A laser emits 1.44*10^18 photons per second in a beam of light that has a diameter of 1.98 mm and a wavelength of 524.5 nm.
(a) Determine the average electric field strength
(b) Determine the average magnetic field strength for the electromagnetic wave that constitutes the beam.

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asked by rick
  1. You know the energy (given wavelenght and the number of photons)

    You know the Poynting vector (watts/m^2) in the beam, so figure E and B.
    check my thinking.

  2. still don't understand where does wavelength and number of photons go too? do you divdide them to get energy or what?

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    posted by rick
  3. You get energy per photon from Planck's equation, then multiply by the nubmer to get joules/second (watts).

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