1. Physical Science
    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ Fill in the Blank 9. Materials can be classified as solids, liquids, or gases based on whether their shapes and _______________ are definite or variable. (1 point) My Answer: volumes Can someone please check my answer? Thanks...
  2. Science
    How would you experiment to find out how much this plant type needs for optimal growth? I am not sure how to answer this question.
  3. Science
    I need 2 types of systems for an essay questions (not answers please)
  4. Products of science: Technology
    Plz help me Products of science: Technology 1. What is the goal of technology? A) to understand the natural world B) to improve how devices operate C) to improve how people live D) to understand how systems operate 2. What is a factor that limits a technological design? A) a ...
  5. science
    Which of the following statements the aim of the person who threw darts shown the picture? A The person's aim was both precise and accurate B The person's aim was precise,but it was not accurate. C The person's aim was accurate,but it was not precise. D The person's aim was ...
  6. Science helpppp
    1. Students planted three bean seeds. After several days, they observed that the seeds’ roots were growing downward into the soil. Which type of tropism were the roots displaying? (1 point) A) geotropism **** B) thigmotropism C) phototropism D) photoperiodism 2. Which of the...
  7. Science
    What original colors are a plant cell????? I looked it up and it said different colors for each part like the cell wall, and the other parts
  8. Physical science
    In a recipe for lemonade it gives the ingredients as 1 cup of water,1.5 tablespoons lemon juice, plus sugar and salt.Not taking into account the sugar and salt, what is the concentration of lemon juice in the mixture as a percentage by volume? 16 tablespoons = 1 cup. Please ...
  9. Physical Science
    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 4. Water is a compound because it (1 point) a) can be broken down into simpler substances. b) always has two hydrogen atoms for each oxygen atom. c) is made of water atoms joined together. d) both the first and second choices ...
  10. Physical Science
    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 2. Milk is an example of a (1 point) a) solution. b) homogenous mixture. c) colloid. d) compound. My Answer: C Could someone please check if I'm right? Thanks! - Da Fash
  11. computer science
    what is the value of the variable? double dNum= 6.23 A. 6 B. 6.0 C. 6.23 D. 0.0 E. error: possible loss of precision
  12. computer science
    what is the value of the variable int iNum= 2.02 A. 2 B. 2.0 C. 2.02 D. 0.0 E. error:possble loss of precision please help and explain
  13. science
    a framed picture of weight 15N is to be hung on a wall using a price of string . the end of the string are tied to two points ,0.60m apart on the same horizontal level ,on the back of the picture .Find the tension in the string if the string is (a) 1.0 m long (b)0.66m long
  14. Physical Science
    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 10. How many significant figures should the product 62.25 * 37.4 have? a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 7 My Answer: B Could someone please check my answer? Thanks! - Da Fash
  15. Physical Science
    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ Fill in the Blank 14. In an experiment, if doubling the manipulated variable results in a doubling of the responding variable, the relationship between the variables is a(n) _________________________. (1 point) My Answer: direct...
  16. computer science
    what is the value of the variable? double dNum= 6.23 A. 6 B. 6.0 C. 6.23 D. 0.0 E. error: possible loss of precision
  17. Science
    I am doing an acrostic on eukaryotic, I can find anything for A and T. Please help me
  18. science
    I need an acrostic on the word eukaryotic
  19. computer science
    what is the value of the valuable double dNum=5 A. 5 B. 5.0 C. 0 D. 0.0 E. error: possible loss of precision please help and explain
  20. Last science questions I promise please help me
    Which of the following organelles coverts light energy into food? lysosome chloroplast*** nucleus ribosome Which of the following shows the correct order of cell organization starting from the least complex Tissue, Organ System, Cell, Organ Organ System, Organ, Tissue, Cell ...
  21. Science really need help
    Which of the following distinguishes living things from nonliving things? Living things are made up of cells; nonliving things are not*** Living things are made up atoms; nonliving things are not Living things are made up elements; nonliving things are not Living things are ...
  22. science helpppppp again!!
    the cell theory was developed by Robert hooke*** developed before microscopes were invented developed only after electron microscopes became widely used developed by many scientists over the years Most Bacteria are unicellular eukaryotes unicellular prokaryotes**** ...
  23. Science Please helpppp me!!
    (1) in order for an organism to develop specialized tissues the organism must be which of the following A) A Plant B) An Animal C) Unicellular D) Multicellular*** (2) Which foods are lipids found in, and what is their function in the body? A) lipids are found in sugars and ...
