1. science
    The magnitude of the force that a baseball bat exerts on a ball is 50. newtons. What is the magnitude of the force that the ball exerts on the bat? a 250 N b 5.0 N c 50. N d 10. N
  2. science
    how do we make Static Change?
  3. Science
    An open tank holds water 1.25m deep. If a small hole of cross section area 3cm^2 is made at the bottom of the tank, calculate the mass of water per second initially flowing out of the hole. (g=10m/s^2, density of water= 1000kg/m^3)
  4. Science
    What is the relationship between HIV and AIDS?
  5. Science
    What is the puckered opening between the legs of a frog called?
  6. math
    The science club sold 35 T-shirts last week and 28 T-shirts this week. What is the percentage of decrease in the number of T-shirts sold?
  7. Science 7 A Unit 4
    Think about how the amount of energy changes as you move stepwise from producers to primary consumers to tertiary consumers in a food chain. Which shape could you use to model the quantities of energy at all of these types? Circle Square Triangle Line
  8. science
    When a space shuttle was launched, the astronauts on board experienced an acceleration of 19.0 m/s2. If one of the astronauts had a mass of 60.0 kg, what net force in newton’s did the astronaut experience? Be sure to include your units.
  9. Science
    Which of the following best describes the velocity of an object? 5 m east 28 m/s 5m/s2 35 m/s east****
  10. Science
    What is “formal science” and how does it relate to natural and social sciences? How does each type of science play a role in environmental sustainability? How does ethical responsibility plan a role in environmental sustainability?
  11. Science
    What is the difference between speed and average speed?
  12. Science
    Will squids ink stain our skin?
  13. Science Help
    Whats an illness caused by a protist? I have to research it.
  15. Data Communication (Computer Science)
    A noisy channel which has a bandwidth of 400KHz and theoretical channel capacity of 4.01Mbps. According to Shannon Capacity formula: a. Calculate the Signal Power received at the receiver end if the Noise Power is .001 Watt. b. Calculate the signal to noise ratio of the ...
  16. science
    How many protons are in the isotope Oxygen-20?
  17. physical science
    Please check my answers on this physical science quiz, thanks 1. in which of the following scenarios are action and reaction forces involved? a. when a tennis racket hits a ball b. when you step from a curb c. when you row a boat d. all of the above** 2. the product of an ...
  18. Science
    My first in van but not in pan
  19. Science
    Explain the reaction (iron sulpide) using the Big Idea of Energy?
  20. Science Question PLEASE ANSWER QUICK! :D
    27. What is the function of the astmosphere's ozone layer? A. shields Earth from harmful solar radiation B. provides the oxygen needed by human life C. protects Earth from sun's heat*** D. removes pollution from the atmosphere *** = What I think is the answer Thank you for ...
  21. Science
    A block of wood has a mass of 120 g and volume of 200 cm3. What is the density of the wood?
  22. science
    I need help to find important facts about the element Americium.
    ANY ONE HAVE THE ANSWERS PLEAZZZZ Mosquitoes, Be Gone! What scientific claim did the young scientists make regarding mosquitoes? * 6 points A. The young scientists claimed that mosquitoes are easily repelled using DEET and over the counter products. B. The young scientists ...
  24. Science
    An object with a mass of 4.5 kg is accelerating at a rate of 2m/s². What is the effect of doubling the force (on the same object) on the rate of acceleration? The acceleration will not be effected. The acceleration will be half of what it currently is. The acceleration will ...
  25. Science
    Diana is moving into a new apartment. She wants to get a heavy chair up to her second-floor apartment, but it will only fit through the window. Diana could strap the chair to her back and climb a ladder straight up to her window. Or Diane could use a simple machine, by sliding...
  26. Science
    Margarito's class is running sprints. Each student has to run to a wall 100 yards away, slap it, then run back to the starting line. It takes Margarito 53 seconds to run from the starting line to the wall and back again. What was Margarito's average speed? A.3.8 yd/s B.1.9 yd/...
