1. Science
    4. 3 elements are listed by atomic number, #19, 20, and 21. Which property do all of these elements have in common? They are all brittle. They all have 4 valence electrons. They are all malleable. ***** They shatter easily.
  2. science
    ADC convert _________________? None of the above Analog to digital Digital to analog Both, Analog to Digital and vice versa
  3. science
    If the first and second order moments of the process do not change with time then the process is weak sense stationary quasi stationary strict sense stationary non stationary
  4. science
    The transfer function of 4 points MA IIR filter is H(z)=14[1−z−41−z−1] H(z)=14[1−z−41−z−4] H(z)=14[1−z−2−z−41−z−1] H(z)=14[1−z−81−z−1]
  5. science
    The signal which is sampled at 500Hz has a power line artifact at 60 Hz. Find the location of zeros in the transfer function of the notch filter to remove the artifact at 60 Hz. 0.512+j0.66 0.512−j0.66 0.7289+j0.6845 0.7289−j0.6845
  6. science
    Synchronized averaging is more suitable for suppressing following type of noise: Shot noise White noise Gaussian noise Zero mean noise
  7. science
    The phase plot of MA filter with symmetric tap weights is linear exponential non-linear quadratic
  8. science
    The location of poles in FIR filter is at z=0 z=∞ z=1 z=−1
  9. science
    PSD of noise and desired signal is required to design Derivative-based filter Butterworth filter Wiener filter Notch filter
  10. science
    Time domain filtering is used in presence of exponential noise gamma noise additive noise multiplicative noise
  11. Science
    Where is a watershed located and why is the watershed, its tributaries, rivers and lakes, similar to a branching pattern of a tree?
  12. Earth Science
    How do increased understanding of the hydrosphere, watersheds and human uses of water support the phrase, "Water is life?'
  13. Science Help!!!
    How does the amount of substance affect the rate at which temperature changes?? Can someone help me explain please?!
  14. Science Quiz 5 questions but on #4
    Which describes the genes on each pair of chromosome? alleles can be different; genes are in the same order alleles must be the same; genes are in different order alleles can be different; genes are in different order alleles must be same; gene are in same order I think its C ...
  15. science need help
    So I have a portfolia for science and we have to make a food web and it has to be about animals native to were we live but I live in broken arrow and I just moved here so I know nothing like that and everytime I try to do the research I can never find anything so do any of you...
  16. Physical science
    Calculate the average velocity of Joe is he was able to travel 40 km south in 2 hours in his car
  17. Science
    Give some examples of artifacts that are used to determine the geological history of the Earth, as well as how its life forms have changed over time. Is the question given and I don't really know any artifacts that are used for the geological history of Earth. Can someone name...
  18. Science
    A solution in a dish contains 3.0 grams of salt dissolved in 100 grams of water. If 50 grams of the water evaporates, the solution is A compound A mixture An element A Solid
  19. I love math science
    Label all the part of speech in the sentence
  20. Science
    Is there anyone that has done the physical science b virtual momentum lab that can help me with it?
  21. Math/Science
    Reaction Time (ms) Cue Colour Green Red Bicolour (red only) 1 680 650 460 2 480 470 310 3 350 300 270 4 300 470 300 5 320 290 610 6 260 290 300 7 290 220 340 8 260 280 230 9 320 250 260 10 440 330 11 270 230 12 270 220 13 250 280 14 250 260 15 250 300 16 230 240 17 260 240 18...
  22. Science
    If I want to do an experiment to find which route to class is faster (route 1 or route 2), what would be my control group and what would be my treatment group in the experiment?
  23. Science
    Which of the following does NOT happen when vinegar and baking soda react? true or False?
  24. Science
    Electrical energy is required to decompose water into hydrogen and oxygen. True or False
  25. science
    How do the secretions from the liver and pancreas interact with each other in the small intestine?
  26. science 6 class
    Explain how could use a spring,a ruler,some standard masses and some graph paper to find the weight of an unknown object.Explain how could use a spring,a ruler,some standard masses and some graph paper to find the weight of an unknown object.
  27. Science
    A frog’s intestine absorbs toxins, such as venom in insects, along with nutrient s. The liver then filters these toxins out. Why is this filtering so important?
  28. Science
    Is it possible to have very little power but use a lot of energy? How?
  29. Science
    Average heartbeat________ when a person is younger or when the activity he is doing is more vigorous. Any idea what word to use to fill in the above blank?
  30. Science
    Make a list of such actions where many forces are applied simultaneously
  31. Science - Biology
    Can someone help me out? What are the differences and similarities between flagella in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells?
  32. science
    What is the climate zone of Minneapolis, Minnesota? (1 point) polar moist mid-latitude with severe winters moist mid-latitude with mild winters humid subtropical
  33. science
    waves of frequency 20 hz are generated along spring. the distance between successive crests and troughs is 0.45m
  34. Science
    Trees don’t eat like the sheep in the image above. Construct an explanation as to how they get the energy they need for survival. Be sure to include the organelles in the cells that contribute to these different functions. I don't under stand it and it is worth 3 extra ...
