1. Reading
    Central Park Although the name central park suggests that it has a clear organizing feature, New York’s City’s famous green space has no official center. There is no formal walkway that cuts through the park or monuments that marks its middle. Instead of symmetry, central ...
  2. Reading
    ) Gambling appeals to basic human instincts: the desire for wealth, fascination with random events and beliefs in luck. in moderation , gambling can be simple escapist fun . A lottery , however isa poor way to gamble. the best ,easure for any game of chance is it payout ratio...
  3. Social Studies
    What Washington industries have experienced the most growth in recent decades because of technological innovation? Select all that apply. (4 po coal mining video games computer software fish hatcheries food canning genetic engineering grape farming lumber milling online retail...
  4. Engineering
    What does "in-service" stage refer to (engineering process after the installation of a bridge)
  5. Engineering
    Models and equations are limited because a. all knowledge is limited b. most have design flaws c. they cannot represent every varible d. they are dependent on centuires-old science One Created, radioactive materical cannot be destoryed. T/F 1. C 2. F
  6. Engineering
    Using a computer spreadsheet you have written, and the data in Problem 11–26, determine the daily and annual sludge production at the following removal efficiencies: 40%, 45%, 50%, 55%, 60%, and 65%. Plot annual sludge production as a function of efficiency
  7. environmental engineering computations
    A propane gas (C3H8) heater burns propane at a rate of 500 grams per hour. a) What is the oxygen consumption rate? (in g O2/hr.) b) If the heater uses a blower to provide outside air (0°C, 1 atm) for combustion, what is the minimum air flow rate the blower must provide? (in L...
  8. Electronic Engineering
    Do you think the operating temperatures of the p-n junction and transistor devices are important in terms of their operability? Explain your opinion clearly for reasons.
  9. Engineering
    A heated spherical ceramic object (diameter= 10cm), initially at 1200k, is held in a large enclosure whose walls are maintained at a temperature of 300k. The sphere has an emissivity of 0.7. Properties of Sphere: Density =4500 kg/m^3, heat capacity= 400 J/(kg.K); thermal ...
  10. professional ethics in engineering
    Rachel works as a Quality Assurance Engineer at a large electronics company. She is responsible for the final testing of her company’s servers and is part of a team which decides when new products will be shipped to distributors for sale. Rachel’s company has a contract ...
  11. Materials Science and Engineering
    In the figure below, Intrinsic carrier concentration is given as a function of temperature for Ge and Si. By using the data in this figure calculate the band gap of these materials. For both materials find the energy difference between the Fermi Energy Level and the ...
  12. Materials Science and Engineering
    We know from literature that a certain material “A” exhibits an electrical conductivity of σ=100 S/cm at room temperature. However, we would like to confirm this value by performing electrical conductivity measurements in our labs. To perform these experiments we obtain a...
  13. Materials Science and Engineering
    Energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDX) is a commonly used characterization technique in Materials Science to determine the elemental composition of materials. To do this, EDX measures the emitted characteristic x-rays from materials (e.g. Kα), generated due to the ...
  14. Plz help me make a dichotomous key
    1. Photosynthetic sun-basking sharks. Their green fins have chlorophyll to convert sunlight to energy (autotrophs) 2. Chemosynthetic goldfish that convert pollution to food (autotrophs) 3. Aquatic humanoids whose main diet is aqua-wheat and basking sharks. They have fins ...
  15. Biology
    Question states a made up organism and want me to classify it by kingdom , phylum and genus am i supposed to "make up" the genus since they are not real animals. an animal example is this Butter-roaches: genetic engineering created these butterfly-like creatures from ...
  16. engineering maths
    double integral of f(x,y)dxdy in polar coordinates
  17. Aeronautical engineering
    What are the parts of an exhaust system for a high bypass turbo fan and jet engine.
  18. Control engineering
    Define compensation and why it is important, Justify? And design a basic control compensation using time and frequency domain. Lead compensation Lag compensation
  19. engineering
    How do i work out the LINEAR ACCELERATION (and LINEAR VELOCITY) for a point on the circumference of the FLYWHEEL at its max ROTATIONAL VELOCITY
  20. engineering
    How do i work out the mass of a flywheel. I am given the density as 7800kg/m3, a 760mm diameter and a 180mm width. Please help
  21. Engineering
    Assume the depth of water in the PVC pipe that you are using for the fish tank reservoir is 5 cm. Compute the volume of water in this chamber in mL.