  27. Science
    In which place u can able to see the object in the sky
  28. Social science
    What event led to the first shots being fired at the battles of Lexington and concord
  29. Social science
    How did the stamp act contribute to the Boston massacre
    SOME ONE PLEAS HELPPPP MEEE The breaking down or disintegration of substances such as rocks and minerals by physical, chemical, or biological processes is called- * 1 point A Erosion C Climate D Deposition 2. When particles carried by water, ice, or wind are dropped in ...
  31. physical science
    objects in free fall near the surface of earth experience a. constant speed b. constant velocity c. constant acceleration d. constant distance
  32. Science
    Bacteria, such as E coli are simple, single-celled (unicellular) organisms. Elodea, also known as water weed, is a plant that is commonly used in aquariums. Which of the following is a main difference in cell structure between an E coli and an Elodea cell? A.An Elodea cell ...
  33. science
    Using various telescopes, astronomers discovered a giant star that is 100 times larger than the Sun, and is very hot. It is blue-white in color. Why does the Sun appear brighter than this larger star when viewed from Earth? - The Sun is older than the larger star -The Sun is ...
  34. science
    Using various telescopes, astronomers discovered a giant star that is 100 times larger than the Sun, and is very hot. It is blue-white in color. Why does the Sun appear brighter than this larger star when viewed from Earth? - The Sun is older than the larger star -The Sun is ...
  35. MC science history
    Which of the following is not considered part of the "golden age" of microbiology? A.First artificial vaccine is developed B.Gram stain is devised C, Viruses are defined D.all of the above Who determined Archaea are the third domain of life? A.Carl Woese B.Winogradsky C.Kary ...
  36. Science
    The distance in degrees east or west of the prime meridian is called? A. Latitude **** B. Axis C. Equator **** D. Longitude
  37. Science
    what steps could be taken to control emissions levels?
  38. science
    How many grams of CO are needed with an excess of Fe2O3 to produce 35.0 g Fe? I just don't get how to set up so I could do the work
  39. Science
    Bacteria, such as E coli are simple, single-celled (unicellular) organisms. Elodea, also known as water weed, is a plant that is commonly used in aquariums. Which of the following is a main difference in cell structure between an E coli and an Elodea cell? A.An Elodea cell ...
  40. phys science
    1. speed is the ratio of the distance an object moves to a. the amount of time needed to travel the distance** b. the direction the object moves c. the displacement of an object d. the motion of the object 2. a car traveled 60 km in 2 hours, 84 km in the next 1 hour, and then ...
  41. Science
    How many grams of potassium chloride should be added to 1.5kg of water to lower it's freezing point to -7.5°c kf for water =1.86°ckg mol-1
  42. Science
    Girls will like that boys will use that parents will hate that -m-a-i-
  43. science,
    How many grams of CO are needed with an excess of Fe2O3 to produce 35.0 g Fe Solid sodium metal reacts violently with water, producing heat, hydrogen gas, and sodium hydroxide. How many molecules of of hydrogen are formed when 35 g of sodium are added to water?
  44. Science
    Suppose that instead of a pure tone coming from a tuning fork, the sound was a mixture of many different frequencies. Would all the sounds be magnified equally by resonance in the tube? Why?
  45. science
    with the exception of some green algae, all plants are that contain many cells
  46. moral science
    unscramble ineisfsirdne
  47. science: plz help Mrs. Sue
    Which of the following is a behavioral adaptation of a spider? a. poisonus venom b. web spinning c. eight legs d. body color My answer is a. plz check.
  48. science
    An object 2cm high is placed 20cm in the front of convex mirror of focal length of 10cm.So,that it is perpendicular to the principal axis.Find the poition and the size of the image.
  49. Science
    How is the equator similar to the prime meridian?
  50. Science
    Which element is most stable? Chlorine Helium*** Silver Oxygen
  51. Science
    What is the effect of hunting in the gender of species?
  52. Science
    Which terrestrial planet has an atmosphere similar to Earth's? Mars* Venus None of the above
  53. science
    A solution of ethanol water is prepared by dissolving 10ml ofethanol density 0.789g/mol in a 100ml of a solution with density 0.982g/mol.what is the cerntration of ethanol in the solution expressed in mass percent?;mass/volume percent?
  54. science
    HELP PLEASE I'VE BEEN STUCK ON THIS FOR TWO DAYS IDK WHY! |explain how plantlike protists are classified into groups.
