I hope that you guys don't feel like i'm not appreciated from your help. Because i am all i was saying in previous postages that i was getting confused because one tutor was saying one thing and another another and i didn't know what direction to take for the assingment all i want is a clearify of what the questions that were given to me what they are really asking that's all. I don't expect to receive the actual answer without me trying it first. I do appreciate allyour help. And also i do not make up anything that i send in here is what i understand towards this topic which religion is really hard for me to understand. If it were for me i would stop going to school but i have to go i am obligated to. And that's the reason why i am here for help. Is there any way that you can just help me tell me at least what type of information they want for the questions.

what are the countries of origin?
historical figures and events?
central believes?
nature of god?
ritual and practice(sacred elements and their meanings)?
ethics and morality?

historical figures and events: Who were the main guys or girls who invented or started the religion.

central beliefs: Four or five things the religion teaches as fundamental truths.

Nature of God: Who is the God, what does he do, how does he relate to man

Text: Are there any written works the worshipers study as words from God.

Ritual and practice: What religious ceremonies are observed ( like in Christians Easter, Sacraments, baptism)

Ethics and Morality: What are the fundamental beliefs that are view as basic right and wrong: (For instance in Christianity, love God with all heart, love neighbor as self, hate sin).

We know you are trying. We know you are discouraged. Have you tried a tutor for this class? Religion studies is not easy, a lot of folks think so. It is the same for World Civilization: A hard course. But why would anyone want to take something easy?

okay i see now what the questions are asking thank you very much that's all i wanted to understand what they wanted from me. also one more thing
for this question:
what are the countries of origin?

I should just put the founder who he was and the country or the countries that are the primarely for that certain religion.

no, i have tried a tutor for this class i don't know where to go to. that's why i came to you guys. is not that i'm discourage or anything i just can't stand it when i don't understand a subject. And i do try my hardest.

The country of origin is the country where the religion started. Usually it's the country where the founder and his supporters lived.

I'm glad that BobPursley was able to explain these questions so that you could understand them.

i'm glad to hear from you. I hope your not mad at me i was worried. I was just trying to explain that i was getting confused. thank you for helping me out. i am trying deeply to understand this class and getting through with it.

I'm not mad at you. :-)

One of the problems with communications on the Internet is deciding who is sincere. I see now that you really are trying hard. Eastern religions are very difficult to understand.

Good luck in this class. We'll be glad to help you in the future.

thank you :)

I agree this class is very hard for me to get into.

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asked by kailin

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