSTAT or MIN1TAB) to perform the necessary regression ...

willowmead sec school
I am in grade 10 and am doing economics and business studies and tourism and maths lit so I want to know what carees I can take and that carees must have money

multiple choice economics
Milk is considered a commodity because it is which of the following? A. bought in many different ways B. an inexpensive product C. the same no matter who sells it D. an agricultural product I think C..?

multiple choice economics
Advances in technology have reduced the cost of manufacturing MP3 players. If demand does not change, A. more MP3 players will be sold at a higher price. B. fewer MP3 players will be sold at a higher price. C. more MP3 players will be sold at a lower price. D. fewer MP3 ...

Entrepreneurs in the shoeshine stand business earn 11000 a year Joe pays the rent of 500 a year and his total revenue is 16000 a year.he borrowed 600 at 20 percent a year to buy the end of the year Joe offered 400 for his business and all his equipment.

Zola business School
Maths Literacy,Tourism,Business Studies,Economics Iam in grade9 next years I want to choose these subjects and I also want to know the careers are available for those subjects that you work in a office

multiple choice economics
How does a person’s perception of a good as a necessity or a luxury affect his or her purchase of it? A. If a good is perceived as a luxury, demand becomes elastic. B. People who have a lot of money will buy goods even if they think they are a luxury. C. A good that is ...

multiple choice economics
Which law allowed states to pass right-to-work laws? A. Fair Labor and Standards Act of 1938 B. Taft-Hartley Act of 1947 C. Equal Pay Act of 1963 D. Civil Rights Act of 1964 I think its D

Economics senior secondary school 1
Find the standard devation of 4,6,8,10 and 12

I completed my matric in 2013 and I am examted to diploma with the following subjects 1.Setswana-78%=Level 6 2.English-68%=Level 5 3.Afrikaans-57%=Level 4 4.Maths literacy-47%=Level 3 5.L.O-58%=Level 4 6.Economics-47%=Level 3 7.Business Studies-43%=Level 3 My scoring points in...

Social studies PLEASE HELP!
which is one way that economics in Southern and Eastern Africa are overcoming economic challenges Mortgage lending Fishing **** Ecotourism Car manufacturing

Can someone check my answers? "Explain how unemployment affects the following groups. Give at least 3 examples for each of the groups; Laborers, Businesses, and Government" Laborers: 1) No longer has a job 2) Families can hurt from lack of money 3)Poor morale can lead to ...

Social Studies
1) Why was Harding's emphasis on "normalcy" an effective campaign strategy? A: Harding's emphasis on "normalcy" was an effective campaign strategy because many people strongly desired a return to "normal" life after the war. 2) How did Calvin Coolidge restore public confidence...

career and career choices
What careers ara available if you are doidoing maths literacy , Consumer studies,business studies,Economics,English, XhosA

liberty college
I am in grade 12 and I have taken History, matches literacy, English language/ literacy,life science, business studies and economics, what course will these subjects allow me take in university? Regards Rita.

Managerial Economics
I am completely lost in working this problem. 1. The total operating avenues of a public transportation authority are$100 million while its operating costs are $120 million. The price of a ride is $1, and the price of elasticity of demand has been estimated to be -0.4. By law...

Describe Economic service and types

math/economics in calculus
The average cost of manufacturing a quantity q of a good, is defined to be a(q) = C(q)/q. The average cost per item to produce q items is given by a(q) = 0.01q2 − 0.6q + 13, for q >0. I know that the total cost is 0.01q^3-0.6q^2+13q What is the minimum marginal cost? ...

Consider a large multinational consumer product company with operations in all major advanced and emerging economics. Now suppose the value of Indonesian and South African currencies drops dramatically and the value of the Chinese rmb increases dramatically. What kind of ...

A recently released Gallup survey confirms the fears of many who oppose government-promoted gambling: the poorest among us are contributing much more to lottery revenues than those with higher incomes. The poll found that people who played the lottery with an income of less ...

Secondhand smoke globally kills more than 600,000 people each year, accounting for 1 percent of all deaths worldwide. Researchers estimate that annually secondhand smoke causes about 379,000 deaths from heart disease, 165,000 deaths from lower respiratory disease, 36,900 ...

