1. Science
    A 9.8basketball player runs at a speed of 7m/s A.what is kinetic energy B.how much work was done by player to reach his speed starting from rest
  2. science
    what grow throughout their life but what grow only upto certain age
  3. science
    Which option correctly defines a scientific theory? an explanation for observable facts that is supported by experimental evidence a scientist’s best guess, or assumption, about the cause of a problem a process of carrying out specific, well controlled tests in order to ...
  4. physical science
    what is transferred by a force moving an object through a distance? a. force b. mass c. motion* d. energy please check my answer
  5. physical science-asap
    If you perform 10 joules of work lifting a 10-N box from the floor to a shelf how high is the shelf? a. 1 m b. 2 m c. 10 m d. 100 m
  6. science
    Define inductive reasoning. using general theories or principals to make predictions about more specific situations doubting or not accepting conclusions or ideas until they have been adequately tested and verified answering questions based on what can be perceived by the ...
  7. science
    what are the two most important events in the history of animal life that occurred at the beginning and at the end of the Paleozoic era?
  8. Science
    A body of mass 12kg is acted upon by a constant force on 12N for 6secs. Calculate the kinetic energy gained by the body.
  9. science
    Which option correctly demonstrates scientific thinking in practice? The lava flowing from a volcano must be very hot because it is a liquid. The lava flowing from a volcano must be very hot because the majority of scientists agree that it is very hot. The lava flowing from a ...
  10. science
    Define inductive reasoning. using general theories or principals to make predictions about more specific situations doubting or not accepting conclusions or ideas until they have been adequately tested and verified A? answering questions based on what can be perceived by the ...
  11. Science
    7. The rate at which velocity changes is? A. Acceleration B. Direction C. Speeds D. Velocity 8. Which is the example of velocity? A. A pickup driving 30 km in 20 minutes B. A car slowing down on a sharp curve C. An airplane traveling 450 km/h D. An 18 wheeler driving west at ...
  12. Tutor
    Hi, I am a student a Michigan's connections academy and I need a tutor to help me out with some types of math, science, social studies. And a few others some stuff I don't understand and all of my teachers don't explain very good except for my math teacher. I understand math ...
  13. Science
    "Most of the solar radiation is absorbed by the atmosphere and much of what reaches the earth's surface is radiated back into the atmosphere to become heat energy." What can you conclude about heat energy? Most of the sun's energy is used to make heat energy. A small amount of...
  14. science
    plz check my answers. 1. Which type of eclipse would you expect to see if the moon passes directly between Earth and the sun? 1. a solar eclipse ** 2.a lunar eclipse 3. a total lunar eclipse 4 a penumbra 2. which of the following statements about a lunar eclipse is true? 1. A ...
  15. Science
    What it the answer to this Two nonmetal from group 16 are likely to form what
  16. Science
    Which of the following diseases is not explained by germ theory? a- malaria b-HIV c-cancer d-flu
  17. science
    Please help me with the following questions. 1. As the mantle heats up due t the heat from the core, it begins to rise. Why does this happen? A. Because density is increasing as temperature increases B. Because density is decreasing as temperature increses C. Because mass is ...
  18. Science
    1. How did plantesmals form plants A. They broke into smaller chunks B. They collided and stuck together** C. They cooled and pulled ice together D. They began to rotate 2. Whats the distance used to define the astronomical unit A. The average distance across the sun its ...
  19. Science
    A bullet of mass 10gm is fired from a gun of mass 1kg with a velocity of 100m/s. calculate the ratio of kinetic energy of the bullet and the gun.
  20. Science
    Why is it important for scientists to figure out how much matter is in space?
  21. Science
    How does the mass of the moon and the earth help the moon stay in its orbit around the earth?
  22. Science
    1. What do we call the small wavelength that we can see? 2. How does light travel? 3. What type of lenses are used in a refracting telescope?
  23. Science
    CASE STUDY HYPOTHESES: Circumstantial evidence is adequate or inadequate demonstrate racial profiling. Questions: Anecdotal (circumstantial) evidence may be discounted by some but not others. Anecdotal, circumstantial, evidence that can easily be discounted as an aberration? ...
