1. Biology
    Can you please help me how the factors: cell boundaries, concentration, concentration gradient, equilibrium, permeability affect cellular transport.
  2. biology
    Crude oil is delivered from which of the following materials? A. Marine organisms B. Plants C.Rocks D.Salts
  3. biology
    What are the uses of circle transparent to cell with the uses of bacterial
  4. Science
    Can someone explain grade 9 biology translation and transcription for me? My teacher doesnt explain it well. I cannot understand it at all. Detailed description please and easy to understand.
  5. biology
    I am a bit confused about the relationship between DNA and Amino Acids. Do DNA make Amino Acids? Thanks in advance.
  6. Biology
    Pretty confusing AS Biology question: A scientist carried out an experiment to separate the organelles in an animal cell by mass. The scientist mixed the cells with a buffer solution which had the same water potential as the cells. He then broke the cells open with a blender ...
  7. Biology 9th grade
    12. Complete the following monohybrid cross. Two parents that are heterozygous for brown eyes. Be sure to identify the genotypes of the parents, complete the Punnett square, identify the phenotypes with genotypes and the ratio of the phenotypes. What percent of the offspring ...
  8. biology
    The Excretory System removes excess… W _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T _ _ A _ _ _ _ - _ I _ _ _ _ _ I have water salts but I'm not sure for the last two I believe its waste for one but the other I don't know
  9. biology
    savanna plants are decidous explain in few lines no2 state 3 adaptive features of plants in arid land
  10. biology
    Name the type of viral infection shown in the cycle that includes stages 1->2->3A->4A I'm so lost can someone help?
  11. Biology
    I need help in bio anyone take bio B I’m desperate
  12. Biology
    How big of a band on a gel would you expect to see for the 41-repeat allele?
  13. Biology
    If your mom had alleles containing 18 and 21 repeats and your dad had alleles containing 18 and 24 repeats, what is the change you will be homozygous for the 18 repeat allele?
  14. Biology
    If, on your gel, you saw only one band, how would you describe your genotype?
  15. Biology
    How many repeats do you find in the most common D1S80 allele?
  16. Biology
    Calculate the molality and molarity of 16% aqouos methanol by volume density 0.9g/ml
  17. biology
    What biome has the largest biomass ?? Tropical Rain forest (assuming it is excluding the ocean)
  18. Biology
    Describe the microbial loop and role of viruses simplified. I just dont understand it if anyone could please help or suggest a website?
  19. Biology
    Why can you not use human DNA polymerase when you perform PCR?
  20. Biology
    Why do you think biologists use both the embryological development and the adult body plans to classify an animal? My answer: Biologists use both because there are many different phyla in the adult body plans. The embryological development help differentiate the classification.
  21. Biology
    What biome as the largest biomass? Taiga? Where do migratory birds go to nest ? Which biome?
  22. Biology
    Many different factors can cause low crop yield. Which factor listed is a biotic factor? A) drought *** B) hailstorms C) poor soil quality D) insect infestation
  23. Biology
    How might large animals living in a group deal with a food shortage? A) by reproducing B) by shedding C) by migrating D) by fasting*** Pls help! Thank you! (=
  24. Biology
    How does biodiversity affect ecosystem functioning? How does biodiversity affect ecosystem stability and resilience? I need help with this please I do not understand anything of these questions.
  25. biology
    Describe the correlation between functional groups and the reversible processes of Dehydration Synthesis and Hydrolysis.
  26. Biology
    Natural selection is an example of a mechanism of evolution. Does this mechanism produce a change in individuals or populations? Explain!
  27. Biology
    what is the sister phylum to echinoderms, so based on a quick online search I think its hemichordates, Can anyone confirm (my notes dont say what it is)
  28. Biology
    what is the sister phylum to echinoderms, so based on a quick online search I think its hemichordates, Can anyone confirm (my notes dont say what it is)
  29. Biology (Answer ASAP Please)
    ok i need help with this like ASAP. Please math the following terms to their corresponding cell structure Cytoplasm [ K ] Flagella [ H ] Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum [ ] Cilia [ ] Mitochondria [ ] Golgie Apparatus [ ] Chromosones/Genes [ N ] Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum [ ] ...
