Okay, fill in the blanks......

Oceans affect climates by ______ the rise and fall of air tempature. (slowin, speeding up)

A rain shadow is the side of the mountain that ______ clouds and rain. has, does not have

The Gulf Stream ____ the wind above it. (warms,cools)

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  1. Caitlyn -- we are not a Homework DO board. We are a Homework HELP board. If you give us your ideas about these easy questions, we'll be glad to help you.

  2. sorry, I am in a hurry. I need help with just these three, and they are all on my science sheet. I had 20 questions, these ones I am debating over

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  3. This is what i think Caitlyn.
    1)Speed up
    2)Does not have

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    posted by Sam
  4. thanks sam! And Ms. Sue, I copying this RIFGHT off your website....

    Post your questions on the homework help forum for the quickest homework help ever!

    So, haa haa to yah!!!!

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  5. One of Sam's answers is wrong.

  6. Caitlyn,
    Not to be mean or anything... but Ms. Sue is right. Is homework HELP. Reread what you posted "GET HOMEWORK HELP FAST!
    Post your questions on the homework HELP forum for the quickest homework HELP ever!" No where in there does it say that they will do your homework, They give us assistance in understanding what we don't understand. Don't try to take advantage of them.
    Again not to be mean.


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