  22. mechanicle engineering
    A train of mass 50,000kg and velocity of 30m/s collides with a stationary carraige of mass 10,000 kg. after the collision,both the train and the carraige moves off together as one body.determine the loss of kinetic energy due to the collision?
  23. Computer Architecture
    home / study / engineering / computer science / computer science questions and answers / 4.7 problems in this exercise assume that the logic blocks used to implement a processor’s ... Question: 4.7 Problems in this exercise assume that the logic blocks used to implement a ...
  24. Electrical Engineering
    By what things the positive pole of dry battery is made??
  25. To Chemistry students
    Our primary chemistry tutor has gone on a trip for about a week and a half. In the meantime, you should make good use of the tutorials here: Once there, you can make an account for yourself if you wish. You don't have to, but you can. This is an ...
  26. Electronic engineering
    Three resistors of resistance 50,30,40 ohms are connected in series across 100V suppliers. (I).Draw circuit (II).Calculate the total resistance. (III).Total current flowing through the circuit. (v). Voltage drop across each resistor.
  27. Engineering Mechanic
    a child throws a tennis ball vertically upwards at 7.7 m/s from ground level. assuming that no resistance force act on the ball, so that it move only under the influence gravity (9.81 m/s-²), what is the maximum heightin the tennis ball reaches
  28. SAT
    Could someone kindly tell me what are the subjects we have sit for at the SAT exam, to enter into a ; 1)physics degree(nuclear,quantum etc.) 2)engineering degree Thank you!
  29. To Bobpursley
    Thank you very much for your response. I'm a bit concerened about my career as mour local universities don't conduct Nuclear Engineering courses.So even if I want to study beyond Bachelor's Level,I woyld have to study abroad,should find Finacial Aid and all.And of course ir ...
  30. SAT
    How much SAT score will be needed to get a scholarship to a good engineering university in the USA? I'm new to these things and hope someone will help,other than Google searching. Thank you!
  31. engineering
    An aircraft flies at an altitude of 30,000 feet. Determine the air temperature (in [K]), air pressure (in [Pa]) and air density (in [kg/m3]) at this altitude, according to the standard atmosphere.
  32. engineering physics
    A hot air ballon is ascending at 12m/s and at 80 m above the ground, a package is dropped over teh sdie. How long does it take the package to hit the ground?
  33. Mechanical Engineering
    The equation for flow in a circular pipe for a special kind of fluid, called a "power-law" fluid is given by v=(delP/2mL)^1/n * (n/n+1)*[R^(n+1/n) - r^(n+1/n)] where m and n are constants of the fluid, and delP/L is the change in pressure per unit length and R is the radius of...
  34. Science (soon if so)
    Over the years technology has gotten a) smaller**** b) heavier c) less complicated d) more expensive What is nanotechnology? a) Nanotechnology is engineering new elements by changing their atoms***** b)Nanotechnology is a way to lengthen radio waves and improve cell phone ...
  35. World History
    Obstacles to Arab-Israeli peace 1. Ongoing violence by Hamas 2. Right of return for Palestinian refugees 3. Status of East Jerusalem Which ANSWERS best complete the chart above? a. access to international trade ports b. radical groups' rejections of Israel’s right to exist...
  36. World History
    Obstacles to Arab-Israeli peace 1. Ongoing violence by Hamas 2. Right of return for Palestinian refugees 3. Status of East Jerusalem Which ANSWERS best complete the chart above? a. access to international trade ports b. radical groups' rejections of Israel’s right to exist...
  37. Engineering Systems
    How the jack exerts a force?
  38. erectlo chemistry
    ADDIS ABABA UNIVERSITY ADDIS ABABA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY SCHOOL OF CHEMICAL AND BIO ENGINEERING Applied Electrochemistry WORKSHEET -1 1. Calculate the standard potential of each of the following cells. State which one(s), if any, will proceed spontaneously as written. a. Sn...
