1. Science
    X-linked dominant Y-linked dominant X-linked recessive Y-linked recessive
  2. Science
    What specific body parts have same functions as organelles?
  3. Science
    A student slides down a slide at recess. After getting off the slide he goes to cross the monkey bars. As he touches the metal of the monkey bars, he gets a shock. How did the electric charge transfer from the slide to his body? a. friction *** b. conduction c. induction d. ...
  4. Physical Science
    Please show each step: If you want to heat 100 kg of water at 20 ° C for your bath, calculate the amount of heat in water. Then demonstrate that this is equivalent to 8360 kilojoules.
  5. Physical Science
    If a step-up transformer has a primary coil with 40 turns, how many turns would be required in the secondary coil in order to increase the voltage from 80 volts to 160 volts?
  6. Java Computer Science
    Say I write an application that prompts the user to enter an integer. If the user enters a double or string or anything, anything not an integer an error will appear. I'm having trouble writing code to combat this problem so I can errorproof my application. I'm thinking I'll ...
  7. Physical Science
    A clothes dryer uses about 2 amps of current from a 240 volt line. How much power does it use?
  8. Physical Science
    A camcorder has a power rating of 16 watts. If the output voltage from its battery is 4 volts, what current does it use?
  9. Science
    If you swung a bucket of water quickly in an upside down circular path, the water would not fall out of the bucket. Which of the following best describes why this happens? a. Due to centripetal force, the water is pushing on the bottom of the bucket.***** b. air resistance ...
  10. Science
    Which of the following is not a force that would act on a skateboard rolling down a ramp? a. gravity*** b. air resistance c. rolling friction d. static friction
  11. Physical Science
    The law of reflection states that if the angle of incidence is 7 degrees, the angle of reflection is ___ degrees.
  12. Science
    the spindle fibers disappear and a new nucleus membrane forms around each set of DNA molecules is it Prophase I?
  13. Science
    When a ball dropped from a height it's speed continuously increased Give reason
  14. Science
    Can't undcramble these words-buuafau
  15. Java Computer Science
    So in math, a restriction can be set. For example 30<x<60. So I'm trying to do this in a Java else if statement. else if (x>30 && x<60) {, will that do the same thing. Because I did that in my program but I'm getting my desired output twice. I'm suspecting this is ...
  16. Science
    Which of these animals is on the Endangered Species List? A. deer B. blue jay C. holstein cow D. Florida panther My answer is D
  17. Science
    Governments don't always enforce the environmental laws because: A. they don't believe in them B. they are too busy C. they don't have enough money to enforce all the laws D. they expect the public to enforce laws My answer is C
  18. Science
    1. __________ is an environmental group that works to create awareness of pollution. A. The IRA B. Greenpeace C. Congress D. The FDA My answer is D
  19. Math, Physics, and Science
    What are the Fundamental Laws of Biology? How is it so different to the cultures of science itself? Explain in an equation or in a matter of writing.
  20. Physical Science
    What is the wavelength of an earthquake wave if it has a speed of 8 km/s and a frequency of 8 Hz?
  21. Science
    A scientist from the United States conducts an experiment using miles per hour to measure speed. Why might this be confusing for scientists in other countries? A) Scientists in other countries don't usually perform experiments involving speed. B) Scientists in other countries ...
  22. Science
    Which of the following is not part of the process of producing electricity from coal? 1. Coal is lifted onto a platform to give it potential energy before burning. 2. Coal must be burned to release heat. 3. Heating water produces steam. 4. Steam runs a turbine that generates ...
  23. Science
    Hi, could someone check my answers? The nucleus of an atom is made of _______. electrons and empty space protons and neutrons** protons and electrons neutrons and electrons Niels Bohr's model of an atom looked like a (n) ___. galaxy solar system** electron charge cloud Am I ...
  24. Science
    The energy in food was originally light energy from the Sun. True or false? I think it is true.