The US GDP is a measurement of the total ________ of the US economy? A) Production B) Savings C) Dollars D) Investment

Amadlelo aluhlaza SS
I Lungelo would like to know tat are there any chances for a person who is doing Accounting.Business study.Economics and Maths Literacy to become a paramedic?

Economics what is market stracture

A firm currently uses 40,000 workers to produce 180,000 units of output per day. The daily wage per worker is $100, and the price of the firm's output is $28. The cost of other variable inputs is $500,000 per day. (Note: Assume that output is constant at the level of 180,000 ...

mathematics literacy,CAT,economics,accounting
Can i study to be a economist with thesr subjects?

Think about how each scenario would affect the price of khaki pants. a.A new technology reduces the time it takes to make a pair of khaki pants. b.The price of the cloth used to make khaki pants falls. c.The wage rate paid to garment workers increases. d.The price of jeans ...

Assume that you are considering a 7-night vacation to Fort Walton Beach, Florida, in March. You estimate the total cost of the trip to Fort Walton Beach at $1,250, including discounted airfare. However, a resort at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is offering 3 free nights with a...

Which career path can I follow with the following subjects economics life sciences geography and mathematical literacy

Social Studies
1. What is one reason why Nigerians remain poor, despite their country’s large oil deposits? A. infrastructure B. subsistence farming C. corruption** D. microcredit 2. Which of the following is most likely to help countries in West and Central Africa solve their economic ...

My homework question says " what is the opportunity cost of good x in term of y, when production is shifted from point b to c along the pcc?" For b the x axis is on 40 and the y axis is at 75. So the opportunity cost will be 35 For c the x axis is 70 and the y axis is 50 So ...

How do Positive and Normative Economics affect decision-making?

maths lit, economics,business, CAT
What career can this subjects offer?

When XYZ firm entered the market for good two years back, it kept the price of its product low to attract customers away from its leading competitor. The firm has now established itself and has a market share of 20 percent. The management of XYZ is is planning to increase ...

Suppose the price elasticity of demand for a novel translated into English is perfectly inelastic. Assume the initial price of the novel is $24 and the quantity demanded is 222 copies per year. If the price of the novel increases by $3, then the quantity demanded will be ___ ...

I really do not know what to do!:((( You are the marketing manager of the Bloomsbury Publishing that distributes the Harry Potter series. A new book is to be issued and you need to decide at which price it should be offered in US and European markets. On the basis of the sales...

Assume that the manufacturing of plastic (PVC) windows is a perfectly competitive industry. The market demand for plastic windows is described by a linear demand function: Q = (6000 -50P)/9. There are 50 manufacturers of plastic windows. Each manufacturer has the same ...

Assume that average product for six workers is fifteen. If the marginal product of the seventh worker is eighteen, what is the average product of the seventh worker?

Assume that average product for six workers is fifteen. If the marginal product of the seventh worker is eighteen, what is the average product of the seventh worker?

The SA government is not providing enough welfare or subsidies to the poor and underpriviledged.

economics maths lit business studies tourism
What will i do with these subject maths lit tourism business studies economic

Social studies economics
What does CPI compare? A) money to time B) Wal-mart to targets. C) Dollars to euros D) purchasing power at different times.

Snethezekile High School
History,Economics,Tourism,Business Studies,Math Lits What course Can A grade 11 Learner Choose When Doing This Subjects?

What are the costs and consequences of providing the subsidies and welfare?

Economics (Net Present Value
Approximately 14 million Americans are addicted to drugs and alcohol. The federal government estimates that these addicts cost the U.S. economy $300 billion in medical expenses and lost productivity. Despite the enormous potential market, many biotech companies have shied away...

what is abnormal supply

u.s. history
11. Explain two ways in which sectionalism caused conflict or tension in the United States during the early 1800s. Then explain how sectionalism affects economics and politics in the United States today. (10 points)

s. economics
Brooke and Georgia are neighbors. Each have 40 hours per week. Brooke needs 5 hours to paint a beautiful picture and 2 hours to make a picture frame. Georgia takes 8 hours to paint an equally beautiful picture and 4 hours to make a picture frame. What two conditions are ...

math accounts economics
what job can I get with these subjects

what job can I get with these subjects

Social Studies
what would be the most likely method for a game store to distribute a popular new video game to customers A.First come first served B.Levels C.Needs D.Auction which these states a basic economic question A.What job is best B.How much should this good cost C.What goods should ...

international school of south Africa
mathematics, geography, economics and English literature what career options are there following those subject choices

AP economics
Explain how each of the following people would talk about scarcity and trade-offs the president of the United States, the leader of a developing nation, a US citizen whose income is in the top 1% and US citizen whose income is in the bottom 5%

How is the state of domestic tourism if the Rand is strong

If south africa has a weak rand, is it a good or bad time for South Africans to travel?

