asking for a teacher's opinion

Do you think rounding borderline letter grades up or down is a fair practice? Or should they just stay where they are? For example, I think that an 89.5% should round up to a 90%. I have one instructor right now who considers an 89.99% to still be a B plus. It seems a bit asinine to deny an A minus based on so small a difference as .01% (that is .0001).

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  1. I always used exam grades as the basis of rounding-up or rounding-down decisions!

    And if a student had done progressively BETTER as the term went on, I'd round up, but if the student's grades were erratic (no pattern of upwards motion), then I'd round down.


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  2. Normally, principals indicate to teachers a policy on this. I rounded up .50 to the next highest grade.

    Now on the lower end, I never let a kid fail with a one or two point deficit. I rounded up to 70 (passing) if I thought the kid could proceed in the followon class sucessfully, and I rounded DOWN to 68 or 67 if I thought retaking the class was necessary.

    I think if I were you, I would discuss it with the teacher in a private nice...respect opinions...keep cool. If he doesn't want to change, you have other options.

    I might also write a letter to the principle about it, being nice and respectful, and certainly not using the terms asinine or equivalent. You might even offer some positive remarks about that teacher's teaching.

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  3. I would never want to presume that I could accurately evaluate a student totally objectively even in a subject like Mathematics.

    We conducted a workshop in our Math Department once, where we each marked the same paper each marker given the same "marking scheme" . Marks still varies up to ±6% .

    I always told me students that I would use a very subjective mark of 5% that would prevent me giving a mark within 2% of a "barrier mark" (e.g. pass/fail)
    (Some called it a "feel-good" mark)

    It was also our policy to drop a students lowest mark in a term, everybody has a bad day every once in a while.

    For marks in the neutral regions, I would use normal roundoff methods, i.e. 57.8% --> 58% , 46.3% -->46%

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