  30. Biology
    If living things are composed of cells, this means that they demonstrate ______________. A: Cellular Organization<--(My Answer) B: Organs C: Cellular Organisms
  31. biology
    Some antifungal medications can damage the patient’s own tissues. Why doesn’t this problem occur with antibiotics? Thanks!
  32. Biology
    Name a specific region of a plasmid vector that is helpful in DNA cloning. Is there a specific article that explains the answer? There are no choices to the question.
  33. Biology
    Hypothetical: what if someone were to cut the layer of skin on the eyes of a Spalax mole (blind mole rat) off? Would they not be blind anymore, or would that cause a big disfunction with the mole?
  34. Biology
    How many alleles for a specific gene can any single gamete contain?
  35. Biology
    Which technique or device is used to determine probabilities of allele combinations in offspring?
  36. Biology
    What volume range is a P20 (micropipette) useful for?
  37. Biology
    Which rule of probability is used for mutually exclusive outcomes?
  38. Biology-ASAP Bob Pursley to the resuce?
    a)The blank is the probability of erroneously rejecting the null hypothesis.I said level of significance, is that correct? b)If you P value is 0.05. Does that mean that 95 times out of 100, the null hypothesis will be falsely rejected (I feel like it should be 5)
  39. Biology
    Chordate (not a primate) •Explain how body plan and anomoty enables chordate to perform the essential functions it needs to survive. •Explain how your chosen chorodate fonts into the cladogram of chordate.
  40. Biology
    Why is it important to understand the characteristic of life in a health care setting? Can someone please help me with this!!!??? I'm really confused and I'm not sure how answer this... Can you please just give me a few ideas to get started?? I'm thinking that people working ...
  41. biology
    which biome has a low temperature, low precipitation, and low soil/nutrient content?
  42. Biology: Organisms
    Match the kingdom with the correct classification scheme. [D?]Eukaryotic, multicellular, heterotrophic organisms [B?]Prokaryotic, unicellular, autotrophic &/or heterotrophic, harsh enviroment, no peptidoglycan [A?]Eukaryotic, unicellular or multicellular, heterotrophic [F?]...
  43. Biology
    Class Actinomycota is found in which phylum? It also secretes its own antibiotic. Why?
  44. Biology
    Explain how strep-throat is able to stay in its ideal environment?
  45. Biology 20
    List the substances that the colon absorbs: - vitamins like B and K - water - ions like chloride and sodium Is there anything that I am missing? I am sure these are right but are there more??
  46. Biology 20
    Name 3 substances that the liver stores: 1) glycogen. When there is lots of sugar in the blood, the liver converts it into glycogen which is used for storage. Glycogen formed us determined by insulin which is released from pancreas. I'm not sure of what else the liver stores...
  47. biology
    Explain how the sequences of the newly created daughter DNA sequences compare to the original parent DNA sequence. And why do they look that way?
  48. psychology/biology
    1. The cerebellum and the medulla are also part of the _____. a. occipital lobe b. unconscious brain*** c. hypothalamus d. vertebrae 2. Which part of the brain connects/separates the right and left cerebral hemispheres? a. vertebrae b. Broca's area c. Wernicke's area d. corpus...
  49. Biology
    Question states a made up organism and want me to classify it by kingdom , phylum and genus am i supposed to "make up" the genus since they are not real animals. an animal example is this Butter-roaches: genetic engineering created these butterfly-like creatures from ...
  50. Biology organism classification
    We have "made up" organism's based on real ones like these 2. Chemosynthetic goldfish that convert pollution to food (autotrophs) 3. Aquatic humanoids whose main diet is aqua-wheat and basking sharks. They have fins instead of legs (heterotrophs) 4. Aqua-wheat: one of the few ...
  51. biology
    Which can be accomplished by DNA barcoding? A)determining the sequence of DNA B)identifying species C)bringing extinct species back to life D)tagging genes to make things glow in routine lab experiments A?
  52. Biology
    All the following statements concerning the theory of evolution by natural selection are true EXCEPT: The bodies of organisms in a population change by use and disuse, and the changes are inherited by the next generation. Why is the above the correct answer?
  53. biology
    For photosynthetic organisms to become more common than those that get energy from eating organic molecules, what environmental conditions must have changed? I have no clue!! Thanks!!
  54. Biology
    When a normal female (XX, +/tra) Drosophila is crossed with a normal male (XY, tra/tra), what would be the percentage of males ?