  25. Science
    A student mixed two clear liquids together in a beaker. A gas and a new liquid formed. The gas escaped, so the student was unable to measure its mass. She guessed that its mass was no more than 10.0 [LW1] grams. Her data is shown in the table below. Mass (g) liquid reactant A ...
  26. Science
    The process wherein water vapor molecules come together to form droplets of water or clouds? (It is not condensation, other term please)
  27. Science
    At zero degrees Celcius, can evaporation happened?
  28. Science Help ASAP
    Which chemical equation is balanced to show that mass is conserved during the reaction? A. Na + Cl₂ --> NaCl B. 2H₂ O₂ --> 2H O + O₂ C. CH₄ + O₂ --> CO₂ + 2H₂ O D. AgNO₃ + MgCl₂ --> AgCl +MgNO₃ Please Help!!!
  29. science
    Light waves are traveling through glass. If the wavelength of some part of the light wave is 4 x 10-7 m and the frequency of that light is 5 x 1014 Hz, what is the speed of light through the glass?
  30. Science
    1.Which of the following best describes an atom? A protons and electrons grouped together in a random pattern B protons and electrons grouped together in an alternating pattern C a core of protons and neutrons surrounded by electrons D a core of electrons and neutrons ...
  31. Science 1 Question ASAP
    5. Which of the following reduces global warming A. driving more frequently B. reducing public transportation C. reducing electricity use *** My Answer D. cutting down forests
  32. Science
    Which of these is lesser likely to influence temperature? A: latitude of the area B: population of the area C: proximity to the ocean D: proximity to a mountain
  33. science
    A 63 kg astronaut on a spacewalk when his line breaks. He throws a 10 kg o2 tank away from the ship with a v=12 m/s. This propels him back to the ship. Assume his v1=0; what is his v2?
  34. Science
    Is sustainability achieved in the film Lorax?
  35. science
    How are white and yellow produced by the opponent process?
  36. Science
    How do humans increase the amount of greenhouse gases?
  37. Science
    A student uses a eudiometer tube to collect oxygen gas over water where the temperature is 22 ºC. What is the pressure of the oxygen gas (mm Hg) if the air pressure in the lab is 735 mm Hg?
  38. Science
    Which of the following climate regions often have four seasons? A. polar B. temperate C. dry D. cool
  39. Science
    Which of these is true about water vapor? A. It is water in a gas state. B. It is water in a solid state. C. It is water in a liquid state. D. It is not measurable.
  40. Science
    If an atomic nucleus were the size of a dime how far away might one of its electrons be? A. 1 foot B. 1 inch*** C. 1 yard D. 1 mile My answer (***)
  41. Science
    How to draw spectral curve for an analogous or triadic theme? Using adobe colour cc website Thank you
  42. Science
    if an atomic nucleus were the size of a dime how far away might one of its electrons be? A. 1 foot B. 1 inch*** C. 1 yard D. 1 mile My answer (***)
  43. HELP Science
    1)What do we mean by opponent processing? (2 marks) How are white and yellow produced by the opponent process? (3 marks) 2)Describe how light is produced in the atom (2 marks.) Why does each atom produce only specific colours? (3 marks) 3)How does the temperature of an object ...
  44. Science
    How does DNA determine a trait that determines eye color? 1)DNA codes for proteins that determine eye color. 2)DNA codes for mRSA that determines eye color. 3)DNA interacts with proteins to control eye color. 4) DNA contains pigments which make up eye color. I think # 1 Thanks
  45. science
    What are the differences between aa lava and pahoehoe lava? What are the similarities between these two types of lava?
  46. science
    What athena have, you do too You can use it but a little will do Sometimes I'm up Sometimes I'm down You put green living things in me And when I got shattered You don't really give a damn
  47. Science
    Volume of a gas at 27degree centigrade and 760mm pressure is 200cm cube then find the volume of same gas at -3degree centigrade and 760mm pressure
  48. Science
    Why do meteors start to burn in atmosphere?
  49. Science HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Does an iron or a hair dryer use these energies: Electrical to heat. HELP ASAP!!!!!!!
