Language Arts 7 A Unit 4: Who Can We Really Coun

Please help ASAP!

Synthesizing Quiz
Multiple Choice
1. In "Loser," what event caused the main character to change? (1 point)
• his date with Jenny
• finding the lost boy
2. A small child is insistent if he (1 point)
• his thumb to sleep.
• demands attention constantly.
3. In "Loser," how did Jenny react when her date found the brush? (1 point)
• suspiciously
• thankfully
4. Which of the following is not a superlative form of an adjective? (1 point)
• bigger
• tallest
5. Which word best describes the young man in "Loser"? (1 point)
• lonely
• frightened
6. In "Friends Forever," which of the following is an example of subhead? (1 point)
• Drifting apart
• "I felt like he was ignoring me."
7. Which of the following is a comparative adverb? (1 point)
• most intense
• faster

8. Based on "Friends Forever," you can say that a friend should definitely be (1 point)
• unique.
• understanding.

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  1. No one will do your test for you, but someone here will check your thinking if you post what YOU THINK the answers are.

    No guessing!

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  2. No one here has read all your short stories either.

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  3. T_T
    I do not need you to tell me the answers and do it for me, i said i needed "HELP".


    P.S. this website is Homework help right?

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  4. You have posted only your test or homework. You have not asked any questions of your own.

    No one can help you if we don't know what your questions are.

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  5. 1 His parents Death
    2 Demands Attention Constantly
    3 Suspiciously
    4 Bigger
    5 _______
    6 _______
    7 Faster
    8 Understanding
    Idk 5 and 6 /:

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