  24. Science
    Which of the following does not change when a car keeps a constant speed, but changes direction? a.Acceleration b.Velocity c.Momentum d.Mass*** Can someone review my answer and make sure that I'm right?
  25. science
    how does subduction change the ocean floor
  26. Science
    Why does methylated spirit evaporates faster than water
  27. science
    which of the following statements accurately describes the development of the geologic time scale?
  28. science
    Which places the types of clouds in correct order from most thick and puffy, to most thin and wispy?
  29. Science need awnsers
    Studies conducted in England during the industrial revolution have shown that children born to poor families were, on average, shorter than those born to wealthier parents. The most likely explanation for this difference in height is a difference in A) nutrition b) family size...
  30. Science
    What is the major difference between ectotherms and endotherms? 1)whether or not the animal builds nests on land 2)whether or not the animal has ben found on several continents 3) whether or not the animal maintains a constant body temperature 4) whether or not the animal is ...
  31. Science
    Atomic Theory is A. subject to change if new information is discovered*** B. a solution to the problem of differing isotopes. C. unchangeable D. a descriptive table that list all of the elements.
  32. mechanical science
    aminibus of 1500kg moving at velocity of 72km/hr collide with astationary car of mass 900kg determine the common velocity
  33. Mechanical science
    The table planning machine is driven horizontally by hydraulic pressure on a piston contained in a cylinder 80mm in diameter. The on the cutting tool is 5KN,the Mass of the moving part is 1000kgs and coificient friction is 0.05.calculate pressure required in the cylinder....
  34. mechanical science
    aminibus of mass15Kg travelling at avelocity of 72km/hr collides with astationary car of mss900kg.The impact takes to see see before the two moving at aconstant velocity of20m/s.calculate the;common velocity,distance moved after the impact,the force of imulse during ...
  35. Science
    How does visible light be made to give off spectral lines?
  36. Science
    I need some one to help me do my portfolio for reasons for the seasons I have to demonstrate how the angle of the sunlight affects its intensity, and I don't know how to do that.HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
  37. Science
    Do all cells in a person have the same banding pattern?
  38. Science
    What is the relationship between inertia and mass? (Is inertia higher or lower when you have more mass?)
  39. Science Biology
    Help please reviewing for test and in my notes I have a comment. Animal cell oraganella are larger than plant cell organella is this correct - I have searched everything and cant find an answer.
  40. science
    Which option correctly describes the scientific way of thinking? (Select all that apply) rational skeptical practical empirical B,D?
  41. science
    Examine the situation. Lloyd is studying the effect of breakfast cereal on the health of rats. He suspects that the cereal may be unhealthy. He feeds rats various amounts of breakfast cereal over a six-week period. He weighs the rats using a digital lab balance at the ...
  42. science
    Examine the situation. Gregor Mendel wondered how traits were inherited, but the technology to study genes was unknown. By crossing pea plants and observing their traits, he concluded that the traits of living organisms are controlled by structures called genes each gene is ...
  43. Science
    Which is a better insulator of heat, a plastic spoon or a wooden Popsicle stick?
  44. Science
    Pls teach me how to evaluate sin 375° without using calculator
  45. science
    How much work is done in raising a 16.1 kg backpack from the floor to a shelf 1.82 m above the floor?
  46. physical science
    What is the kinetic energy of a 2,710 kg car that is traveling at 66.0 km/h?
  47. science (physics)
    State gauss's theorem draw a graph showing the variation of electric field, as one moves from the centre of charge metal ball to a point on its surface and then to a far off outside point
  48. science (physics)
    What is a Gaussian surface?A point charge of 2.0mueC at the centre of a cubic Gaussian surface 9.0cm on edge.What is the net electric flux through the surface?
  49. science
    Define deductive reasoning. using general theories or principals to make predictions about more specific situations using specific observations in order to come to more general conclusions using specific observations in order to come to specific conclusions using general ...