  55. Biology
    If there is crossing over between two gene loci A and C occurs in 20% of the tetrads and between C and B in 10% of an individual of genotype ACB/acb, what would be the percentage of gametes of double cross over types (AcB/aCb) ?
  56. biology
    Read the scenario. Loretta has a sample that contains a mixture of different DNA molecules. She would like to separate them by size to help her determine the length of each molecule. Which technique should she use? A- PCR B- Gel electrophoresis C- DNA Barcoding D- Sanger ...
  57. Biology
    Heterozygous tall and red flowered pea plants were selfed and total 2000 seeds are collected. What is the total number of seeds for both heterozygous traits?
  58. Biology
    Sammy notices that the pea plants growing in his garden have purple flowers. What exactly has Sammy observed about the plants? A-Genotype B-Alleles C-Phenotype D-Genes C?
  59. biology
    Critique two scientific models that explain the origin of life. Thanks!
  60. Biology Calculation
    If you had 1400 flies with 852 having red eyes and 548 having brown eyes, how many flies would be homozygous dominant red eye?
  61. biology
    The DNA bases adenine and guanine have one nitrogen and carbon atom containing ring in their structure. These bases are known as __________.
  62. biology
    Why did Nicholas Copernicus wait to publish his works on his deathbed? His work on the three laws of motion contradicted the Lutheran Church. His work on heliocentric theory went against Catholic doctrine and beliefs. His work included the dissection of cadavers, which was ...
  63. biology
    Which best describes Francis Bacon’s contribution to the Scientific Revolution?
  64. Maths
    In a class of 45 students, 24 do arts, 20 to chemistry and 22 to biology. All the students do at least one of 3 subjects.3 do all the 3 subjects while 7 do art and biology, 6 do art and chemistry but not biology. How many do biology only, chemistry only or art only
  65. Biology 20
    Identify one biochemical that is of particular significance to your animal. Explain why it is significant to your assigned animal and describe it. This chemical could be an enzyme, a toxin, something used in scent marking, or any other biochemical agent and should be made/used...
  66. biology
    The plants are heterozygous at the locus for stem height. T is dominant to t. T confers tall plant height. When you count the progeny, you find that there are 188 tall plants and 62 short plants. Does this approximate the 3:1 phenotypic ratio caused by Mendelian inheritance?
  67. Biology 20 please help
    State 2 molecules that get reduced and 2 that get oxidized during photosynthesis.  ---------------------------------- I know that NADPH and Glucose are in their reduced form.  2 molecules that get reduced. Will it be NADP+ because it is gaining 2 electrons and H+ to form ...
  68. Biology
    What are the applications of Erthyrose-4-phosphate formed in Pentose phosphate pathway?
  69. biology
    Cross 2 heterozygous running, heterozygous black mice A cross between a mouse that is waltzing brown with a mouse that is running brown generates some offspring that waltz. What are the parental genotypes? What Is the offspring phenotype ratio A cross between a mouse that is ...
  70. Biology
    What is the nature of phloem vessel
  71. Science Biology
    Help please reviewing for test and in my notes I have a comment. Animal cell oraganella are larger than plant cell organella is this correct - I have searched everything and cant find an answer.
  72. Statistics
    Which Professor? Suppose Professor Alpha and Professor Omega each teach Introductory Biology. You need to Decide which professor to take the class from and have just completed your introductory statistics course. Records obtained from the past students indicated that students ...
  73. biology
    Cells such as neurons, which rarely if ever divide, can be explained as __________. A) being in the G0 phase of the cell cycle B) unable to activate apoptosis C) being in the G1 phase of the cell cycle D) having no active cell cycle I'm pretty sure it's A
  74. Biology A
    Which is a treatment for cancer? (Select all that apply.) 1) radiation 2)surgery 3) chemotherapy 4)ultraviolet light I know option 3) is an answer, but I can't decide between 1) and 2), I know people CAN operate on cancer, but the cells could explode and spread the cancer, ...
  75. Biology A1
    When particles move out of a cell through facilitated diffusion, the cell __________. A>> first gains and then uses energy B>> does not use energy C>> gains energy D>> uses energy I'm thinking it's A...