Are there any welfare or subsidy payments that should be reviewed or added

With Mordern Views, What Is The Interdependence Between Micro-economics And Macro-economics According To Leon Warlas And Coronet

Suppose that 20 workers were required in 2010 to produce 120,000 bushels of wheat on a 1,000-acre farm. a. What is the average output per acre? (?) bushels per acre What is the average output per worker? (?) bushels per worker b. If in 2020 only 16 workers produce 132,000 ...

Maths lit,economics,business studies,tourism
Teachers say ''tourism is like Life Orientation at Varsity'' so next year i will no longer exist. What will i do and other learners,please help?

managerial economics

Economics grade 12
What's elasticity?

If switching to fast replenishment compared to holding inventory in a dc (distribution center). Is this: Operational? Tactical? or Strategic?

Mathematical Economics and Linear Programming
Using the quotient rule, find the derivation of the following function: a) (ax^2+b)/(cx+d) Here is my work but i need help because am lit bit confuse solution a) (ax^2+b)/(cx+d) df/dx = (2ax)(cx+d)-(ax^2+b) (c)/(cx+d)^2 df/dx = 2acx^2+2adx-acx^2+bc/(cx+d)^2 df/dx =acx^2+2adx+...

Fundulwazi(mathematical literacy, CAT, Economics and Accounting )
what career can i follow with these subjects? (Mathematical Literary, Economics, Accounting and CAT)

Maths pure, economics, business studies, geography
Which careers or courses i should do doing those subjects

Mathematics , business studies , economics , geography
Which courses or careers i should follow doing those subjects

Suppose you are a stock market analyst specializing in the stocks of theme parks, and you are examining Disneyland’s stock. The Wall Street Journal reports that tourism has slowed down in the United States. At Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California, a new Viper ...

Maths Lit, Accounting, Economics, Business Studies
I am a grade 10 learner doing Maths Literacy, Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, Life Orientation, English and Afrikaans I want to know what Degree I can study in University and also to check what career path I would be able to do.

what are welfare payments or consumer subsidies?

Managerial Economics
Given the total cost function: C=16q2 + 10q+36 (where q is the output) Find: (i) values of q for which ATC is falling, and (ii) values of q for which ATC is rising

thuto lefa high school
I'm doing business, economics, history and maths literacy, I just want to know what. career must i do

Which answer best expresses some of the issues related to economics that are listed in the Declaration of Independence? Cutting off trade and imposing taxes on the colonists are unfair practices. Denying the colonists trial by jury and sending them to Britain to face trial are...

What are welfare payments or consumer subsides?

Accounting,business studies,economics,math literacy
What kind of job can i get ?

maths lit,economics,accounting,tourism,busine stud
i am doin these i wanna do financial it possible for me without mathematics

Are the any welfare or subsidy payments that should be reviewed?

Are there any welfare or subsidy payments that should be reviewed?

accounting,economics,maths lit and business studies
which career can i choose if i'm doing this career,help me please

i am doing Economics,life science, maths lit, agriculture,english,lo and Setswana i want to know what careers are possible with this subjects

3. Suppose that the total monthly demand for golf services is given by Q = 20 – P The marginal cost to the firm of each golfer is $1. If this demand function is based on the individual demands of 10 golfers, what is the optimal two part pricing strategy for this golf club? ...

Stanger Secondary ex-school
What subjects do u really need to do for art such as Drawing and Poetry...#"compulsory subjects" for these arts. Is it: Physics,pure math,geog,life sciences,mech tech,EGD,mah.lit,BS,history,economics,..​.which ones are needed??? Ain't u shuld be smart in English to b'cum...

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