  50. Science
    How could you use your open circuit to test if a material is a conductor or insulator? I'm thinking that you would have to use the resistance of a light bulb. If you set it all up, and the light bulb did not turn o, you have an insulator, if it did turn on, you have a ...
  51. science
    Which option correctly describes the scientific way of thinking? (Select all that apply) skeptical empirical practical rational A,D?
  52. science
    What is a simplified, constructed version of a more complex system? a replica a model a minisystem a hypothesis B?
  53. Math
    Hello! I need someone o check a couple answers for me please! I really need to get my Math and Science done, so I might be coming back again for my answers to be checked or to have help =) . 1. A car travels 172 miles using 7 gallons of gas. At that rate, how far can the car ...
  54. Science halp
    6.Two cars with different masses travel at the same speed down a hill toward a stop sign. What will happen when both cars apply brakes at the same time to stop? * A. The car with the smaller mass will require less force to stop than the car with the larger mass. B. The car ...
  55. Science halp
    10. Which situation is an example of Newton’s third law of motion? * 1 point A.A ball in a vacuum container moves in a straight line at a constant velocity. B.A ball in a vacuum container accelerates when kicked with a great amount of force. C.A person riding in a forward-...
  56. science
    Which option would guide the thought processes of a scientist? instinct hearsay opinion empirical data D?
  57. Science
    1. If you are driving down the road, how do you know that the car is moving (think about your reference point)?
  58. Science
    If the mass of each ball were the same, but the velocity of ball A were twice as much as ball B, what do you think would happen to the final velocity of each ball after the collision? To answer this question, create a hypothesis in the form of an if-then statement. The “if...
  59. Science
    What is the definition of energy?
  60. ELA
    A Screamingly Good Science Lesson Elizabeth Kibler 1Amusement park rides give us thrills, exhilaration, and delight. If you pay attention, these rides can give you something else—a science lesson. Roller coasters are amazing rides that can twist and veer until you scream; ...
  61. Science
    Meteorologist notice a low pressure Area developing over warm ocean water which type of storm is likely to form
  62. Science
    Identify the process that is necessary for sexual reproduction, explain why it is necessary, and identify how this process increases genetic variation.
  63. Science
    the specific heat capacity of solid copper metal is 0.385 j/g k. Calculate temperature rise of 100g bar of copper when 250J of heat is transferred into it?
  64. Science
    Does the tilt of the earth changes throughout the year True or false
  65. Science
    Show that in a SIGN the phase difference between displacement and velocity is 90°and between displacement and acceleration is 180°
  66. Science
    The diver has the least gravitational potential energy at position A-1 B-2 C-3 D-4
  67. Science
    Which is an example of velocity? A. A pickup driving 30 km in 20 minutes. B. A car slowing down on a sharp curve. C. An airplane traveling 450 km/h. D. An 18 wheeler driving west at 50 km/h.*** I think the answer is D, but please check. Thank you!
  68. science
    A 40W bulb is switched on. It burns out brighter when it was switched on than a short time later.What account for this change in brightness
  69. science
    Two charged particles are 8.5cm apart .They moved and the force on each of them is found to be tripled .How far apart are they now
  70. Computer science C++
    3. After following statements have executed, find the value of the variable a. int a=5; while (a<20) ​a=a+3; 4. After following statements have executed, find the value of the variable a. int a=0; while (a<12) ​a++; 5. After following statements have executed, find ...
  71. Science
    Rate of evaporation depends on blowing of
  72. Science
    1.scientists rely on which of the following to provide critical feedback when revising scientific explanations? A.null hypothesis B.dogma C.opinion D.peer review
  73. Science
    Hi everyone, could somebody just check my answers?Say right and wrong, please do not give me answers, thanks. 1. Seahorses change color and swim together in predetermined ways before mating. These behaviors are called... A) asexual reproduction B) sexual reproduction C) ...
  74. Science
    Moonlight is really reflected sunlight. A. true B. false I think it is false am I correct
  75. science
    t is time to summarize your research by creating a Microsoft® PowerPoint presentation or by writing a Microsoft® Word essay about the four landforms you chose to research and complete the Landform Portfolio assessment.
