You and your team are preparing to give an oral presentation to your coworkers at the upcoming weekly training meeting. Your training coordinator has requested that you speak about risk factors for becoming a victim of crime. He would also like you to cover whether people can reduce their risk of becoming a victim. Create a series of informative PowerPoint slides to aid your team's presentation.

This is my part of the assignment, can someone please lead me in the right direction

you would be coming up with a 4-6 slide presentation on how to lower risk factors dealing with poverty and vicitmization.

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asked by DTD
  1. What have you learned about lowering risk factors dealing with poverty and victimization? Make a list of 4 to 6 of them. Then, use your imagination to figure out how to illustrate each one for your slide presentation.

    If you list these factors, we'll be glad to help you figure out appropriate illustrations.

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    Surely you can think of more.

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