Scan the following lines from Lowell's poem to identify the spondee. By placing the accent mark (') over stressed syllables and the (-) over the unstressed syllables.
Who loved his charge but never loved to lead'
One whose meek flock the people loved to be,
Not lured by any cheat of birth.

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  1. http://server.riverdale.k12.or.us/~bblack/meter.html

    Give it a try, and let us know what you come up with. You can't put the marks ' and - over syllables on this website, but if you put stressed syllables in CAPS and unstressed in lower case, it'll work.

    Here's the first line:
    who LOVED his CHARGE but NE ver LOVED to LEAD (10 syllables; 5 iambs; therefore, it's called iambic pentameter)

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  2. need help with this too!

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  3. who LOVED his CHARGE but NE ever LOVED to LEAD;
    ONE whose MEEK flock the PEO ple LOVED to BE,
    not lured by a ny cheat of birth

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  4. who LOVED his CHARGE but NEver LOVED to LEAD;
    ONE whose MEEK FLOCK the PEOple LOVED to BE,
    not LURED by ANy CHEAT of BIRTH

    The spondee is "meek flock."

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