  39. Engineering science
    A boat start sailing on Monday 10:00 at harbour A and sails 600km due north. Later it turns east for a further 420km to reach harbour B on Tuesday at 12:00.a)find total displacement from A-B average. b)speed of the trip.c)average velocity
  40. Probability
    If the probability that the average freshman will not complete a 5 year engineering course is 2/5, what is the probability that 4 freshmen at least 3 will complete the 5 year course.
    construct a right angled triangle MNO ,having hypotenuse ON = 65 mm and the median from the angular point O, making the angle ODN with the hypotenuse = 40 degree.
    construct a right angled triangle MNO ,having hypotenuse ON = 60 mm and the sum of its base and its altitude = 55 mm.
  43. engineering mechanics
    a pabble is dropped from the top of the building on a glass at the ground, the sound of splash is heard after 5 second. if the velocity of sound is 330 m/ sec. find the height of the top of the building
  44. Engineering Science N4
    The diameter of the ram cylinder of a hydraulic press is 200mm. The stroke length of the plunger is 50mm. the effort on the plunger is 5% of the load. Calculate, i) the volume of the liquid needed per stroke if the load has to be lifted 60mm in 30 strokes, if the slip is ...
  45. eec115 electrical and electronic engineering science
    two capacitor having capacitance of 10uf and 5uf are connected in series and this combination is connected in parallel with a 20v supplies this parallel combination calculate the charge on each capacitor .the voltage across the 10uc capacitor.
  46. Environmental Science
    How is genetic engineering similar to traditional plant breeding? A) Both processes are used to produce desirable traits in crop plants. B) Both processes involve only allowing certain individuals to breed in a population to enhance passing of certain traits to future ...
  47. Environmental Science
    Which term is used to describe when genes are transferred from one species of crop plant to another to produce desirable traits such as pest resistance? A) Selective breeding B) Genetic engineering I think the answer is A
  48. Art
    Which of the following shared trait of artists and inventors allows an artist to render accurate images on canvas and an inventor to create a detailed model of a product A. knowledge of mathematics B. hand-eye coordination C. photographic memory******** D. knowledge of ...
  49. calculus
    In electrical engineering, a continuous function like f(t)=sin(t), where t is in seconds, is referred to as an analog signal. To digitize the signal, we sample f(t) every ∆t seconds to form the sequence Sn= f(n∆t). For example, sampling f every 1/10 second produces the ...
  50. Software Engineering
    Create an automatic question paper generator system in JAVA which involves Artificial Intelligence with the following requirements:  The system should generate a test paper automatically based on the difficulty level. For this create a fake data for 25 questions and collect...
  51. Engineering Mechanics of Composite Materials
    A long and thin circuit interconnect of thickness t=0.5mm is to be made from a unidirectional glass/epoxy composite material (E1=60 GPa, E2=10 GPa, V12=0.3 and G12=10 GPa). If the interconnect is subjected to a biaxial normal stress (in the fiber direction and its ...
  52. engineering mathematics
    A car is travelling along the road at 8m/s. It accelerates at 1m/s/s for a distance of 18meters. How fast is it then travelling
  53. engineering mathematics
    Write down 4 equations of horizontal linear motion and quantify them
  54. engineering mathematics
    A car of mass 500kg is travelling along a flat road. its engine provides a forward force of 300N. Air resistance is 200N. What will its acceleration be?
  55. engineering mathematics
    A cyclist of mass 60kg rides a bicycle of mass 20kg. When starting off, the cyclist provides a force of 200N. What is his acceleration?
  56. Engineering Science N4
    A box of books has a mass of 46kg and is being towed by a rope which is oriented at 15 degree to the horizontal at a point where it is tied into a knot. If the pulling force is increased until the box begins to slide, determine the box's initial acceleration if the coefficient...
  57. Engineering
    When we drive our car at 110 feet per​ second, we measure an aerodynamic force​ (called drag) of 61 ​pounds-force that opposes the motion of the car. How much horsepower is required to overcome this​ drag?
  58. EDTECH
    1. Which of the following could be an engineering project that could better protect the planet? -finding a new landfill site -designing a better trash compacter -deciding which product can be recycled*** -growing microbes that eat oil 2. Engineers who are working to find ...
  59. Structures/Engineering
    Design for flexure a simple beam 14 ft in length and having a total uniformly distributed dead load of 13.2 kips and a total uniformly distributed live load of 26.4 kips.