  76. Science
    How does a geneticist use pedigrees? A. to create genetic crosses. B. To replicate identical strings of DNA C. To prove that sex-linked traits are caused by codominant alleles D. To trace the inheritances of traits in humans
  77. science
    water condenses onto the grass in the early morning when the air is clear because? A the air near the ground is warmer than the ground B the air near the ground cools to its dew point( I think this is the answer) C the relative humidity decreases D the presence of carbon ...
  78. science
    Which of the following techniques are suitable for online, real-time filtering? Synchronized averaging Derivative-based filter Adaptive filter Moving average filter
  79. Science/Astronomy
    Choose a time period from history. Which one of the four solstice/equinoxes would have been the most important to this time period? Why?
  80. science
    How do the Sun, Earth, and Moon depend on each other?
  81. Science
    Why is photosynthesis an example of a chemical reaction, and why is it classified as endothermic?
  82. Chemistry/Science
    What is the proper way to dilute 6M HCl to 1 M HCl?
  83. science
    1) Describe how you would dilute 10mL of concentrated sulfuric acid to 100mL. 2) Describe how you would make 500 mL of 0.1 mol L sulfuric acid form 2 mol L^-1 sulfuric acid.
  84. Science
    Which of the following is an advantage that a farmer would see when using a genetically-engineered crop? 1.introducing chemicals in the environment 2.increasing an animal’s resistance to antibiotics 3.increasing the amount of crop harvested 4.reducing the resistance of a ...
  85. Science
    Leroy, who has a mass of 100 kg, is skateboarding at 9.0 m/s when he smacks into a brick wall and comes to a dead stop in 0.2 s.
  86. science
    How do I prepare 3% H2SO4 from concentrated sulphuric acid (98% with density 1.84g/ml)?
  87. science
    he Bowen ratio describes how available heat at the Earth's surface is partitioned between latent heating (changes in phase of water) and sensible heating (conduction and convection). An increase in the Bowen ratio of agricultural land is the consequence of a(n) [(increased) or...
  88. Science
    How many calories of heat energy are required to melt 20 grams of ice at 0 °C? Answer: _____ calories How many calories of heat are required to evaporate 20 grams of liquid water at 0 °C? Answer: _____ calories
  89. Science
    What makes “real-life” empirical research different from this ideal model
  90. Science
    So I’m awful at summarizing and I came up with the really long answer and I know I need it shorter because it’s definitely not gonna fit on two lines. Please help! Large amounts of heat or transferred to earths mantle from earths core and the mantle itself. Heat and ...
  91. Science
    A Statement : A boy pushes a shopping trolley (weight due 2 gravity of 150N) with a constant force of 75N . A constant frictional force of 20N is present 1, Draw a laballed force diagram n a free body diagram of all the forces acting on the trolley. .....2, Determine the ...
  92. Science
    How is constructivism different from the scientific approach to research
  93. Science
    Geologist believe that The crystals inside a geode probably form when... A: Lava suddenly cools on earth’s surface B: Minerals dissolved in a solution evaporate C: Minerals dissolved in a solution crystallize D: magma cools slowly inside Earth Ok so I’m Almost positive ...
  94. Science
    What are the criticisms of empirical research?
  95. Science
    What are the important steps in empirical research?
  96. Science
    What is continental drift?
  97. Science
    Egg-laying land animals have evolved to produce eggs with tough shells to ensure that 1 external fertilization can take place. 2 the egg and sperm can fuse 3 parental care is unnecessary*** 4 the developing embryo does no dry out
  98. science
    What is mutation? 1.A mutation is a permanent change in the order of bases in the DNA. 2. A mutation is a permanent change in the way the cell carries out mitosis I think #1 Thanks
  99. Science
    sample of alumium has a mass 6.3g.calculate the number of mole of alumium present and the number of atom of alumium in the sample(AL=27
  100. Science
    Earthquakes and Seismic Waves •If the statement is true right true if the statement is false change the underlined word or words(I’ll put them in parentheses) to make this statement true.• 1.______The shaking and trembling that results for movement of (rock) beneath ...
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