  24. Marine Science (Check my answers?)
    3. What feeding strategy and adaptation would an organism that lived in the abyssopelagic zone most likely use in order to survive, and why? A. Scavenge dead matter on the ocean floor because it is difficult to find prey in the darkness. B. Use bioluminescence to scare away ...
  25. Science
    What is the goal of technology to understand the natural world to improve how devices operate to improve how people live THIS ONE to understand how systems operate What is a factor that limits a technological design a prototype a trade-off a constraint THIS ONE a patent After ...
  26. Science
    Why the weight of an object varies from planet to planet
  27. physical science
    two cars are headed straight for each other, each at a constant speed of 40mph. A. do the two cars have the same speed? b. do the two cars have the same velocity? c. what is the acceleration of each car while moving at a constant speed
  28. science
    what is the metric SI unit used for measuring lengths
  29. Science
    water is flowing through a horizontal pipe of varying cross section at any two places the diameters of the tube are 4cm and 2cm if the pressure difference between these
  30. Science
    A controlled experiment is designed to test a ___.
  31. Science
    Say you had a pond that initial had 30 fish. There was 3 fisherman collecting at least 2 fish to feed their family, They fish for 3 seasons ? At the end of the day you would double the fish whatever you had left. $5 a fish What happened to amount of food and money each person ...
  32. science
    how can you differentiate a peptide bond and covalent bond and wher will you find the covalent bond ?
  33. Science
    What are two examples of a physical system designed by peaple
  34. science
    Which one of the following is a chemical change?
  35. Computer science
    Create an algorithm and flow chart for adding 37 and 64.
  36. science {chemistry)
    30ml of 0.1M of sodium hydroxide is added to 100Ml of 0.1M of acetic acid, then what is the pH of the buffer solution, where (Ka =1.85 ×10*-10 for acetic acid.)
  37. Science
    five types of microscopes in order from lowest resolution to highest
  38. Science helppp
    Oxygen moving from the bloodstream into a cell down a concentration gradient is a form of A: osmosis B: endocytosis C: Active transport D: passive transport Is the answer D? •
  39. science
    How does earth science overlap with life science?
  40. science(chemistry) @
    Some of 0.2M of acetic acid are mixed wit 50ml of 0.2 sodium acetate solution, what will be the pH of the mixture?? (Ka=1.85 ×10*-10 for acetic acid).
  41. help with my science test 7th grade connection
    True or false Scientific inquiry incorporated many scientific methods.
  42. help with my science test 7th grade connection
    Which of the following is an example of a model. A.the solar system B.a globe C.a planet D.a padlock
  43. help with my science test 7th grade connection
    11. Several studies link cigarette smoke to health problems have resulted in the banning of smoking in many public places.this is an example of A.ways scientific theories become scientific laws. B.ways a scientists communicate results C.ways science influences society. D.ways ...
  44. mathematics(pure), life science, business,tourism
    Hi i need help with career choice. I am currrently Grade 9. I choice the subjects Life Science, Buisness,Tourism and Mathematics(pure) Where can this lead me into? And what College/university can i study at? Please help if any potions available. Thnx
  45. help with my science test 7th grade connection
    10. Creating a prototype and troubleshooting are steps in the development of? A.a new scientific theory B.a new experiment C.a new scientific law D.a new technology
  46. help with my science test 7th grade connection
    4.How is a scientific theory different from a hypothesis A.A theory is an explanation of a single phenomenon ;a hypothesis is a question that can be tested B.A theory is a well tested explanation ; a hypothesis is a possible answer that needs to be tested C.A theory and a ...
  47. Science
    What is the goal of technology A.to understand the natural world B.to improve how devices operate C.to improve how people live D.to understand how systems operate My answer A
  48. Science
    What is a factor that limits a technological design? A. a prototype B.a trade-off C.a constraint D.a patent
  49. Science
    What is the goal of technology A.to understand the natural world B.to improve how devices operate C.to improve how people live D.to understand how systems operate My answer A
  50. Science
    Which of the following is not needed to make a model of the water cycle? A. An energy source B. Water C. A closed container D. A drain D is correct
  51. Science
    Should existing structures build from CCA-treated wood be removed? Which argument did you find most convincing?
  52. Science
    Which organelle of a prokaryotic cell contain genetic information? a. cell membrane b. ribosomes c. nucleus d. nucleoid I think it is a.