  60. Engineering Physics Opt B
    9. The flywheel shown in Figure 14.8 may be considered to be a steel cylinder (density 7800 kg m−3) of outer radius 40 cm and depth 12 cm, but with the central section (of outer radius 18 cm) missing. a. Use this simplification to estimate its moment of inertia. Ignore the ...
  61. Science
    1. One potential problem with genetic engineering? 2. I can genetic engineering never solve all of mans problems? 3. What are two biblical principles that must be considered when making decisions about human genetic engineering? Very much appreciated!
  62. Engineering
    If (y-2)hole power 3 = (y+2)hole power 3 then find the value of Y. a) -16 b) -4 c) O d) 4
  63. engineering
    b) The crank OA of a mechanism, as shown in the figure, rotates clockwise at 120 r.p.m. The lengths of various links are OA = 100 mm ; AB = 500 m ; AC = 100 mm and CD = 750 mm. Find by instantaneous centre method: 1. Velocity of point C. 2. Velocity of slider D. 3. Angular ...
  64. Engineering science
    A man throw a ball upward with velocity of 30m/s.1.5 seconds he throw anothe wih the same velocity. Identify at what high will te ball pass one another?
  65. Engineering Mathematics-I
    Find the area bounded by y=2x^2 and y^2=4x
  66. Plz check
    1. Blood type in humans is controlled by ____ alleles with an additional Rh factor that determines _________ . one; color two; positive or negative charge three; shape of blood cells four; phenotype 2. If two people are heterozygous for cystic fibrosis, what are the chances ...
  67. Engineering science
    A steel cylinder contains an ideal gas at 27°C. The gauge pressure is 140kPa. If the temperature of the container increases to 79°C, what is the new gauge pressure?
  68. Software Engineering
    When did you start "speech and Auditory interfaces" who made it? What are the programming languages that was used in its design? How are designed? Her examples?
  69. Software Engineering
    When did you start "speech and Auditory interfaces" who made it? What are the programming languages that was used in its design? How are designed? Her examples?
  70. Civil engineering
    Prove varignons theorem , with ex pls
  71. science
    Discuss current or future applications of nanotechnology in fields such as medicine, engineering, space exploration, fuel cell development, air and water purification, and agriculture.
  72. Engineering
    4. A rectangular enclosure is formed by using 800m of fencing. Find the greatest possible area that can be enclosed in this way and the corresponding dimensions of the rectangle.
  73. Science
    1. What type of reproduction results in offspring being identical to the parent? A)sexual reproduction B)genetic engineering C) unicellular D)asexual reproduction 2. Which of the following is an example of sexual reproduction? A)a lizard growing a new tail B)a chicken laying ...
  74. engineering
    During drilling of a deep oil well, the drill pipe got rigidly stuck. It was necessary to determine the depth at which the jamming occurred. The engineer ordered the pipe subjected to a large upwards tensile force, i.e., she pulled on it. As a result, the top of the pipe came ...
  75. English
    Can I use "one" for past tense in writing a technical paper such as engineering lab. Ex. So one can see the rocks form.
  76. Engineering
    If the cost of a .75 x 6.o x 19.0 sheet of ABS plastic is $18.00, what is the cost to make 20 parts? each part has a mass of .437lb.
  77. Engineering
    If the cost of a .75 x 6.0 x 19.0 sheet of ABS plastic is $18.00, what is the cost to make 20 parts?
  78. Engineering/Physics
    When gasoline is burned in the cylinder of an​ engine, it creates a high pressure that pushes on the piston. If the pressure is 150 ​pound-force per square​ inch, and it moves the 3​-inch diameter piston a distance of 6 centimeters in 0.1 ​seconds...
  79. Engineering Linear Equation
    At your initial meeting with your business partners for CellGenTech, you propose that the rate of change in the number of newly introduced cell lines that the company scientists should be able to produce should be proportional to the number of cell lines. The company initially...
  80. spanish
    Many job options for high school graduates in Honduras are in what field? A. agriculture B. english C. engineering* D. technology
  81. Engineering Math
    Assume that the number of fish P(t) after t years grows according to the logistic equation dP/dt= P(a-bP) = bP(300 − P) Find the solution of this DE (with the given initial value at t = 0) as a separable equation. Your solution formula will contain b as an unknown ...
