Algebra 1

The student council is buying school T-shirts to sell during a fundraiser. The cost (y) of school T-shirts is a linear function of the number of T-shirts bought (x). The student council can buy 100 T-shirts for $825 and 300 T-shirts for $2,425.

Write an equation in slope-intercept form that represents this situation.

Graphy the equation on the coordinate plane for 0 to 100 100T-shirts. Explain how you found the answer

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  1. consider the given data as two ordered pairs
    (100,825) and (300,2425)

    treat it like you would if you worked with y = mx + b

    slope = (2425 - 825)/(300-100) = 8
    so y = 8t + b
    for (100,825)
    825 = 8(100) + b
    b = 25

    y = 8t + 25

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  2. 8t+24

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  3. I dont know this ...

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