Which statement is most accurate regarding the speaking-writing connection?

A. To own a word, write it over and over again.

B. Written words seldom reflect the words people use when they speak.

C. To own a word, speak it.

D. The words used by writers are not normally used in speaking

Answer is B

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  1. I disagree. You have posted this before, and I disagreed then ... and still do!

    Each of us has several vocabularies. Read the first paragraph here: http://www.readinga-z.com/research/vocabulary.html

    I'm generalizing here, but overall these things seem to be true:

    Our listening and reading vocabularies are usually the largest. We can understand words in context, even though we may not completely understand every single word we hear or read.

    Our speaking vocabulary is next largest, and our writing vocabulary is the smallest. That is, we use words we are confident of in our writing.

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  2. Here are two more good articles about vocabulary:




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  3. Thank you it's A

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  4. Yes, of the 4 choices, A is best!

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  5. The answe is actualy C

    To own a word , speak it . just finished the test and i put A and it was wrong , thought i should let you know

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  6. Which of the following words is the best close-up word?
    A. Plant
    B. Zucchini
    C. Food
    D. Vegetable

    I think A. Plant

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  7. the answer to the last question is zucchini I took the test and got it correct

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