  50. Science HELP ASAP
    when proteins are being produced by a cell, scientists say that the genes are ____? activated replicated***** turned off deactivated
  51. Science
    What kind of energy does a gasoline powered lawn mower put out? What kind of energy does a whistling tea kettle put put? (These questions are for a portfolio)
  52. Science Help!!!
    if a geologist found two fossils of different species buried next to each other in a rock layer, he or she might hypothosize that the two organismz may have been alive during the same time period? True or False. I think true because he or she mgith think this...?
  53. Science
    What kind of energy does a gasoline powered lawn mower take in? (This is for a portfolio on Connexus) Options that I have: Mechanical, Sound, and electrical.
  54. science
    is the world flat or round?
  55. science
    Electrons that have the highest energy are _____. A. nuclear electrons B. part of the nucleus C. closest to the nucleus D. valence electrons Im not going to say an answer becuse I have no clue what it is and I dont want to get accused of guessing so do you think you could help...
  56. Science
    Which element has 6 energy levels and 7 valence electrons? Astatine (At) Polonium (Po) Seaborgium (Sg) Rhenium (Re)
  57. Science Physics
    Projectile motion problem. The maximum range for a projectile is achieved when the projectile is fired at 45 degrees. This is true if the launch starts and ends at the same altitude. What about if you fire at a target at a lower elevation? Is the optimal angle still 45 degrees...
  58. Science
    In 400min,2.4grams of copper is obtained by Cu2+ solution,find how many Amphere is required for this experiment. Using the same current and time what mass of Cu2+ will be obtained from a Cu(NO3)2.
  59. West and Worlds since 1500
    Which of the following are ways that intellectual, political, social, and religious developments of the seventeenth century were related, especially in regard to the dynamics of the Scientific Revolution? Check all that apply. The English Revolution (1640–1660) saw science ...
  60. Science HELP please!!!
    when an electric current is passed through water during the process of electrolysis, two gases are formed. One gas has a boiling point of -183C degree and the other has a boiling point of -253C degree. Has a physical or chemical change occurred? Explain?
  61. Science Help!!!
    Discuss how to separate iron fillings,salt, sand, and wood chips? Can someone explain to me Please?
  62. Science
    Clouds that form in layers—like sheets or blankets—are called _____ clouds. A.cumulus B.cumulonimbus C.stratus D.cirrus
  63. science
    The light from the Sun heats a metal surface. This is an example of A. conduction. B. radiation. C. convection. D. reflection.
  64. science energy
    A stone held above the ground has potential energy. When the stone is dropped, potential energy is converted to _________ energy. A. kinetic B. thermal C. chemical D. electrical
  65. science
    After reading the article “The Land Blew Away,” reflect back on the accounts of the people who witnessed the Dust Bowl. Write a paragraph in reaction to the survivors’ stories as well as your thoughts on what it might have been like to experience a dust storm. As you ...
  66. science
    Calculate the number of moles in 0,25grammes of sodium carbonate
  67. Science
    How does gravity work?
  68. science
    C=5/9(F-32) The equation above shows how temperature F, measured in degrees Fahrenheit, relates to a temperature C, measured in degrees Celsius. Based on the equation, which of the following must be true? A temperature increase of 1 degree Fahrenheit is equivalent to a ...
  69. Science
    4. 3 elements are listed by atomic number, #19, 20, and 21. Which property do all of these elements have in common? They are all brittle. They all have 4 valence electrons. They are all malleable. ***** They shatter easily.
