Kelly is driving a car with a mass of 800 kilograms in a south direction with a speed of 18 meters/second. Dominic is driving a truck with a mass of 1500 kilograms with a velocity of 15 meters/second to the east. They undergo perfectly inelastic collision. What is the magnitude of the final momentum of both the truck and the car.

A. 7.0 × 104 kilogram meters/second
B. 3.2 × 104 kilogram meters/second
C. 2.4 × 104 kilogram meters/second
D. 3.7 × 104 kilogram meters/second
E. 3.4 × 104 kilogram meters/second

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  1. final momentum= initial momentum

    magnitude initial= sqrt((800*18)^2+(1500*15)^2 )

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  2. This is impossible.

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