i was completing my study guide so i can study and i ran across these questions and needed help?

An activity done in a short burst at a high level of intensity without oxygen is___.


Sarah wants to know her target heart rate zone.Her resting heart rate is 74 beats per minute,and she is 13 years old.What is her target heart rate zone?

A.67-113 beats per min
B.125-185 beats per min
C.140-187 beats per min
D.146-207 beats per min

7.Kevin has a resting heart rate of 70 beats per minute and a maxiaml heart rate of 209 beats per min.What is his target heart rate zone?

A.70-118 beats per min
B.104-178 beats per min
C.135-184 beats per min
D.140-188 beats per min

Katie runs with her sholders back.Kai runs with her feet shuffling.saarah runs with her hands at her chest.Maggie runs with the shortest stride possible.Which girl shows the best form while running?


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