  35. Science
    What are the organs that fat bodies are adjacent to in the frog? It is a six letter word.
  36. Science
    what is the name of the structure that air passes through when going to lungs from mouth in the frog?
  37. Science
    What are the organs that fat bodies are adjacent to in the frog? It is a six letter word.
  38. Science
  39. social science
    who kill to Mahatma Gahandi
  40. Science
    Why do we store silver chloride in dark coloured bottles?
  41. science
    A frog’s intestine absorbs toxins, such as venom in insects, along with nutrient s. The liver then filters these toxins out. Why is this filtering so important?
  42. science
    As you look out of your fourth floor dorm window.a flower pot suddenly falls past.The flower pot originally on a window still above passes your 2.0 m high window in 0.093s.The distance between floors in the dorm is 4.0m.From a window on which floor did the flower pot fall?
  43. 5th grade science
    In the newspaper one day you read that highest tides of the season are expected in the next month. What can you infer about the positions of the sun, earth, and moon? what phase of the moon will probably be visible?
  44. Science
    Mr. Belvedere designs an experiment to test the effect of different colored light on the rate of photosynthesis. He sets up his experiment using elodea, 25watt bulbs, 30mL of distilled water, and 5g of sodium bicarbonate. Plant 1 is exposed to no light. Plant 2 is exposed to ...
  45. science
    Which gas is formed when a hydrogen bomb is detonated?
  46. Science.... PLEASE HELP :(((
    The current atomic model would be revised if _______. :(
  47. Science
    I'm having trouble with this question, can someone help? Which of the following is the BEST description of forest soil? thin humus layer, minerals deep beneath the surface thin humus layer, minerals close to the surface very little humus, rich in minerals very little humus, ...
  48. Science
    Hey can anyone help? I am having trouble with one question, and I need someone to check my answer for a different one. Which of the following is a living renewable resource? trees*** water sunlight wind This is one I am having trouble with: Which of the following is the BEST ...
  49. Science
    The height of a plant is dependent upon? 1)it's genes 2)it's environment 3)both it's genes and it's environment 4)neither it's genes nor it's environment I think #1 In humans, the allele for curly hair and the allele for straight hair show incomplete dominance. The offspring ...
  50. Science
    A gene is to a chromosome as ? 1) a pea is to a pod 2)a front is to a back 3)a bike is to a car 4)a building is to a window I think # 1 Thanks.
  51. science
    How do the secretions from the liver and pancreas interact with each other in the small intestine?
  52. science
    How do i work out the mass of a flywheel. I am given the density as 7800kg/m3, a 760mm diameter and a 180mm width. Please help
  53. Science
    How do people benefit from coastline?
  54. Science
    How are some ways you can compare the visible spectrum with the rest of the elctromagnetic spectrum.
  55. Science
    Describe the flow of blood in the human body, including through each of the four chambers of the heart. Explain how the blood changes as it moves through various locations in the body. Blood enters the heart through two very large veins, the inferior and superior vena cava, ...
  56. Science
    A researcher wants to experiment with an element that reacts like phosphorus (P) but has a greater atomic mass. Which element should the researcher select for the experiment? A. Nitrogen (N) B. Sulfur (S) C. Arsenic (As) D. Silicon (Si) I choose Arsenic, because it's in the ...
  57. Science
    Hello! Can someone please check my answers? Which step in the rock cycle occurs immediately before sediments are laid down? erosion breaks down rock*** lava cools heat and pressure are applied layers form From what material does an extrusive rock come from? lava*** mineral ...
  58. science
    A 1200 kg sports car accelerates from 0 to 60.0 mph (27.0 m/s) in 5.20 seconds. What is the average power developed in watts? In kilowatts?
  59. science
    Which of the following can be expected to occur as climate change continues on Earth? is it increased coastal flooding
  60. Science
    Hi, I need help with 2 questions!  Which type of underground magma formation is usually dome shaped? dike laccolith sill batholith Laccolith is my answer. Scientists want to protect a beach from erosion. What can they do? I don't know this one. I am not sure what they can do...
  61. Science
    Wind, Solar, Nuclear, Geothermal, and Water How could each source be used for a house?
  62. Science
    What are the two gases that animals exchange with their surroundings? A)oxygen and nitrogen B)nitrogen and helium C)hydrogen and carbon dioxide D)carbon dioxide and oxygen Someone please help!!!
  63. science
    which physical properties are characteristic of metal
  64. Science
    Which of the following is the safest place to be during an earthquake? under a very strong table In a basement In a large truck Under a car I have never been in an earthquake, but I have been in a tornado. I hid in a basement, but tornadoes aren't earthquakes. I think the ...