  82. Engineering Math Growth
    I am having trouble figuring out where to start with this one. Biologists stocked a lake with 40 fish and estimated the carrying capacity (the maximal population for the fish of that species in that lake) to be 300. (a) Assume that the number of fish P(t) ...
  83. Engineering Math
    I don't know where to start on this one. A thermometer is taken from an inside room to the outside, where the air temperature is ten degrees Fahrenheit. After one minute the thermometer reads 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and after two minutes it reads twenty-five degrees Fahrenheit...
  84. Engineering Math, Newtons Cooling Method
    Newton's equation for a free falling object with air resistance of mass m kilograms says that its velocity v(t) satisfies the DE mv'(t) = mg - kv(t) where g = 9.8 \frac{m}{s^2} and v(t) is measured in \frac{m}{s}. Suppose that k=2 \frac{kg}{sec} and that a ball of mass m = 1 ...
  85. Engineering Math
    An unknown radioactive element decays into non-radioactive substances. In 120 days the radioactivity of a sample decreases by 59 percent. What is the half life of the element? How long will it take for a sample of 100 mg to decay to 77 mg? The answer is not 93 day, I ...
  86. Engineering/Physics
    The space shuttle fleet was designed with two booster stages. If the first stage provides a thrust of 5.25 ​Mega-newtons and the space shuttle has a mass of 4,530,000 ​pound-mass, what is the acceleration of the spacecraft in miles per hour​ squared?
  87. biology
    Both of the following processes represent what? A. A baker using yeast to make dough rise. B. Inserting human insulin genes into bacteria to make insulin for diabetics. biotechnology transgenic organisms genetic engineering all of the above
  88. engineering
    A cast-iron saucepan of mass 1.4kg is filled with 5L of water at 15°C, placed on an electric hotplate, and bought up to boiling point. What is the cost of the energy used if the electricity costs 10 cents per kWh and the hotplate has an efficiency of 70%.
  89. Engineering science
    A motorcycle accelerates from rest 5m/s until it reaches 72km/h.calculate the distance travelled by the motorcycle?
  90. fire engineering science 300
    Calculate the volume of one mole of gas at STP(Standard Temperature & Pressure). Given: P=101 325 Pa n=1mol R=8,31 J K-1 mol-1 T=273K Given: P1=785mm Hg P2=760mm Hg T1=293 K T2=273 K V1=60cm3
  91. fire engineering science 300
    A mass of a gas has a volume of 60cm3 at a temperature of 20°C and a pressure of 785mm mercury. Calculate the volume of a gas at STP(Standard Temperature & Pressure). Given: P1=785mm Hg.
  92. biology
    which of the following is consistent with the theory of vitalism ? A.all matter contains a vital force** b.the chemistry of life and nonlife are similar c. living things contain a vital force absent in nonliving things d. life must be sustsained through a series of chemical ...
  93. biochemistry
    which of the following is consistent with the theory of vitalism ? A.all matter contains a vital force** b.the chemistry of life and nonlife are similar c. living things contain a vital force absent in nonliving things d. life must be sustsained through a series of chemical ...
  94. engineering mechanics (dynamics)
    A 500 N weight is attached to a stiff rod of negligible weight that is hinged to one end. The rod is released from rest in horizontal position and allowed to swing freely in vertical arc. Through what angle with the horizontal must it swing to cause a tension in it of 1000N?
  95. engineering mechanics
    a 75kg person is standing on a board inclined at 30 angle type the horizontal .what are the magnitudes of gravitational components normal to the board and parallel to the board
  96. engineering dynamics
    Arocket is fired vertically up ward from alaunching pad is flight is tracked by radar frompoint A, determine the velocity of the rocket in terms of distance ,teta, tetadot
  97. engineering science
    a lifting machine is used to lift a load up to a height of 800mm when an effort moves through a distance of 4 m
  98. engineering science
    A horizontal force of 230B is required to pull a trolley 39 m, at a constant speed across a horizontal surface in 40 sec.1 the work done 2. The speed of the trolley. 3. Power required
  99. engineering science
    An aeroplane can fly at 250 km/h in still air.How long will it take it to reach a plane 500 km to south-east if a wind is blowing at 80 km/h from west?
  100. Engineering science
    A ball is thrown upwards and reaches the ground once again after 7sec how can I calc the total distance covered by the ball.
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