A store has rows of T-shirts, with 8 shirts in each row. How many T-shirts are there in all?

2/ there are 3groups of hikers in the Rain Forest Hiking Club. There are 7hikers in each group. Draw arrows on the number line below to skip count by 3s to find the total number of hikers in the club.
3*7= 21

3/AXenops (ZEN-ops)is a rain forest bird. There are 18 Xenops eggs . How many groups of 3 eggs are there?
Answer,, (6)
Explain ..

4/ Crocodiles live in rain forests. One crocodile lays 3*5 eggs. A second crocodile lays 24 eggs. How many more eggs does the second crocodile lay?

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asked by Joji
  1. 4 is wrong
    24 - 15 = 9 more crocodile eggs

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    posted by Damon

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