Solve 8sin(pi/4x) = 6 for the four smallest positive solutions

Give your answers accurate to at least two decimal places, as a list separated by commas.

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  1. 8sin(pi/4x) = 6
    sin ((π/4)x) = .75
    πx/4 = .84806 or πx/4 = 2.2935
    x = 1.07979 or 2.9202

    the period of the original sine curve is 2π/(π/4) = 8
    so by adding 8 to the above we get the other two x values
    x = 1.07979 , 2.2935 , 9.079 , 10.9202

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  2. I got πx/4 = .84806
    but how did you get πx/4 = 2.293, for the second value?

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  3. pi-.848

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