  55. science
    Continental crust is ____ and _____ than oceanic crust. A) older, thicker B) older, thinner C) younger, thicker Eliminate D) younger, thinner
  56. Science
    Describe how changes in an ecosystem can affect organisms that live there
  57. Science please help
    List and briefly outline the six different periods into which the Paleozoic era is divided. The six periods: 1:Cambrian, which was 545 million years ago. 2:Ordovician, which was 490 million years ago. 3:Silurian, which was 445 million years ago. 4:Devonian, which was 415 ...
  58. Science
    Describe the two most important events in the history of animal life that occurred at the beginning and at the end of the Paleozoic era. List and briefly outline the six different periods into which the Paleozoic era is divided. Answer: In the beginning of the Palezoic era, ...
  59. Science
    I have looked and I can not find the definition for acquired traits I'm looking for the def. part of speech & synonym Please help. Zack
  60. Environmental Science
    Has anyone read Life Everlasting: The Animal Way of Death by Bernd Heinrich? If so, can you tell me at least two claims made in the book, with in text examples if possible. Thanks so much!
  61. Science
    You need to separate a mixture of iron filings, sand, and salt. Which of the three would be easiest to separate first and what method would be best? A) The salt would be easiest to separate, and using a magnet would be the best method. B) The iron filings would be easiest to ...
  62. Science
    calculate the mass of NaOH required to make 500ml of 0.5Molar aqueous solution
  63. 11-science
    A car travelling at a speed of30km/h is bought to rest in a distance of 8m by applying brakes. If the same car is moving at a speed of 60km/h the in it can be brought to rest with same brakes in???
  64. science
    an elephant of mass 50kg stands with all four feet on the ground. each foot has an area of 0.2m^2calculate the pressure exerted on the ground.[g=10m/s^2]
  65. Science
    Explain the factors that affect the intensities of absorption in IR spectroscopy. #Please anyone to help me with explanation i have to attend test by tomorrow help me out.
  66. Science
    1.If an animal is an ectotherm, It has? A. A skeleton on the outside of its body B. A skeleton on the inside of its body C. A body that regulates its own internal temperature D. A body that does not produce much internal heat
  67. Science
    NEED HELP STAT!!!!! 1.The neurons that transmit the signal to your foot to kick a soccer ball are called? A.Reflexes B.Motor Neurons C.Sensory Neurons D.Interneurons
  68. Science
    What did Alexander’s general want him to do
  69. Science
    Insert six G.M's between 8/27 and -81/16
  70. Science
    When heat flows from a hot spot to a cooler spot, entropy increases. When heat is forced to flow from a cool spot to a warmer spot, entropy decreases. Marta is looking for something in her house that causes a decrease in entropy. Which of these should she choose? an egg frying...
  71. Environmental science
    Explain the difference between humidity, relative humidity, and dew point.
  72. science
    C3H8+5O2->3CO2+4H2O. Find mass of c3h8,o2,h2o if mass of co2 is 2.2gms
  73. Science
    The potential energy of a system of two particles is given by u(x)=a/x2-b/x. Find minimum potential energy of the system, where x is the distance of separation and a, b are positive constants.
  74. Science
    How would you prepare pure dry crystals of potassium trioxonitrate (v)
  75. Science
    What is the difference between the number of electrons in an atom of bromine,Br, and the number of electrons in an atom of aluminum, Al?
  76. Science
    The path a star take in its life time is determined by Its location in the universe**** Its temperature Its luminosity Its mass I think its A, but I'm not quite sure. Could someone help me understand this better?
  77. science
    Should there be mandatory radon testing in schools? Which argument did you find more convincing? Radon is a radioactive element. Mandatory means like by law.
  78. college computer science
    Write a pseudo code that allows a user to enter the names and phone numbers of up to 20 friends
  79. Environmental science
    I have to make a paper mache animal and show changes in that animal because they needed to adapt. I wanted to make a dog fly but then I couldn't really find any research on why that species would fly. Can you point me to an animal I could change besides a bird? Or do you know ...
  80. 7th grade science
    How does the insulin pump help a person with type 1 diabetes maintain homeostasis?