  65. Science
    When you feel your pulse, what type of blood vessel are you feeling? What characteristics allow you to feel this?
  66. Science
    What secondary benefit does a frog gain from a three-chambered heart?
  67. Science
    Can someone check my answer? The deepest parts of the ocean floor are called ____. ridges sea mounts trenches abyssal plains My answer is abyssal plains. Am I correct?
  68. Science
    Which of the following quicjly changes the land when gravety pullsloose rocks and soil down the side of a hill
  69. Science
    Mass=48; volume=24cm³. What is the density of this substance?
  70. Science
    A deactivated deadly strain of bacteria was first treated with protease enzyme. It was then mixed with a harmless strain of live bacteria. The live bacteria became deadly. Which of the following statements is a valid conclusion from the experiment above? a. Dead bacteria are ...
  71. Science
    What are some PQS' that I can give to a project right now?
  72. Science 6B
    1. Which of the following is an example of a competitive relationship in an ecosystem? A)an insect species that captures other insect species by posing as a leaf in a tree B)a bird species that does not build its own nests but uses nests abandoned by other bird species C)a ...
  73. Science
    Cutting of trees on large scale is called
  74. Science
    In the system shown above m1 = 9.5kg and m2 = 2.6kg. If the coefficient of kinetic friction UK = 0.15 and the system is released from rest
  75. science
    What are the major physical differences between the respiratory system of a human and the respiratory system of a frog?
  76. Science ( just a little bit)
    Which of the following characteristics of the arctic rabbit is specifically an adaption to the living in the tundra? ( my answer) B A) Small size B) Keen eyesight ***** C) Strong legs D) White fur do you think i can get the answers? according to the continental drift theory ...
  77. Science
    Help please! Nitrogen-fixing bacteria in soil turns nitrogen gas into _____. ammonia oxygen water carbon dioxide Please help!
  78. Science
    How are fossil fuels formed
  79. Science
    Nobelium -259 has a half life of 58 min? How much remains of 1kg sample after 1 day? Use the formula. A= Aö (1/2) t/h
  80. Science, please help!
    Please check my answer! Fill in the blank for below: Resources that cannot be replaced in the environment once they are used are _____. renewable resources compost nonrenewable resources I think the answer is nonrenewable resources.I might be incorrect, so please check! This ...
  81. Science
    A coach wants to find out the speed of the runners on the track team.Tell what simple equipment the coach need in order to do this and explain how it should be done.
  82. Physical science b
    The mass of ball A is 10kg and the mass of ball B is 5kg. If the initial velocity is set to 3 meters per sec for each ball, what is the final velocity of ball B if the final velocity of ball A is 2 meters per second? Use the elastic collision equation to find the final ...
  83. Science
    How are frogs able to alter the amount of cutaneous respiration that occurs?
  84. Science
    Determine the mass of lead chloride precipitated when 5g of sodium chloride solution reacts with lead trioxonitrate v.
  85. Science
    If a real frog was being dissected and the stomach has food in it, would any of it be identified?
  86. science
    what is an example of mutualism in a cave dwelling?
  87. Extra Credit
    This isn't really a question most people ask, but I have to! There is this extra credit for each subject Social Studies, math, Science, LA, etc. The one's I don't have good grades on are Math and Language Arts. My father is leaving on a trip tomorrow, so I don't have a lot of ...
  88. Science
    Draw an energy level diagram for the combustion of methane
  89. Science
    How much energy is given out whwn 1g of methane burns
  90. Science
    7. Which degree of tilt produced light similar to what North America experiences in summer? Explain your answer *Based on the four seasons portfolio I need help with this bevause I dont understand what it is asking. Is it asking for the areas or the degree? if its the degree, ...
  91. science
    Acetic acid (CH_3COOH) is a weak acid. a) Write the symbolic equation showing the ionisation of acetic acid. b)Given that an acetic acid solution of pH 4.8 has a hydrogen ion concentration of 1.58 * 10^-5 mol L^-1, what is the concentration of the acetate ion at equilibrium? c...
  92. science
    A what will the vibration of air mileules produce
  93. science
    Which simple machine operated on the same principle as the movements of the arm at the elbow
  94. science
    What could be some effects of population growth, natural disasters, disease, and advanced technology systems on resource availability?
  95. science
    What are the most important events in the history of animal life that occurred at the beginning and at the end of the paleozoic
  96. Earth Science
    What instrument records earthquake waves? A.) seismogram B.) seismograph* C.) Ritcher scale D.) barometer
  97. Science
    How has the number of species becoming extinct changed in the last few centuries?
  98. Science
    Does anyone know if there is a toxin in cigarette smoke or from hazardous waste that causes flu-like symptoms, shortness of breath, or swollen nose? Thanks.
  99. Science
    thermal energy is cause by the motion of ?
  100. Science
    What are the internal structures of a frog's stomach called?
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