Physical Science

10. The more compact a metal is, the less brittle it becomes. -True? I'm confused about this one because of what the textbook says: "the more compact the atoms become, the harder the metal becomes. While the compactness makes the metal hard, a fracture on any boundary causes the metal to harden even more. This hardening also makes some metal more brittle."

5. How much of a compound would need to be mixed with 114 g of an element if the ratio of the element to the compound is 2 parts element to 1 part compound?

12. What is the major difference between ionic bonding and metallic bonding?
a. In metallic bonding the valence electrons are de-localized
b. In metallic bonding the electrons are held close to the cations
c. In ionic bonding the valence electrons are de-localized
d. In ionic bonding the electrons are held close to the cations

18. When 2 hydrogen gas molecules are combined with 1 oxygen gas molecule, how many water molecules are created?
No idea..


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