  53. Science
    why do living things need food water and the ability to get rid of waste
  54. Check answers
    Environmental science Explain why the energy pyramind levels change in size? There is not enough energy to support the organisms that are higher up in the energy pyramid because too much energy gets lost. What is the ultimate source of energy for most food webs ? The sun ...
  55. Environmental science
    Why does the energy pyramid levels change in size ? What would happen to a food web if one of the primary consumers was removed from the system ?
  56. Science (Biology)
    The disease bullous pemphigoid results in the destruction of proteins within the basement membrane that hold the epidermis and dermis together. How would this likely affect the epidermis?
  57. Biology
    Which of the following best describes the relationship between science and society? A. Science influences society but society does not influence science.** B. Society influences science but science does not influence society. C. Science influences society and society ...
  58. science
    An empty truck wieght 4000N.its engine can produce a maximum acceleration 1m/s square .if truck is loaded with 2000N,find the maximum acceleration the engine can produce.i want watch video of this question.physic
  59. Science
    Which of the following is a pure substance? Choose all that apply. Choose 2. A)Fruit juice? B)nickel? C)saltwater? D)rust? (Fe2O3) I think it is A and C
  60. science
    The coefficient of static friction between 3.00 kg crate and the 35.0 incline is 0.300.what minimum force F must be applied to the crate perpendicular to the incline to prevent the crate from sliding down the incline
  61. math/science
    1. what type of failure occurs when we cut paper with scissors? 2. what type of failure occurs when you spread butter on toast? strength, stiffness, or stability
  62. Science
    How does salmon increase the chances of the survival of it species? a.lays a thousand eggs b.splits into two c.nurtures it young d.lays one egg I think it is a.
  63. Science
    In order to reproduce, flowering plants must do what? A. split into two cells B. release seeds C. regenerate D. mate I think the answer is b.
  64. Science
    How can the body of an animal stay healthy? a.fighting disease b.making food c.getting enough sunlight d. reproducing I think it is c.
  65. Science
    2. what is a factor that limits a technological design?
  66. Science/Math
    7. A student measures the mass of a paper clip. The student’s data table is shown below. The accepted value for the paper clip’s mass is 1.14 g. Trial # Mass 1 2.45 g 2 2.40 g 3 2.42 g Which of the following best describes the student’s measurements? (1 point) • The ...
  67. Science
    1. Which statement best describes the relationship between science and technology? >>A. The goal of science is to gain an understanding of the natural world, while the goal of technology is to use that understanding to improve people's lives.<< B. The goal of ...
  68. Science/Math
    6. A student measures a rectangular room to be 20.0 m × 17.16 m. Which of the numbers below represents the room’s area with the correct number of significant figures? (1 point) • 340 m2 • 343 m2 • 343.2 m2*** • 343.20 m2 Am I Correct?
  69. Science, Example PLZ?
    Using an example, explain how being able to understand scientific principles and think scientifically can help you solve problems and answer questions in your everyday life. Have Any Example? I Sure Dont Have Any... Can You Give Me An Example Or Two Since Im TOTALLY CLUELESS ...
  70. science
    c6h12o6(aq)+6o2(g)->6co2(g)+6h2o(l) ∆h=-2820kj c2h5oh(aq)+3o2(g)->2co2(g)+3h2o(l) ∆h=-1380kj hitunglah reaksi c6h12o6(aq)->2c2h5oh(aq)+2co2(g)
  71. Science
    Alice and Marge are studying the properties of matter. The girls cut some silver-colored magnesium sheets into 3-inch long strips and then put one strip each into test tubes: one containing water and one containing acid. Nothing happened when they added the magnesium to the ...
  72. science
    connexus academy make a project about Mitosis and Meiosis
  73. science
    What step of the scientific method dose it involve clinical trails?
  74. Science
    If the buoyancy exerted by water on the stone is 2N.What is the weight of the stone on dipping it in saline water?
  75. science
    if a scale of the solar system was built where 1mm equaled 1 mile, could the model be practically built in a city? yes or no I suppose the answer would be no because that is a really small diameter is 742 billion mm I just wanted to check with someone because this seems like a...
  76. Language Arts
    1. Which of the following would most likely appear in a feature article, but not in a news article, about Hurricane Katrina? (1 point) A) a map showing meteorological data about the storm, such as total rainfall and top wind speeds B) a sidebar containing a brief interview ...
  77. Science
    if an atom has 17 electrons and its mass number is 35, calculate the following: number of protons, atomic number, and number of neutrons. i think there would be: an atomic number of 17, there would be 17 protons, and there would be 18 neutrons. am i correct???