  70. science
    ADC convert _________________? None of the above Analog to digital Digital to analog Both, Analog to Digital and vice versa
  71. science
    If the first and second order moments of the process do not change with time then the process is weak sense stationary quasi stationary strict sense stationary non stationary
  72. science
    The transfer function of 4 points MA IIR filter is H(z)=14[1−z−41−z−1] H(z)=14[1−z−41−z−4] H(z)=14[1−z−2−z−41−z−1] H(z)=14[1−z−81−z−1]
  73. science
    The signal which is sampled at 500Hz has a power line artifact at 60 Hz. Find the location of zeros in the transfer function of the notch filter to remove the artifact at 60 Hz. 0.512+j0.66 0.512−j0.66 0.7289+j0.6845 0.7289−j0.6845
  74. science
    Synchronized averaging is more suitable for suppressing following type of noise: Shot noise White noise Gaussian noise Zero mean noise
  75. science
    The phase plot of MA filter with symmetric tap weights is linear exponential non-linear quadratic
  76. science
    The location of poles in FIR filter is at z=0 z=∞ z=1 z=−1
  77. science
    PSD of noise and desired signal is required to design Derivative-based filter Butterworth filter Wiener filter Notch filter
  78. science
    Time domain filtering is used in presence of exponential noise gamma noise additive noise multiplicative noise
  79. Science
    Where is a watershed located and why is the watershed, its tributaries, rivers and lakes, similar to a branching pattern of a tree?
  80. Earth Science
    How do increased understanding of the hydrosphere, watersheds and human uses of water support the phrase, "Water is life?'
  81. Science Help!!!
    How does the amount of substance affect the rate at which temperature changes?? Can someone help me explain please?!
  82. Science Quiz 5 questions but on #4
    Which describes the genes on each pair of chromosome? alleles can be different; genes are in the same order alleles must be the same; genes are in different order alleles can be different; genes are in different order alleles must be same; gene are in same order I think its C ...
  83. science need help
    So I have a portfolia for science and we have to make a food web and it has to be about animals native to were we live but I live in broken arrow and I just moved here so I know nothing like that and everytime I try to do the research I can never find anything so do any of you...
  84. Physical science
    Calculate the average velocity of Joe is he was able to travel 40 km south in 2 hours in his car
  85. Science
    Give some examples of artifacts that are used to determine the geological history of the Earth, as well as how its life forms have changed over time. Is the question given and I don't really know any artifacts that are used for the geological history of Earth. Can someone name...
  86. Science
    A solution in a dish contains 3.0 grams of salt dissolved in 100 grams of water. If 50 grams of the water evaporates, the solution is A compound A mixture An element A Solid
  87. I love math science
    Label all the part of speech in the sentence
  88. Science
    Is there anyone that has done the physical science b virtual momentum lab that can help me with it?
  89. Math/Science
    Reaction Time (ms) Cue Colour Green Red Bicolour (red only) 1 680 650 460 2 480 470 310 3 350 300 270 4 300 470 300 5 320 290 610 6 260 290 300 7 290 220 340 8 260 280 230 9 320 250 260 10 440 330 11 270 230 12 270 220 13 250 280 14 250 260 15 250 300 16 230 240 17 260 240 18...
  90. Science
    If I want to do an experiment to find which route to class is faster (route 1 or route 2), what would be my control group and what would be my treatment group in the experiment?
  91. Science
    Which of the following does NOT happen when vinegar and baking soda react? true or False?
  92. Science
    Electrical energy is required to decompose water into hydrogen and oxygen. True or False
  93. science
    How do the secretions from the liver and pancreas interact with each other in the small intestine?
  94. science 6 class
    Explain how could use a spring,a ruler,some standard masses and some graph paper to find the weight of an unknown object.Explain how could use a spring,a ruler,some standard masses and some graph paper to find the weight of an unknown object.
  95. Science
    A frog’s intestine absorbs toxins, such as venom in insects, along with nutrient s. The liver then filters these toxins out. Why is this filtering so important?
  96. Science
    Is it possible to have very little power but use a lot of energy? How?
  97. Science
    Average heartbeat________ when a person is younger or when the activity he is doing is more vigorous. Any idea what word to use to fill in the above blank?
  98. Science
    Make a list of such actions where many forces are applied simultaneously
  99. Science - Biology
    Can someone help me out? What are the differences and similarities between flagella in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells?
  100. science
    What is the climate zone of Minneapolis, Minnesota? (1 point) polar moist mid-latitude with severe winters moist mid-latitude with mild winters humid subtropical
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