How do I figure out -144/4 to find out if it is a natural number,a whole number, an interger, if it is a rational or irrational number,or a real number? I don't want direct answers i would like to understand how I would go about solving to figure it out on my own. I just don't understand it?

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  1. divide -144 by 4.
    If there is no remainder, it is an integer
    if it is also positive, it is a natural number

    I've seen various definitions for whole numbers. Using yours, just recall that it must first be an integer, then check to see whether it also matches your definition of a whole number.

    If there is a remainder, it is still a rational number. Because it is the ratio of two integers.

    If not rational, it is irrational.

    In any case, the answer will always be a real number. Real numbers include all of the other categories.

    Better review your class notes on these definitions.

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  2. Thank you very much, that has helped me so much. :-)

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  3. we aim to please

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