This is about the questions again -- can you tell me if I worded this right and you can figure out the answer to the question with the info provided? Thanks!!

A bullet is speeding at 250 m/s and it punctures an apple at rest. With the bullet inside the apple, the apple and the bullet takes off together. Assuming the apple and the bullet have the same mass (1 kg), what type of collision is this and what is the velocity of the objects together after the collision?

I got that it would be 125 kg∙m/s and it would be an inelastic collision. This question is for this standard:

Standard 2g: Students know how to solve problems involving elastic and inelastic collisions in one dimension by using the principles of conservation of momentum and energy.

Do you think this problem has anything to do with this standard?

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asked by Emily
  1. Yes, it addresses the standard.

  2. except the answer cannot be in units of kg m/s when you asked for velocity of the objects.

  3. Was the answer of 125 kg∙m/s and an inelastic collision correct to my question? Thanks for helping me out!!

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    posted by Emily
  4. Oh yeah so I would change it to m/s?

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    posted by Emily
  5. Yes, but kg m/s is NOT velocity, and it is an inelastic collision.

  6. Oh...I get it. Thanks for helpin me out!!!

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    posted by Emily

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