Carolyn and Kim are selling lemonade this summer.

It costs 10 cents to make each cup of lemonade.

They are going to sell each cup of lemonade for 25 cents.

What is the total cost to make 55 cups of lemonade?

If they sell 55 cups of lemonade, what is the amount of money they will collect?

If they sell 55 cups of lemonade, how much more money would they collect than they would spend?

What is the least number of cups of lemonade they need to sell in order to collect $10.00 more than the spend?

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  1. cost: .10*55 = ?
    revenue: .25*55 = ?
    profit: (.25-.10)*55 = ?

    to get $10.00 profit,
    .15n = 10.00
    n = 66.7, or 67 cups

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