Your hole punch makes holes in your that have diameter of 4^-1 inch.

a.Write an expression for the area of one punched hole. Use the formula for the area
of a circle A=:r^2.
(: is pi sign)

b.Your hole punch makes three holes in a page . Write an expression for the total
area punched out of one sheet of paper.

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  1. a). 4^(-1) is the same as 1/4. Since this is the diameter, you divided it by the 2 to get the radius. So the radius is 1/8. Now the expression is:
    A= pi*(1/8)^2 or A=(1/64)*pi
    b). In part a, the expression is for the area of one punched hole. Since you have three punched holes now, you multiply the expression in part A by 3. So now the expression is: A=3pi*(1/8)^2 or A=(3/64)*pi

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  2. Thank you it help a lot

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