  81. Science
    A boat is floating on top of the water in there arrows pointing down bouncing off of the boat on the ocean floor and arrows are bouncing off the boat on the floor back up to the back of the boat. What is happening in this diagram
  82. More science help!!
    A line of volcanoes occurs along the western coast of South America. Based on the information about plate movement on the map below, which process explains the formation of these volcanoes? A. subducting of one plate under the other causing melting of the lower plate B. ...
  83. Science Help
    A satellite image shows a portion of the Namib Desert in Africa. This is an ancient, sandy desert with dunes that can be up to 305 m tall. The Namib Desert extends inland from the Atlantic Ocean between 80 km and 200 km and receives only 5 mm to 76 mm of rain each year. A ...
  84. Science
    A golfer hits a golf ball with a club. The mass of the ball is 0.05 kg. The ball accelerates at 2,000 m/s2. What is the net force, to the nearest newton, that accelerates the ball? I know the answer is 50, but I don't know how to do it!
  85. science
    how many cells in the human body?
  86. science help
    Last one. Idk abt this one The picture above shows two phenotypes of peppered moths (dark and light). The dark moth has an advantage over the light moth because it can blend in with its environment better. As a result, the darker moth is more fit to survive, reproduce and pass...
  87. Science :))
    Earth's inner core is responsible for Earth's ... Magnetic field *** Ocean currents Volcanic activity Tectonic plate movement _____ make up ______ which make up ______. Organs, tissues, cells Cells, organs, tissues Tissues, cells, organs Cells, tissues, organs **** While on a...
  88. Science! Please help!
    Select all that apply: Which issue(s) followed Chernobyl's nuclear meltdown? Select all that apply. Radiation/ Radioactive waste *** Loss of farmland *** Death rates exceeded the birth rates Mutation rates increased in both local wild life and human populations 8. Where did ...
  89. Science
    If a black coat that is coat dominant over a red coat but is heterozygousfor coat color and breeds with a red cow, what percentage of their offsprings would be black coat
  90. Science -- Check my answers!
    Which of the following has the most significant impact on the environment? Natural Disasters Humans *** Ecosystems Carbon Dioxide Which step of the scientific method applies to the following scenario? Rick wants to know if rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have an...
  91. Science
    Animals from the deepest places on Earth have been found with plastic in their stomachs. The discovery confirms fears that man-made fibers have contaminated the most remote places on the planet. The study was led by academics at Newcastle University. It found that animals from...
  92. Science
    Why is Earth is the omnipresent conductive surface?
  93. science
    A flask of volume V contain some mercury it is found that at different temperature the volume of air inside theflaskremains the same. If gamma g and gamma m are the coefficient of cubical expansion of glass and mercuryrespectively. Find the volvolume of the mercury in the flask .
  94. @ in need of science
    I deleted your 25 questions. You didn't post any of your ideas or answers. Did you really want us to answer all of these questions for you?? If you'd like, post no more than five of these questions, along with your ideas about the answers. We'll be glad to help you then.
  95. math
    The books for Mathematics, Geography and Science in a school are in the ratio 5:7:8. There is a proposal to increase these books by 40%, 50% and 75% respectively. What will be the ratio of the increased books? #Please anyone who can help me out with the clearly solution#
  96. science
    Computers are built with elements that are average conductors of heat. What other properties do these elements have? •brittle and dull •dull and malleable*** •shiny and brittle
  97. Science
    What is Northern Light?
  98. science
    What volume of 3.00M HCl in liters is needed to react completely (with nothing left over) with 0.750L of 0.400M Na2CO3?
  99. Science
    A 100 N force acting on a lever 2 m from the fulcrum balances on object0.5 m from the fulcrum on the other arm what is the weight of the object. (In newtons)? What is the mass (in kg)?
  100. science;chem
    The hydrolysis of ethyl acetate (CH3COOC2H5) by sodium hydroxide yields ethanol (C2H5OH) and sodium acetate (NaO2CCH3) by the reaction shown, which follows second order kinetics. In an experiment 500 mL of 0.1 M ethylacetate in water is mixed with 500 mL of 0.1 M NaOH in water...
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