  76. biology a1
    What substance diffuses across the membrane in osmosis? A>> glucose B>> ions C>> water D>> amino acids I'm thinking A
  77. biology A
    Complete the analogy below by selecting the correct answer. electron transport chain : _____ production :: Calvin cycle : _____ production A>> ATP; glucose B>> Water; glucose C>> ATP; oxygen D>> Glucose; ATP I'm pretty set on A, but, again, I'm not one ...
  78. biology a
    Read the scenario. A cell contains 90% water and 10% salt. The external solution contains 75% water and 25% salt. Which statement is correct? A>> The external solution is hypotonic, so the cell will shrink B>> The external solution is hupotonic, so the cell will ...
  79. Biology
    Is 3am considered night or day?
  80. Biology
    Describe the various shapes of bacteria HELLPP I NEED ANSWER QUICK ENGLISH BAD
  81. biology
    1. We share certain cells with other animals. In birds, these cells are formed in the bursa of Fabricius. Name these cells. 2. Differentiate between plasma and serum. 3. State the different proportions (in %) that each neutrophil is present in the blood. neutrophil eosinophil ...
  82. Math, Physics, and Science
    What are the Fundamental Laws of Biology? How is it so different to the cultures of science itself? Explain in an equation or in a matter of writing.
  83. Biology
    After a family picnic,Ella dumped the ice and rock salt from ice cream maker in the back yard.that area of yard now contains dead,brown grass. Explain why this happened using word plasmolysis in your explanation.
  84. BIO
    Can someone help with this question? Here are the formula weights for three compounds often used in molecular biology: NaCl, 58.44; Tris base, 121.1; EDTA, 372.2 a) For each of these three compounds, how much solute is required to make 1L of a 1M solution?
  85. Biology
    Could two humans (or two cows) have some differences in their DNA sequences for insulin, yet still make the exact same insulin proteins? Explain.
  86. biology
    am a fruit, remove my first letter i become a crime, remove my first and last latters i become a genre of music, remove my first two letter i become an animal.what am i?
  87. Biology: Genetics test
    14. DNA replication occurs in the _________ of __________ cells. A: Nucleus : Eukaryotic <--*My Answer* B: Nucleus : Prokaryotic C: Nucleus : Plant and Animal cells only D: Cytoplasm : Eukaryotic
  88. Biology
    Using the map of Nigeria draw the local biometic community in nigeria
  89. Science - Biology
    Can someone help me out? What are the differences and similarities between flagella in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells?
  90. Biology
    A hawk needs 2 snakes a week to survive. A snake needs 2 mice a week to survive. A mouse needs 50 berries a week to survive. How many berries are needed a week to support a hawk?
    Explain the how energy is being transferred in the following relationship: Berries -> Squirrel
  92. Biology
    In which carbon pool does extra carbon accumulate? Liter & Waste?
  93. Biology
    If everything above 50% of light energy reflected is visible to the human eye, is red light part of the mixture of colors seen in light reflected by chlorophyll? Explain your answer.
  94. Biology
    Hi can someone please help me with this? What are the major advantages and disadvantages of an arthropod's exoskeleton? For the advantages I have provides framework for support, protects soft body tissue and slows water loss in animals that live on land. but as for the ...
  95. Biology
    OPEN ENDED: In a laboratory a scientist is experimenting with a synthetic enzyme called “hydrolase”. The goal of this enzyme is to bind to intracellular water and speed up hydrolysis RXNs within the cell, so that cells can break apart any polymer at a much faster rate ...
  96. Biology
    One benefit of the Human Genome Project is that it __________. A>significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to identify genetic factors for disease B>provides a way to map all the cells of the body C>increases the amount of work required to identify genetic ...
  97. biology
    can someone from connexus in the 10th grade help me with the biology final exam? I just want to make sure my answers are right.
  98. biology
    1. Which sentence from the section "Line Graphs" BEST introduces when to use a line graph to display information to the reader? A line graph uses dots connected by lines to show how amounts change over time. A dot over each month would represent the highest temperature for ...
  99. Biology
    A heterozygous brown mouse is crossed with a homozygous white mouse. What are the genotypes and phenotypes of the offspring? If these mice had 3 offspring, what is the probability that all 3 would be white?
  100. BIOLOGY
    Wat is Enterobacteria including Fluoroquinolones
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