  78. science
    A ball of mass 1 kg dropped from 9.8m height , strikes the ground and rebounds to a height of 4.9m .If the time of contact between ball and ground is 0.1s,then find impulse and average force acting on ball.
  79. Mathematics
    Raymond took a survey of classmates to determine the favorite subject of the students in his middle school the results of his survey are shown in the table english=9 math=17 science 13 social studies=11 There are 300 students in Raymond's middle school based on his results ...
  80. 5th grade science
    If you used a peach as a model of an animal cell, what would the fruit represent and why? It would represent the cytoplasm because it would contain the "insides" of the peach.
  81. science
    the best explanation of why the Moon appears to change shape throughout the month is •from Earth's perspective, we see varying amounts of the illuminated part of the Moon. • the Moon is revolving around the Earth** • from a bird's eye view, the Moon is always 1/2 lit...
  82. science
    how is scientific method applied in healthcare
  83. Science
    What bachelors of science,masters degree and ph.d to become archaeologists
  84. Math
    Diegos class planning a field tripfor 25 students.They will go to aquarioum and then to science museum. Each ticket for science cost $2 more than each ticket to aquarium. Lunch for each student is $5 additional. Write and expression for total cost of trio.Describle the meaning...
  85. environmental science
    Suppose a trout eats a smelt and then the human eats the trout. About how many of the original 1000 calories contained in the algae reach the human? 30 calories makes it into the smelt so only about 6 calories make it to the humans who ate the smelt.
  86. science
    the weights and scales in the market are checked by Department of standard weights and measures in Nepal once in every two years, why?
  87. Science
    The spring constant for the spring is 20 N / M. Calculate the work done in stretching the spring until the extension of the spring is 0.050m.
  88. Science
    Is the vector quantity
  89. science
    the variation in seasonal temperatures and amount of daylight • decreases as latitude increases • changes most at the equator • stays the same at the North and South Poles • increases as latitude increases
  90. Science
    Convert this binary into English. 01001000 01100101 01111001 00101100 00100000 01100111 01101111 00100000 01100110 01110101 01100011 01101011 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 01110010 01110011 01100101 01101100 01100110 00101110
  91. science
    Which of the following is not a benefit of scientific literacy? A. being able to make personal decisions B. being able to evaluate scientific information C. being able to rely on opinions about science related issues D. being able to take part in science related initiatives
  92. Science please help I've been on this for hours
    The human heart is an organ that is made up of cells. Not all of the cells that make up the heart are identical, however. What name is given to a group of similar cells that perform a special function and together make up an organ? A) embryo B) organelle C) system D) tissue 38...
  93. Science please help I've been on this for hours
    Inherited traits are passed down from our parents to us, their offspring, by the information that is coded in our parents' A) RNA. B) antibodies. C) chromosomes. D) plasma. Your gender, whether you are male or female, is determined by the A) X or Y chromosomes, inherited from ...
  94. physics science
    a ball thrown vertically upward lands on the thrower's hand 24.5s. find (a) the time taken by the ball to reach its maximum height,(b) the maximum height attained by the ball, and (c) initial velocity of the ball
  95. Science
    if you are given a graduated cylinder that has 56ml of water in it and you drop a rock into the cylinder, the water level rises to 62ml. explain how you find the density
    The organization of a cell could be compared to a small city. All of the organelles inside of the cell have a specific purpose that helps the cell to function properly. Which BEST represents the function of the cell wall? A) Policeman B) Sanitation worker C) Grocerystore clerk...
  97. Science
    1. An atom that loses or gains electrons is called a(n)____. isotope proton neutron ion*** 2.Which subatomic particles are most involved in chemical bonding? protons electrons*** neutrons isotopes 3.The main types of chemical bonds are___. ionic, covalent, and metallic*** ...
  98. science
    what volume of 0.115 M HClO4 solution is needed to neutralize 50.00 ml of o.o875 M NaOH?
  99. Physical Science
    1. boyle's law states that the volume of a gas is inversely proportional to its pressure if the? A) temperature and number of particles are consistent** B) temperature reaches absolute zero C) number of particles are doubled D) temperature and number of particles are doubled 2...
  100. Science
    3. Kamir and Alexis are studying the properties of water. They conducted a variety of experiments to determine its physical and chemical properties. Of the tests the students conducted, which one illustrates a chemical property of water? a. Salt dissolves in water b. Oil and ...
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