1. ntelligence is measured by:
an IQ test.
an EIQ test.
multiple intelligence tests.
multiple ways.

is it A

2. Which do you think is the most proven way people, in general, learn?
What we read
What we see
What we hear
What we do and experience

is it D

3. o become a successful online learner is to:
be technically and computer savvy.
be a good communicator and writer.
be committed.
learn and apply what it takes to be one.

it is C

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  1. I agree with your answers.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. 4. To focus on your most important goal is:

    A. be SMART
    B. be committed
    C. prioritize your goals
    D. set the goal

    it is C???

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  3. 4. To focus on your most important goal is:

    A. be SMART
    B. be committed
    C. prioritize your goals
    D. set the goal

    D: set the goal

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