The teacher gave us a mini essay that has 16 questions under each chapter (Chapters 1-4, 4 questions per chapter).

Her instructions are as follows: "Below you will find short-essay-type questions from each of the Unit 2 chapters. Please select and respond to any ONE question under all of the questions listed below.

Your response to any of these questions should be at the least 1 paragraph long, but at the most, absolutely no longer than 1 double-spaced page per question."

So does she want us answering only ONE question out of all the questions listed?

Or does she want us answers ONE question per chapter since she put 'per question'?

I think she just want us to answer only ONE question out of the 16 she has provided, but I wanted to be sure.

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asked by Sarah
  1. Your instructions certainly are not clear. My guess is that she wants you to answer one question of each group of four -- a total of four questions. However, I suggest you ask your teacher to clarify her instructions.

  2. I agree with Ms. Sue: one question in each group of four; but yes, you do need to double-check with your teacher.

    This is the part that's confusing: "Please select and respond to any ONE question under all of the questions listed below."

  3. I think she DOES want you to answer only ONE question out of the 16 she has provided, and for whatever question you have selected write a paragraph for it.

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  4. A store sells 2 boxes of 100 pencils and some single pencils . Choose all the Numbers that show how Many pencils the store could sell

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